Chapter 11 Part 1

Feng’s Entertainment was an entertainment company in the entertainment industry that has maintained a steady increase in profits for several years.

This was also reflected in the company’s stock and financial circles repeatedly optimistic about releasing news.

This was mostly attributed to Feng Yan, who took over Feng’s Entertainment as soon as he graduated ten years ago.

He was very strict in controlling risks. He drastically reformed Feng’s Entertainment who had previously depended on movie profit.

He eliminated all difficulties, acquired theaters, developed distribution business, invested in movie scoring and ticket purchase platforms, and held shares in video websites …

Under his arrangement, Feng’s Entertainment has been a big ship of solid gold soup. Even if the wind and waves come, it could move forward smoothly.

Lin Meng looked at the “Finance Perspective” in her hand. Feng Yan was the cover character of this issue.

The editor in charge of interviewing him exhausted the words of beauty, praised him for his ingenuity, and insights into the future.

But this is also a routine operation. Her eyes were slightly shifted, and she could see “Finance Perspective” on the magazine rack next to her. The cover of the previous issue was Zhu Yushen.

Feng Yan had just finished the meeting, and the secretary said that Lin Meng had arrived. He came quickly and saw Lin Meng, who was looking at the magazine rack in a daze.

He followed Lin Meng’s perspective and frowned when he saw Zhu Yushen’s face. He walked straight up, took out the magazine and rolled it in his palm: “Xiao Meng. Sorry to let you wait for a long time.”

Feng Yan was not as slow as his sister. Since the day Lin Meng and Feng Liangliang came to him and said that he was planning to invest in the entertainment industry, he felt wrong.

What made a woman who once had her husband at the center of her life, suddenly ignored her husband and chose to stay away from home for a long time?

But Lin Meng didn’t ask him for help, and Feng Yan couldn’t blend in. This was the courtesy of being a friend and “brother”.

“I just came.” Lin Meng went into the office behind Feng Yan and sat directly opposite him. She watched Feng Yan casually put the magazine he just pulled out on the table.

Probably, he didn’t notice. Feng Yan turned the magazine upside down and could only look at the advertisement page on the back.

Lin Meng did not have obsessive-compulsive disorder, nor did she correct it. And it wasn’t worthwhile to see Zhu Yushen’s face.

“President Feng, I’m here to talk to you about business.” Lin Meng was sitting tightly.

Feng Yan raised an eyebrow. His perennial serious face suddenly smiled: “Okay, talk about business. So what kind of business does President Lin want to talk about today?”

Lin Meng was very satisfied with this title. She took the hard drive out of her bag and put it on the table. “Today, I want to talk to President Feng about the release of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”.

Film distribution was not a simple matter. True Dream Entertainment had no experience. Ning Qi, the only industry veteran, had not been in contact with this business and had to seek help from a publishing company.

“Was the film on the hard drive? I remember it didn’t take long for the film to start? Did you?”

Lin Meng resolutely replied, “No, it’s the director’s rough cut semi-finished product and trailer. It’s not finished yet.”

This is also the reason why she had to find Feng’s Entertainment on the basis of human feelings. There were a lot of pre-release work.

The film directed by Zhu Xufang, according to years of review experience, basically there will not be any problems there.

But the film was about to be finished, and they couldn’t wait until everything was done before they started discussing how to release it.

However, the combination of Zhu Xufang and True Dream Entertainment. Other distribution companies would never work with them until they saw the final version of the film.

Chapter 10 Part 3

Lin Meng was silent. She knew the Valuation Adjustment Mechanism , but she did not expect Sui Yan to sign: “What about the agreement?”

“The content of the agreement is simple. Within three years, the net profit of Chengming Entertainment needs to reach the investor’s investment amount, otherwise the investor must be repaid at 1.5 times the investment amount.”

“What’s the amount?” If she didn’t guess wrong, the amount would be too large.

There was a trembling in Sui Yan’s voice: “600 million.” She looked pale. “I have worked hard for the past three years, and the money I can make is not enough to fill this hole.

Yu Chengming had previously hidden me from investing in a film. It was released last week and the box office was 10 million in the first week. “

She worked hard to restore her calmness: “I originally thought that the company still has working capital, if plus my work income, the hole of 600 million could be filled. But today Yu Chengming sent me a message.

He told me that the money on the public account and the money in the joint account of our spouse had previously misappropriated the investment.

Now it’s gone except for my own card, which has less than 10 million deposits. “

Sui Yan took a deep breath: “I know this film is the hard work of Director Zhu. I originally wanted to help him, but I didn’t expect to harm the film. Fortunately, there is still room for recovery. If the news about I become deadbeat come out, I’m afraid it will affect the box office. “She looked at Lin Meng, ” I … I still have some contacts in the entertainment circle. I will try to contact other actress to make up the shots. I am really sorry. “

She bowed deeply, the standard ninety degrees, did not stand straight for a long time.

Lin Meng could feel the nerves on her forehead jump, and Feng Liangliang said to her that the accident happened.

Sui Yan was right. In recent years, domestic public opinion has become increasingly disgusted with deadbeat.

Chengming Entertainment was a listed company. Once it went bankrupt, it would also affect shareholders, and public opinion would be even more ugly.

Lin Meng asked, “If I remember correctly, you only have six shots left?”

“Yes.” Sui Yan didn’t dare to look directly at Lin Meng. She was frank in her life. She did not expect to harm the director who was kind to her.

“I will talk to Director Zhu and ask him to focus your drama together. After you finish shooting, go back and deal with the matter on the other side. Divorce and termination of contract.” Lin Meng talked about this, and couldn’t help but ask again, “Aren’t you going to continue this marriage? Sorry, I didn’t mean …”

“I understand, I was going to divorce as soon as possible.” Sui Yan shrugged, pretending to be relaxed. “I have paid enough for the company and him over the years. I don’t mind adding another bad name to abandoning my husband at a crisis. “

“As for the future, do n’t be too negative. Public opinion may not be as bad as you thought. This time, I will pay according to your original pay, but I still hope that you can complete the shooting. I will let Director Zhu prepare a second set of plans. If there is no way, then someone else can replace this role. “

“Okay.” Sui Yan nodded, and the back office came out to look for her. She adjusted her condition and entered the film studio again.

Things should start and end. Since Lin Meng wanted her to finish shooting, she would finish the film before leaving.

Lin Meng pondered for a moment and found a contact in the address book to make a call.

Chapter 10 Part 2

When she finally watched the docking of Light And Shadow Entertainment, Lin Meng found a way.

Every day during filming, she would use a tablet to show Director Zhu a variety of materials, including clips of other films, aerial documentaries, etc.

Director Zhu circled the parts that were closer to his idea in turn, and compared to Director Zhu’s requirements, all of them were adjusted by Light And Shadow Entertainment.

Zhu Xufang’s face blushed: “You can rest assured that I will not quarrel with them.”

In fact, the main scenes were almost done, but the details were not completed. There was nothing to be noisy.

Lin Meng shook her head helplessly. These people who have been fighting for the same thing for half their lives were actually a little “simple” in their nature.

Sometimes they spotted one thing, eight horses couldn’t pull them back, so she had to coax and persuade them to help find a compromise solution.

At the same time, she had to pay attention not to completely destroy their artistic pursuits.

“President Lin. Are you convenient now?”

Lin Meng was patted on the shoulder. She turned around and saw that the person calling her was Sui Yan.

“Convenient.” Lin Meng didn’t alarm others and quietly walked out of film studio after Sui Yan.

Sui Yan was estimated to have just finished filming the movie next door, and the makeup had not been removed. She walked up, and this specially customized costume, with the light wind, moved very strongly.

This suit was made according to the manuscripts of Zhu Xufang, but it almost stumped people in terms of fabric and pattern design.

Lin Meng has had a lot of clothes over the years. From luxury high-line dresses to hand-made cheongsams and Tang suits, she has everything.

Under her suggestion, the clothing designer chose three more fabrics and mixed them to make this suit of Sui Yan.

In fact, the cost of setting the clothes was not too much. And the cost of the cloth was less than the manual cost. But the manpower to go deeper was amazing.

“President Lin, I’m sorry.” Sui Yan looked ugly and smiled bitterly. “I may be burdening the crew.”

“What happened?”

When Sui Yan was still in high school, she was selected by Zhu Xufang to be the chief actress. After taking the first film at the age of 16, she had a high starting point.

The resources she could get envied many people in the entertainment industry. She had just turned 30 this year and was already a Grand Slam actress. That’s why she came to the crew of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, there was so much debate outside.

Sui Yan whispered, “I’m going to divorce.”

After graduating from college, she married Yu Chengming, the CEO of Chengming Entertainment Company in the entertainment industry. Then she signed with the company as an actor.

In recent years, Yu Chengming has signed a lot of new actors because of Sui Yan’s popularity, and also because Sui Yan has given the company’s new actors the opportunity to play.

“Divorce has no effect on our film.” Lin Meng said lightly. Even if she was an actor, divorce would not be discriminated against.

“No, there will be bad effects.” Sui Yan set about shaking as if she felt cold, “President Lin, you may not know that, Chengming Entertainment has had a big problem since three years ago. The capital chain was once broken. In order to allow the company to survive and have the opportunity to revert, Yu Chengming pulled me and the investor to sign a Valuation Adjustment Mechanism. “

Chapter 10 Part 1

In huge film studio, people were busy but orderly, without making excessive sounds.

At the center of film studio, several tall actors wore tights, and head-mounted camera on their head. There were dense, regular green capture points on their faces, and they were doing actions under the camera and motion capture.

“It’s amazing.” Zhu Xufang stood not far away, squinting with glasses and looking at it with emotion.

The shooting of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” progressed very quickly. The actual shooting has temporarily come to an end, and now it has entered the stage of special effects shooting.

There was a huge green screen in the film studio next door. The actors have been shooting in front of the green screen these days.

They were located in a temporary motion capture film studio—The capital of the province where City L was located had the largest motion capture studio in China to capture the light.

After obtaining their consent. Okay, after Lin Meng paid the high-price rent, the other party actively set up a temporary film studio in City L and moved the equipment into it.

The cost of this motion capture film studio was nearly 70,000 a day.

But the money was really worth it.

Zhu Xufang said with emotion: “Xiao Lin, fortunately you didn’t listen to my old wayward thinking, otherwise the finished product is too regrettable.” He shook his head.

In “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, since immortal and evil were involved, it was inevitable to have grand scenes and the appearance of demons and so on.

According to Zhu Xufang’s experience, these could be solved by props, special effects makeup artists, and a small number of special effects.

Light And Shadow Entertainment that worked with True Dream Entertainment for the second time knew that Lin Meng was not bad money and gave a suggestion that was not considered by Zhu Xufang.

Backgrounds were mainly shot through green screens and then produced by the animation team of the special effects company. And introduce proper motion capture.

Lin Meng apparently … didn’t understand. She made six or seven phone call with the person in charge of Light And Shadow Entertainment in the last few days, and watched some of the famous special effects shots in the industry under his recommendation.

She made a decision and talked to Director Zhu several times, and finally persuaded some stubborn director Zhu with the authority of the producer and the requirements of the future boss.

“Cinema technology is progressing too fast.” Zhu Xufang felt unbelievable until now. In order to reassure him, Light And Shadow Entertainment yesterday made a 30-second clip at Lin Meng’s request to show him the finished effect.

These action actors didn’t have to sit there for 10 hours of special effects makeup or wear elaborate thick clothing.

They just shot it like this, and after the special effects production was completed, they could become dazzling demons on the screen.

The expression was more meticulous than his imagination. It clearly showed a strangely shaped face that added various monster characteristics and could not even distinguish the original look.

Even when breathing was slightly enlarged, occasionally the The lines on your skin are clear when you raise your eyebrows.

He was glad to have reached the extreme. If he had planned according to his original plan, they would have spent too much money and could not get good results. And it would have delayed the efforts of so many actors and failed to support Lin Meng.

With the addition of special effects shooting, most of the scenes originally set in his mind could become reality, and even took less time than before.

The only thing that he had to be tangled was when communicating with Light And Shadow Entertainment, what they understood might not be what Zhu Xufang wanted.

There was Lin Meng in the middle of communication, otherwise …

Lin Meng glanced at Zhu Xufang and was a little worried: “Director Zhu, Ning Qi and I will go back to talk about the release in two days. During this time, I am not here, so please don’t quarrel with people.”

During this time, she finally understood what the real Party A was.

When director Zhu described the scenes he wanted, the adjectives he used were simply breathtaking.

“What I want is not this effect, it’s the kind of … it looks deep and dark, and it has a deep sea feeling, but it should not be too dark at the same time, otherwise it will hang on the big screen. The far-reaching effect must be obvious, feeling deep to the bottom. The overall hue can’t be bright, but it’s better to have a faint glow. “

Chapter 9 Part 3

The results of “Love You Before Tomorrow” triggered a series of chain reactions. After having a word-of-mouth work, the mailbox posted on the Internet was also loaded with resumes and scripts that were tentatively delivered by others.

Lin Meng and Ning Qi have been searching for the best content after filming these days.

“President Lin. In fact, you should still save some money. Now, wasn’t your investment equivalent to disappearing?” The quality of scripts delivered by others was different. Ning Qi saw half of them and sighed.

It didn’t take long for the money to arrive yesterday. Lin Meng came to him and made a few requests.

1, Although the company leased a large building area, it was not fully equipped. Since we had a profit, we had to do it all at once. Including the upgrading of photographic equipment and the setting of recording studios, these have to be considered.

2, Success was inseparable from everyone’s hard work, and we must pay dividends to individuals. Although Ning Qi was also part of this “individual”, he disagreed. Ning Qi thought it would be better to do this thing later this year. —— If “The Path To Becoming Immortal” lost money, wouldn’t that money also fill the void?

But every sentence that Lin Meng said was equally convincing:”This is the first work produced by the company, which embodies everyone’s efforts. You could decide to join the company when the prospects of the company were not clear, I thank all of you. “

“This need not be measured by the benefits and losses. If the dividends paid can make True Dream Entertainment more cohesive and allow employees to take the company more seriously, then the money is worth the money.

These words came from her heart.

Wasn’t Lin Meng’s wish that he couldn’t take the money home? Make money for Zhu Yushen? Oh,this situation did not exist. Never existed.

“You don’t have to send too much.” Ning Qi took a step back.

“I think the culture of True Dream Entertainment should respect the efforts made by everyone and the ideals of everyone. Just like every time I have a willful idea, although you do not agree with it, you have chosen to support me. Right?” Lin Meng laughed. “Furthermore, I am a black-hearted capitalist. The money I give you now is to make you work harder for me in the future and make more money for me. The money is not for nothing.”

When it came to this, Ning Qi nodded and told the finance to send money after calculation.

“I’m happy when you earn.” Lin Meng answered with a smile.

That sentence was well spoken. You could make blood, but I would never lose.

How could she lose? She turned “earning”!

“President Lin. Xiao Ning. What are you chatting?” Zhu Xufang shouted the ‘stop’, and the props group was adjusting the props. To pause for a while, he walked forward with his hands on his back.

Lin Meng: “Well, we’re watching the script. Unfortunately good scripts are hard to come by.”

Zhu Xufang nodded, carrying his hands, dangling beside them. Something to say was printed on the face.

“What’s wrong with Director Zhu?” Lin Meng held back a smile. During this period of time, she found that Director Zhu was a director with her own directing aesthetics and a lovely director—of course, without pursuing the so-called flow of consciousness art.

“That’s it …” Zhu Xufang was a little embarrassed. “I heard Xiao He said that your company’s treatment is pretty good, and sometimes it pays dividends, right?”


Zhu Xufang pointed to himself: “Then what do you think of me?” He promoted himself, “I’m not quite old now, and I can still make a few years of filming. If you don’t think that I have not scored well in these years … “

Lin Meng and Ning Qi looked at each other, turning from surprise to joy: “Of course we welcome.”

What Ning Qi thought was that Director Zhu has already demonstrated his ability to direct through this film. He could shoot more small-cost literary films to win prizes in the future.

As for Lin Meng, the symbol of money had been quietly in her eyes.

Zhu Xufang = Spending money like running water, how could such a talent be missed?

Zhu Xufang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good, that’s good. I’ll go back to film first, and then sign a contract for me.” He went back for a walk.

When he sold the house for the purpose of making this film, he now felt a little impulsive. His wife at home now answered his phone and sneered when he said a few words. Zhu Xufang was really guilty and put money on the agenda.

True Dream Entertainment knew him well, and the company was fine. Zhu Xufang has begun to recall several commercial film scripts at the bottom of the box. He could not always pursue art and awards. President Lin was so good that he had to make more money for President Lin.

Looking at the back of Zhu Xufang, Ning Qi sighed heartily: “President Lin, you are right.”


“It’s true that our company’s treatment is good, but what really attracts talents for a long time is your attitude that always puts everyone in an important position. You see, isn’t Director Zhu here for this reason?” Ning Qi said, “President Lin, you thought farther than me.”

He recalled that in the past, he worked in the studio with the entertainers as his core. Other employees, to be honest, he didn’t even take them too seriously. After all, the entertainers were the only fulcrum that supported the operation of the studio. But he thought back to the past. If there was not many effort from the staff in the studio. He was afraid that the achievement would have to be folded in half?

Lin Meng looked at Ning Qi and was lost in thought.

She wondered if Ning Qi had any misunderstandings about her?

Chapter 9 Part 2

“Let me see the effect.” Xiao Wang did not treat himself as a stranger, he came over and looked directly at the computer.

The director Zhu Xufang ’s thoughts on publicity still stayed in many years ago. The fixed makeup photos were also very “plain”, and he came directly to a real-life shooting.

After Ning Qi and Lin Meng took over, he learned that the current fixed makeup photos had various modifications.

“This photo, Ning Ge and President Lin would definitely agree.” Xiao Wang was quite surprised.

He didn’t know how Li Xun handled it. The effect of fixed makeup photos was somewhat like the texture of movie more than a decade ago.

It seemed to be covered with a layer of fog, but the features were clearly visible. Especially those eyes that were just a casual glance, but with a totally different temperament.

It was like … the immortal came from the clouds!

She was talking, and she heard the cell phone on the table shaking wildly. She bowed her head subconsciously, and saw dozens of news notifications popping up on Li Xun’s cell phone. She swallowed: “Isn’t this the opinion and guidance of Brother Ning?”

President Lin was the most perfect leader she had ever seen. She always put work requirements in one message as much as possible, and she made things very clear.

It was brother Ning … maybe because he was too old and could not keep up with the typing speed, he sometimes made several long voice messages.

“No, it’s a former friend.” Li Xun laughed. “Wait a while, I’ll send you the photo.”

“Okey.” Xiao Wang didn’t stay too much. She had to go to the third group responsible for making the footage and ask them about the editing of the footage. These were the materials that would be released one after another until the movie was released.

Li Xun picked up the cell phone. As he expected, his ex-colleagues sent messages.

When he left, Fang Shunyu condescending sent him a message saying that he would be paid more. Many people in the studio came to try to persuade him.

True Dream Entertainment was only established shortly, and now the entertainment industry is in a slump. What if it closed down soon? They afraid he won’t find it easy to come back.

Before “Love You Before Tomorrow” was broadcast, someone knowingly or unknowingly shared online news and forum posts with Moments. The content was mocking the foolish spender to take over the bad project. The actress ran away, a idol became the chief actress.

As for his previous leaders, what they shared were more philosophical: “Smart people have a long-term vision; short-sighted people only look at the immediate interests.”

There were people sung the same tune.

For example, one of his ex-colleagues responded this way: “I am deeply impressed. In the past few years in the studio, with the help of everyone, I have infinite spiritual wealth. Only those who know how to be grateful will be rewarded and deserve better achievements. “

Today, Li Xun also gave them a gift. After the dividend was paid, his screenshots were shared to the Moments.

He also specially matched the text that was very stimulating: “I shared joy with my relatives and friends, and in the third month of my employment, I received the first dividend.

Thanks to the True Dream Entertainment, it has given me a higher salary and broader development space. Bread and dreams could coexist here.

Thanks to President Lin and brother Ning for their care. I will make persistent efforts and work hard for a brilliant tomorrow! “

Some people who had been following him Moments jumped out after a while. They were even more interested in him than his parents. The hand speed that Li Xun had trained for many years came in handy, and he quickly responded.

——Don’t you think you are too much? You Moments are obviously mocking!

——I just share joy with you 🙂 After all, you care so much about me.

——Being a man can’t just look at such a small profit in front of you, but also the long-term planning. Brother Fang’s achievements in the entertainment industry are many envy.

——News link [“Love You Before Tomorrow” made another great achievement and won the championship of web teleplay this month! ]. By the way, the web teleplay of Brother Fang last month, why couldn’t I find it on the website ranking?

Messages followed one by one. At the end, Li Xun responded in batches.

“True Dream Entertainment didn’t do well!”

“Oh, let’s find out “Love You Before Tomorrow”? Let’s find out this month’s hot song chart? Let’s find out “The Path To Becoming Immortal”?

“Isn’t it just a dividend?”

“Yeah, it’s a pity you didn’t have.”

Li Xun fought alone with a group of people. When there was no message finally, he could not help but lie on the table with a shrug and a laugh.

The cell phone vibrated again, and the message came from Lin Meng: [Director Zhu and we both watched it and it worked well. Thanks for your hard work, just send the picture to Xiao Wang. 】

Li Xun smiled at the message and he was very motivated. Wasn’t this what he wanted? He liked to be recognized and respected. Rather than always finding fault for no reason, always abducted the finished product with his aesthetic. The final product was scolded and he had to bear it alone.

Chapter 9 Part 1

True Dream Entertainment has not been established for more than three months. The team that originally set up the company was selected and created by Ning Qi.

With his many years of experience and experience in the entertainment industry, he has hired many talents through contacts and headhunting companies.

Subsequently, according to several “irrational” requirements of Lin Meng and the rapid expansion of the company’s business, True Dream Entertainment successively signed a number of employees.

Now True Dream Entertainment was small but talented. Internal employees alone included all the important talents who could shoot a drama and record an album.

This time Zhu Xufang’s filming, the entire company followed. Half of the company’s people rushed to City L to operate with the crew.

“Xiao He, what are you smirking about?” Zhu Xufang just finished a scene. He got up from the director’s chair and stretched out, seeing He Fangming smirking on the side.

Suddenly cue arrived, He Fangming tried to converge the smile on his lips. But could not help, the corners of his lips could not be controlled to rise.

Zhu Xufang looked weird, and he stepped aside subconsciously.

Xiao He usually looked normal, but what was he doing? Why was he weird? He laughed too silly, right?

“Nothing. Director Zhu, I was just happy!”

He Fangming did not know whether to cry or to laugh, he also knew that he was strange now, and quickly explained, “The web teleplay I shot before was split up. President Lin paid dividends to everyone in the company.”

In order to increase persuasiveness, he also pointed at two people casually: “Look at those people over there. Are they the same as me?”

Zhu Xufang followed He Fangming’s finger and looked at them. Sure enough, many staff members smiled and smiled. When they walked, they almost jumped.

“Did all the staff members pay dividends?”

“It’s all divided. You know, the salary of an unknown director like me is calculated based on the number of episodes. Even if I don’t get a dividend, I can’t say anything.” He Fangming laughed, “This time, It’s like dropping money in the sky. “

Zhu Xufang nodded thoughtfully, and asked no more.

The three bungalows next to the shooting venue were rented by the crew from local residents, mainly for storing equipment and some post-processing work.

“Is the final stage of the makeup photos ready?” Xiao Wang of the publicity group opened the door and came in.

“We will regularly post from the official blog for publicity.”

Sitting inside to modify the photo was Li Xun, who was in charge of the later period. He pushed his glasses: “It has been processed, and I just sent it to Brother Ning and President Lin to confirm the effect.”

Li Xun used to work as a retoucher in Fang Shunyu’s studio. He has been under the crazy attack of Fang Shunyu’s fans all year round. Only those who had met Fang Shunyu himself could know how good his professional skills were.

He was under high-pressure work all year round.

He not only had to accept criticism from fans, but was also tortured by Fang Shunyu’s poor skin condition, poor body proportions and excessive demands.

When Ning Qi came to him, he didn’t even think of raising salary. He resigned directly and left with luggage.

Chapter 8 Part 3

This issue immediately caused strong discussion in the forum.

[Analysis, what did this Orange Entertainment mean. Was Wu Yuedi suggesting anything? 】

[Excerpt from the wonderful speech: Wu Yuedi expressed that everyone develops smoothly. She didn’t care about missing “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Then the reporter asked about the audition of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, Wu Yuedi was very interested at first and repeatedly asked the reporter for details.

However, after learning about the director’s masterpiece of Zhu Xufang and the two protagonists currently announced by the government, Wu Yuedi immediately put on sunglasses, saying that the film was not suitable for her, and they would cooperate again when she was free. “]

[… It’s almost clear. It was made clear that Wu Yuedi despised Zhu Xufang and his unknown rookie actors. 】

[But is it normal? Zhu Xufang, I think this film looks like it will fail. Could the new actors call the box office? 】

[Insert a digression. In fact, director Zhu Xufang actually had a track record. The film that failed that year was too out of line with the mainstream style. It was the kind of film where the director suddenly had brain trouble and pursued art, right? So if he shoots normally, I am optimistic about this film. 】

[I am more curious whether Wu Yuedi regretted it? With this film, Song Jiao and Yu Yuanxing have announced at least ten endorsements these days. And the quality is very high. 】

【No way? Did n’t she say she was making a Hollywood blockbuster? Although I don’t think there is any good in Hollywood blockbusters, but will she become a world-class actress immediately if it hot? 】

The forum stopped for a while. Wu Yuedi’s popularity was not high, but someone posted the post again.

[I just went to the film’s official website to watch all the news from the crew, without Wu Yuedi’s name. The only one I found was that she played in a special appearance. Wouldn’t she be a Domestic Special Edition actress? If she is the Domestic Special Edition, then I think she really lost because she didn’t play “Love You Before Tomorrow”. If it’s the Global Edition, that’s not a loss. 】

[I guess it’s Special Edition, or it will definitely be promoted abroad (Actually, Wu Yuedi not bought a lot of the press release this time, I think there is a problem). I just think her tone is so loud.

What if this Xian Xia film gets hot? If she looks down on the film and they chooses an actress better known than her, this remark will often be turned out to slap her face. 】

[Look! !! !! Is the god operator upstairs? Absolutely, just announced by True Dream Entertainment! Supporting actress and supporting actor are Sui Yan and Gu Mingyi! Movie queen and movie king as supporting actors!

Absolutely! And I heard that it was friendship! I watched introductions from fans of movie queen and movie king. At the time, their debut works were taken by director Zhu. They have always respected Director Zhu.

At first Sui Yan was not available, she deliberately stepped up to finish her work before going to audition (yes, she also auditioned). 】

[Wu Yuedi is out of luck … now with movie queen and movie king, the basic movie version is already available. As long as the promotion is better, at least two or three hundred million will not be a problem. Isn’t she incompatible with True Dream Entertainment?

She missed both chances and said something wrong. And, I wish my boss with mental retardation will not mention mental retardation needs tomorrow! 】

This post quickly turned into a wishing post and was built into a tall building.

The news of Wu Yuedi did not reach the city of L. The crew who has been working enthusiastically lately is as usual. No one has changed because of the arrival of two heavyweights.

Sui Yan and Gu Mingyi were very easy-going.

They came all the way, and after taking the makeup test photos, they didn’t even eat the welcome feast. They were pressed by the ruthless Zhu Xufang to watch the script.

Evil emperor and evil woman had fewer roles than the protagonist, but the character settings were not inferior. Zhu Xufang hesitated for a while during the audition. He felt that Sui Yan was not flirtatious enough and almost denied her.

Lin Meng and Zhu Xufang sat at the back of the monitor together, and she looked “rougher” than when she came.

It didn’t mean that she was ugly, or that the whole person’s condition was more and more relaxed.

She used to read books about production on her tablet every day, and she would watch it for a while after finishing work.

Ning Qi came out of the shed behind her. He was refreshed at happy events, and the whole person looked vibrant.

“President Lin, there is good news!”

“What?” Lin Meng asked casually, very relaxed.

“Love You Before Tomorrow” has been split. This time it is divided into 60 million, and there will be income in the future. I let the financial side do the billing. ” Ning Qi, proud of True Dream Entertainment’s good results, did not notice Lin Meng’s sudden stiffness.

She couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you say it would lose money before?” The big eyes were full of doubts.

Ning Qi thought that Lin Meng was too surprised: “I used to say that. After all, many web teleplays have accumulated a few years of playback before slowly turning a profit, but our web teleplay is not the same. We are the phenomenon web teleplay, the hottest web teleplay! Of course it was earned. ”

“That’s it.” Lin Meng nodded, and she looked forward with an open look. The actor was flying over there with awesomeness.

Lin Meng was a little confused. Was she too lucky or unlucky?

Chapter 8 Part 2

Zhong He Entertainment, who was failing to catch the last life-saving straw. It was on the verge of bankruptcy and remorse.

Even more depressing was Wu Yuedi, who returned in Hollywood. She went to Hollywood for a full month of training.

The final shots were all completed in front of the green screen, and ended in less than half a month.

She only knew that the “special appearance” that attracted her in the past and the “special appearance” that she understood were completely different. Just a gimmick to attract the domestic market.

Before Wu Yuedi went abroad, she was refreshed at every happy event. She also took a picture of half of the cover of the English script on Weibo as a hint. In retrospect, she just wanted to delete it immediately.

At that time, how could she think of this scene when she came back.

Before getting off the plane, Wu Yuedi put on sunglasses that could cover half of her face. Her return trip was not in good condition, and the studio did not invite photographers to take pictures at the airport.

“Wu Yuedi!”

Hearing someone shouting to herself, Wu Yuedi couldn’t help turning her head back. Her fans were so enthusiastic, did they still chase the airport?

“I’m a reporter from Orange Entertainment. Is it convenient for you to be interviewed now?”

Wu Yuedi nodded and took off her sunglasses. Fortunately, she put on makeup before getting off the plane.

She thought very carefully, and they would never know she was actually a “special appearance”, before the film was released.

She might as well use this to increase the attention of the masses. Even if the film was backfired after that time, she was not afraid.

She acted as a victim, saying she was deceived by a foreign company, at least a little embarrassed.

Wu Yuedi has already completed the draft. She is going to talk about her training experience abroad and inadvertently show off her cooperation experience with some well-known actors.

“You gave up on “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Do you know what it achieved after it aired?”

The reporter saw Wu Yuedi without answering, and continued to ask: “Do you know that it is the highest teleplay with playback and attention so far this year? Would you regret missing this teleplay?”

She replied without a smile: “That’s good, as long as everyone develops smoothly.” Or should she say that she regrets it?

“The investor of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, True Dream Entertainment, recently invested in a Xian Xia 3D film “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. The film is directed by Zhu Xufang and they are currently recruiting important supporting actress. Do you want to work with True Dream Entertainment again? “

Wu Yuedi was quite interested in this news. In the films in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer female characters.

If it was really a big investment film, she didn’t mind pulling down her face and cooperating again. After all, the two sides cancelled the contract peacefully.

Wu Yuedi curiously asked the reporter a few more details about the film.

When she heard that the last film directed by Zhu Xufang was “Bright Day With Dark Moon” with a profit of only 30 million yuan, she didn’t look good.

When she heard that the two protagonists announced by the officials were students who only played a few supporting roles in the film school, she almost rolled her eyes.

She put on her glasses again: “I don’t think this film is very suitable for me. We would have the opportunity to cooperate again.” Although her tone was not very good, there was nothing omission in the answer.

The problem was that the Orange Entertainment she met was not a big media. In order to attract attention, the reporter described it in detail and posted it on Weibo immediately.

Chapter 8 Part 1

In the crew of City L, apart from Ning Qi, who cares about data. Everyone did not know the popularity of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, which has been rising with the progress of the plot.

There were only 25 episodes of this teleplay. The Deepsea Video website had previously confirmed with True Dream Entertainment, hoping to “extend” the episodes by editing.

In True Dream Entertainment, this proposal was rejected by 3: 0.

In order to get 25 episodes, He Fangming and the screenwriter themselves made some re-creations on the basis of the original work without affecting the development of the story.

If the clipped clips were forcibly put in and increased to 40 or 50 episodes, it is estimated that netizens who watched the show would have to open at three times the speed to not feel procrastinated.

Deepsea Video website couldn’t convince True Dream Entertainment, they had to agree. This company was not short of money and could not be persuaded.

Less than a month, “Love You Before Tomorrow” aired to the finale.

Netizens who were accustomed to teleplay forty episodes were quite shocked, and only felt that this time of chasing the drama was exceptionally short.

Then began to collectively accuse Deepsea Video website of why not open the platinum member preemptive service available on other websites?

They were willing to spend money to see the ending early! Now they couldn’t spend it with waving money.

Speaking of this, the Deepsea Video website was also distressed!

They had a good talk with Ning Qi at that time. When it came time to open the membership through the teleplay page, the money would be divided. But……but they just met the President Lin who came in to watch.

The other side’s face was righteous: “I hope our audience could see the ending at the same time. So releasing the ending in advance will affect the viewing experience of other audiences. I don’t agree!”

Then the plan failed.

The only thing the Deepsea Video website could do was to broadcast the finale on that day to 7 pm in advance, so that most of the audience after school and coming home from work could see the finale at dinner.

Try their best, they also bought hot search specifically to inform the matter in advance.

As a result, at 7 o’clock on the day of the finale broadcast, a large number of audiences rushed in at the same time. The server of the Deepsea Video website “exploded” and the teleplay page was directly disconnected.

Fortunately, the Deepsea Video website was a company that squeezed employees. Following the 996 system, programmers did not leave work and were pressed for emergency repairs.

By 7:10, the latest Weibo post on the public account of the Deepsea Video website had been scolded by 10,000 comments.

This momentum, hot search swept the list, plus the advertising space bought by Ning Qi. It has created a momentum for people to follow the teleplay. Even audiences who hadn’t paid attention to the show flooded in.

The ending song sung by Zhuang Sisi began to play, it recently occupied the top spot in the Hot Songs for a long time. Most viewers have complicated emotions.

“It’s just right at the end, there’s no delay.” And “Why it be end here.” The thoughts fought in the mind. But after all, they still have to say goodbye to this hot teleplay that has touched a lot of people’s heart.

And the popularity of this teleplay has also sparked a discussion worth thinking about–

“In the face of the success of many small-cost teleplays, has it proved that large investments are useless?”

The most praised answer came from a well-known drama critic.

“In the past, we have been advocating small-cost victories, saying that this is the rise of grass-roots. But in “Love You Before Tomorrow”, I saw the respect from big investment for the audience, the script, and the original.

This was not the first IP adaptation teleplay in the entertainment industry. But it was one of the few, praised by many original fans and completely restored the original or even upgraded to the original. “

“It was no longer the props and scenery that were forced to be discounted because of the cost; there was no more perfunctory, making the audience feel that they were being fooled by unrealistic character settings.

The focus of the success of the president and wealthy women created by this teleplay is that their lives, dress, and manners make you feel reasonable.

The scenes they created will make you feel that the thin paper people in the book are plump and come to reality, rather than being painted in other colors. This teleplay was not strictly perfect, but its success can be copied and borrowed. “

The popularity of this teleplay was like irony to some people.