Chapter 36 Part 6

“Shen said that a numerical system of the New Year’s linkage activity has collapsed, anyway it is quite serious.”

Just as Lin Meng picked up the cell phone, she saw a long message from Zhu Yushen.

She glanced at it and knew it was really serious.

Lin Shen company has expanded its territory abroad in recent years. During the Spring Festival this year, the company arranged a large-scale linkage activity in which every game under its banner would participate.

The cause of the problem has not been found. It may be an omission or a bug that is really not easy to detect. In short, the event officially opened last night, and there was a problem this morning.

If it could not be handled properly, it might become a crisis.

Of course, it was just right for Lin Meng, who had just recalled the content of her dream last night, her dissatisfaction with Zhu Yushen reached a new level. In addition to not wanting to pay attention to him, she also had the urge to spend money randomly.

But Lin Meng unconsciously gave birth to uncontrollable doubts at this moment.

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t remember: why, how did she go out of the house in her dream and how she was driven out of the house in her dream.

After washing her face, she patted her face, maybe she understood.

Scenes in dreams should be just fragments of memory.

If she could remember everything clearly, she would have been reborn as often said on the Internet, right?

So this was quite normal.

The family of three ate dinner and went to the airport. Lin Meng planned to stay with her parents for a while, but was ruthlessly driven away.

The couple was very open-minded in this regard. They had no idea of ​​being bound to their children. They had their own lives when they were getting older.

When the daughter’s figure disappeared in the crowds, Mother Lin, who had been waving her hands, sat down beside her husband worriedly.

“Did Mengmeng quarrel with Ah Shen?”

In fact, only a short while after meeting yesterday, she discovered that something was wrong between the two.

Not to mention that Zhu Yushen suddenly ran out, his hands were cold when he came back. She just didn’t want to expose it.

“Quarrels are also normal. How can husbands and wives not quarrel?” Father Lin was worried a lot, but he was still comforting his wife. The doctor explained that he should make his wife less worried because emotions will affect the body.

“Furthermore, you have also observed them. Do you feel like Meng Meng is at a loss?” Father Lin watched quietly for a day yesterday.

“But…but maybe Shen did something wrong, so he just coaxed Meng Meng.”

Father Lin continued to comfort his wife: “Do you think Shen is like someone who can do bad things? They have been in our sight since they were studying. Besides Meng Meng, have you ever seen Ah Shen close to?”

Mother Lin shook her head, but still worried: “People will change…”

“If he changes, they will separate.” Father Lin said decisively. “The children can take care of themselves when they grow up. If we participate in it, can we solve the problem? Since Meng Meng doesn’t want us to know, we pretend to know nothing. No matter what happens, aren’t we all her backing? “

After listening to this, Mother Lin nodded slightly: “That’s right. Anyway, I hope Mengmeng will be happy.”

Zhu Yushen was now flying to the company headquarters.

It’s rare that the days spent with Lin Meng and Father Lin and Mother Lin were interrupted like this, and the sullenness on his face couldn’t be suppressed.

When thinking about the solution later, Zhu Yushen unconsciously recalled what happened yesterday.

Maybe it was his illusion? He always felt that Lin Meng seemed to care about that Secretary Wen who had already been transferred?

Zhu Yushen didn’t quite understand why Wen Xiaofu was important.

He thought about it, but Lin Meng and Wen Xiaofu had too little contact.

Could it be that Wen Xiaofu said something wrong with Lin Meng before? Thinking of this, Zhu Yushen’s expression became unpredictable.

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  1. Thank you so much for updating again. I missed this story a lot.

    So we know now that the dream LM had at the beginning was induced by WXF, probably to make her mission easier to achieve. I never guessed she had a system. Ah Shen, don’t disappoint me.

  2. Thank you for your hard work!
    My heart is starting to hurt, I really hope the angst and misunderstandings won’t be dragged out. Then again, since the novels plot basically revolves around this I suppose it’s too much to hope for 😛

  3. Thank you so much for updating!! I though this story was dropped or something thats why I was so happy when I saw that it was updated.

    I thought the secretary was just a b!tch but there was actually a system? I never expected that.

  4. Thank you for the updates! This novel is really good and pretty much a fav. I’m hoping things get resolved soon at least a step in the right direction for their relationship.

  5. Burn the witch!

    Also, Secretary Wen tries to save the day, but FAILS! (this is the hope of my heart)


  6. Hey, just finished rereading your translation of this and I wanted to say thanks for your work on it. It’s just such an awesome story and I really like how the author handles Lin Meng and her supposed knowledge of the future as being a dream composed by outside forces since Lin Meng isn’t the type to go vicious female.

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