Chapter 7 Part 3

Ning Qi aggressively slaughtered with Lin Meng with his eyes. There seemed to be crackling sparks in the air, but for a short while, he acknowledged: “Yes. Yes. Is this the last time? The clothes expenditure is seriously exceeded!”

But this so-called last time, has appeared no less than ten times in this week.

He Fangming, who has been on the sidelines, hastily handed over a cup of chrysanthemum tea: “You need to have a rest, clear the heat and clear the fire.”

He was temporarily drawn into the group.

After Lin Meng, Ning Qi, and Zhu Xufang communicated with each other, they was afraid that Zhu Xufang’s body was not as good as before and could not support it.

They were also worried that Zhu Xufang didn’t know enough about the popular shooting techniques. So she invited a photography team at a high price. And He Fangming serves as associate director.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” has also been upgraded to a 3D masterpiece.

The special effects company hired at a high price has sent a team to the crew. In addition to the actual shooting, but also to prepare for green screen shooting.

Zhu Xufang, who has n’t known about new technology for a long time, was absorbing the new technology under the guidance of He Fangming. These days, he was younger every day.

The opposite was … Ning Qi’s belly had disappeared two levels.

Lin Meng sat aside, silently calculating in her heart. She made a rough calculation these days. Until this film was released, she could invest at least 200 million more, perfect!

“By director Zhu, do you have any suggestions for the candidate of evil woman?” Ning Qi asked.

Zhu Xufang’s previous script was still too “ideal”. In short, it was not grounded.

After discussions with Ning Qi and Lin Meng. She went directly to a well-known screenwriter in the industry, and two Xian Xia novel authors who werewell-known on the Internet. They commented on the script together.

The three crew members changed the script very quickly. They added scenes such as the battle of the Immortals and Demons, and confrontation between righteousness and evil for this film.

Coupled with the philosophical thinking of Director Zhu, several people could no longer pick the fault.

The only problem was that after revising the script, two more outstanding characters had to appear. The evil woman and the evil emperor.

The role of evil emperor, Director Zhu said quite mysteriously. He had a friend who introduced a reliable actor and would come to audition.

As for evil woman, They could only audition publicly.

Director Zhu and He Fangming were watching the Xianzong City, produced by the special effects company.

They heard and that was the answer:”Actress need to be in good shape and be professional and not use stand-ins. She’d better be more beautiful. Don’t be facially paralyzed.”


Ning Qi and He Fangming both knew such a channel of news, and in order to avoid missing actors, they would post the news where they both knew.

“President Lin, what’s wrong with you?” He Fangming realized that Lin Meng was a little thoughtless and asked anxiously.

“Nothing, I just thought about it.” Lin Meng blinked. “Would these weapons look too ordinary? Would we like to customize a batch of weapons that look different from ordinary martial arts films? “

“Your words make sense.” Zhu Xufang thoughtfully, and had already simulated the design in his heart.

Ning Qi glanced resentfully, squinting at He Fangming with his eyes, as if to say he shouldn’t talk.

Lin Meng shifted the attention of others, and her eyes fell on the cell phone again. Zhu Yushen just sent a lot of messages asking her why she didn’t answer the phone or reply to the message, and urged her to go home by the way.

[Lin Meng: I work outside and it will take another month to go back. 】

It didn’t take long for her to respond.

[Zhu Yushen: Why work? What job? 】

[Zhu Yushen: You can come to the company. 】

Well, it’s kind of funny.

Lin Meng recalled that she accompanied Zhu Yushen to start a business together. And why after the company improved, she left the company.

At that time, she thought very hard. The company needed more professional talents, not her.

Coupled with staying up all night long at the beginning of their business and being open all year round, she also suffered from endocrine disorders and insomnia all year round.

She hesitated and offered to go home to take a rest, and the company’s position was to find someone to take over.

Zhu Yushen didn’t keep her and agreed directly.

In the past, she felt that this was a caring concern from her husband. Now she occasionally doubted, did Zhu Yushen think that everything she did was not so significant?

After thinking for a while, she still held the impatience and responded to the message.

[Lin Meng: This is my business. 】

Chapter 7 Part 2

When she was a child, she could play “The Legend Of The White Lady” in the bed and play all afternoon.

It’s over.

Ning Qi saw that Lin Meng was excited. He was helpless, but at the same time he knew that if Lin Meng wasn’t such a person, maybe he would help her make money for a few years. Then he would want to change his job and leave.

Well, we have to challenge impossible again.

Ning Qi: “President Lin, I support your idea, but …”

“But what?”

“Would you like to try to be a producer?”

Producer? Lin Meng wondered, “Isn’t I the producer?”

Ning Qi laughed: “If you are a producer, I will take the opportunity to be a production controller.”

Ning Qi thought for a while. He could see that Lin Meng was a very responsible person. Just like during the half-month filming of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, it was clear that she didn’t need to go to the crew, but she arrived every day.

Whenever the crew needed anything, even without He Fangming or his mention, Lin Meng took the initiative to help prepare.

Speaking of engagement, are there more positions than producers?

Personally participated in making dreams. Wasn’t it called dreams come true?

“This …” She was thoughtful. Lin Meng did find that during this time, as she was busy, she no longer always thought of Zhu Yushen as before.

It was very fulfilling to have her own business and have her own time.

“Furthermore, I personally think that Director Zhu must be lacking in commercialization. Do you remember what Director Zhu said just now? He doesn’t quite understand what is needed in the market now. He hopes his work, even if there is no high box office, it must be recognized by the audience. ” Ning Qi looked simple and honest.

He was like a little devil with horns at the moment. He was tempting Lin Meng, who was not so determined. “If you let me control it, I would definitely not take into account any of his artistic ideals.”

Ning Qi discredited himself without hesitation: “I’m a vampire.” He looked really like, “And you, the golden master who has great economic power, could reconcile the contradictions we may have in the future.”

For her once, Zhu Yushen was the whole life. Now she tried not to take him seriously. She had a withdrawal reaction.

Occasionally in her spare time, Zhu Yushen still appeared in her mind. She even began to speculate whether he and Wen Xiaofu had started.

She also needed to start and get used to the world without having to revolve around Zhu Yushen.

“It is good.”


Long-distance flights were very exhausting. Working for a few days, Zhu Yushen had red blood in his eyes.

He got out of the car tiredly, and when he entered the door, he met the butler who was watering the flowers in the living room.

“Boss, you are welcome back.”

“Well, I’m back.” Zhu Yushen unbuttoned the top button of the shirt, and the suit jacket draped over his hand. “Where’s my wife? Is she in the room?”

The butler looked miserably: “Didn’t she go out to work? She has been going for a week.”

Zhu Yushen was about to go upstairs and stopped, he feeling bad: “Where did she go?”

“Going to City L, she said it would take at least half a month to come back.”

Zhu Yushen didn’t speak, his thin lips curled into a tight line. He went straight upstairs, pushed open the door, and then threw his clothes on the bed.

Although the maid came up to clean every day, he just felt that the house made him uncomfortable.

He was about to send a message to Lin Meng, only to find that there was a large metal box on the dresser.

The boxes contained several pieces of jewellery that had been completely put in their boxes, and even the identification certificates on them were packed intactly in bags printed with the auction house’s mark.

This was … she didn’t even take it apart?

Why hasn’t she become happy? Zhu Yushen had a terrible headache and his face became hard to look at.

He would rather Lin Meng stand here and continue to be angry with him.

Lin Meng on the set did not notice that her cell phone was vibrating at all. She was sitting with Zhu Xufang and was “educated” by Ning Qi, who was in charge of the production.

“Overrun again! President Lin, you can’t always indulge Director Zhu like this!”

Ning Qi was very helpless. He had hoped that Lin Meng would reconcile the possible conflicts between Zhu Xufang and him.

It turned out that the two of them were colluding together, and he was troubled every day by overspending the budget.

“Don’t blame President Lin. It was me, I thought that our clothes and special effects makeup could be refined!” Zhu Xufang was busy covering Lin Meng. Now in his mind, Lin Meng was the living saint in the world.

Ning Qi grinned: “President Lin. Do we need to make so many clothes for this film?”

Lin Meng was not afraid of power, and she was the greatest power: “Of course it is necessary. On different occasions, you must have different clothes. This is a Xian Xia film, not an ordinary film. With the change of character’s identity, ability, and personality. The change of personality must also be reflected in clothing.”

Chapter 7 Part 1

Lin Meng and Ning Qi sent Zhu Xufang downstairs. Noting that Zhu Xufang had no car to pick up and drop off, Lin Meng let the driver on standby to take him away.

Back in the office, Lin Meng and Ning Qi looked at each other, their eyes were complicated.

“President Lin …” Ning Qi said first, but couldn’t say any more.

“Talk about your thoughts.”

Ning Qi thought: “From a business perspective, I don’t think we need to invest in Director Zhu’s film.”

He carefully analyzed, “In the film market, directors have a certain box office appeal. Director Zhu ’s reputation in the film is actually very bad. Although it is said that it has sharpened its sword in ten years. But a director who has not controlled the lens for ten years, can really deliver perfection answer? “

He didn’t give Zhu Xufang the idea of ​​face at all. When it came to such a large investment, he still had to be cautious: “And in recent years, the market has become more and more inclined to popcorn and commercial films.” Ning Qi shook his head firmly, “I don’t think Director Zhu’s films have good prospects.”

On the table facing Lin Meng, there were materials sent by Director Zhu. The script, budget table, and minute pictures were all available.

Zhu Xufang wanted to make a Xian Xia film “The Path To Becoming Immortal” that was incompatible with the mainstream market.

He wrote the script himself, and for ten years he has been pondering this film repeatedly. The matching story board pictures were a thick booklet.

Although he made a few good and famous films in the early years, due to the economic differences of the times, Zhu Xufang did not save much money.

At the beginning of this year, he gritted his teeth and sold the house. He asked a friend to recommend several film school students, and planned to invest in filming the show himself.

when a film was started, spend money like water.

It didn’t take long for the deposit to be spent, and if he wanted to collect money again, he could only sell the house where the family now lives.

His wife resolutely refused to agree, he had to hold these accumulated materials to sell his ideals, but could run into obstacles everywhere.

It wasn’t that no investor was willing to look at his script. But as soon as their opinion was put forward, Zhu Xufang retreated.

Zhu Xufang, who had just sat in front of the two, smiled wryly: “Some people said that the chief actress had to change. But I saw the little girl’s acting skills was not as good as the man said.” He shook his head. “She doesn’t have classical beauty. On the big screen, the lens effect will be ruined.” He didn’t want a good-looking face, but a suitable face.

“There were still people who were willing to invest, saying that this script has to be changed. I couldn’t shoot any sword fairy, I have to shoot the emperor. Then find a dozen fairies, make a legend of the emperor and the fairy. ” Zhu Xufang was helpless when thinking of these. He was a well-known director in his early years.

When the coal bosses were still in the film and television industry, they only gave money and hardly mentioned professional requirements. They had at most stuffed a small role with the crew, and now investors have demanded that he be dizzy.

There was silence in the office, and Lin Meng asked again, “How much do you think I need to invest according to Director Zhu’s highest budget?”

“At least 100 million,” Ning Qi said again, “President Lin. Nostalgia films are no longer possible.”

He couldn’t deny that Director Zhu’s talents were there. This time, after ten years of training, he also had a clearer understanding of himself. Looking at the story board alone, it is not like the films that failed before have any stream of consciousness.

But it was unnecessary to invest one hundred or two hundred million to make a Xian Xia film. He would rather make a family comedy. Find a well-known actor, and the movie would be released during the Chinese New Year. This would not be a loss.

Director Zhu said frankly before leaving: “I know that this film may not be a big seller. Investing in it may lose a lot of money. I just don’t want to give up and want to work hard for my film.”

Lin Meng was already excited.

This film perfectly fulfilled her two fundamental needs.

First, it could lose money, lose a lot of money.

Second, she was really shaken by Zhu Xufang’s words.

Who did n’t have a Xian Xia dream?

Chapter 6 Part 3

Everyone could see clearly where the money for “Love You Before Tomorrow” was spent.

With the increase in attention, it has attracted countless people from the media to start analysis with a magnifying glass.

“Fashion of the year’s bag. Inventory” Love You Before Tomorrow “, Song Jiao’s bag.”

“How to choose a necklace and diamond ring? This teleplay tells you the answer. Do n’t buy broken diamonds, only buy the whole diamonds. Shiny women are the most beautiful.”

“A sports car show in higher definition than the auto show. Which one of Yu Yuanxing’s favorite cars will be?”

“What did real rich people do every day? Did horse racing and learn to drive helicopters really exist in real life? “

These topics have instead become the popular support for “Love You Before Tomorrow”.

Unknowingly, the single-day play volume of “Love You Before Tomorrow” has exceeded 100 million. It was updated daily, and hot search immediately went on, gradually becoming a topic.

Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao also received countless resources. The “generous and magnificent” beauty investor Lin Meng, who always appeared in their mouths, also caused countless discussions. Wu Yuedi and Zhonghe Entertainment, who gave up the teleplay before, have become unspoken spokespersons.

Lin Meng didn’t understand the concept of over 100 million views. She just downplayed her nod and continued to discuss her topic.

Ning Qi looked at President Lin’s calmness, and was quite shaken. In this regard, he still did not have the presidential style of President Lin. Although he was not a newcomer in the industry, he would still be excited about this breakthrough in performance. It seemed that he needed to practice.

“I’ve watched the scripts you recommended before.”

“Was there anything you like?” Ning Qi was also a little hesitant. True Dream Entertainment hadn’t achieved a good result before, and the scripts sent could only be said to be average.

Lin Meng shook her head: “I took a look. The investments in these scripts were quite small. Are there any big investment projects?”

Ning Qi thought: “… these opportunities are relatively rare.”

“You help me pay attention, even abandoned projects like” Love You Before Tomorrow ” will do.” Lin Meng just wrote the symbol of money in her eyes. “I think our company is established, we need to be a bit more grand. Small-cost projects can also be invested, but they are not our focus. “

“Will it be too aggressive?” Ning Qi hesitated. After all, this counterattack required luck.

Lin Meng said forcefully: “Our True Dream Entertainment is to create impossible dreams. What about the loss? If we don’t take risks, how can we succeed? The more projects that other companies don’t want to do, the more we have to do. Or what’s the point of repeating the same tune? “

“I see.” Their company was realy different from others’ companies.

“You pay attention to whether there is a screenwriter who is not working temporarily. The price is not a problem.”

Ning Qi took the task and left. Lin Meng, who remained in the office, started counting.

The company was running digital albums by Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong. There was also a small-cost TV show that had just allocated investment.

They didn’t cost much to add up.

Fortunately, “Love You Before Tomorrow” lost some money.

She picked up the cell phone, typed keywords on the webpage, and the news that jumped out made her face dark.

“Lin Shen company has another amazing action! A large-scale cell phone competitive game is coming soon!”

“Lin Shen company has entered overseas, and its games occupy the top five in game downloads.”

“This month’s monthly game data shows that Lin Shen’s ace game has more than one billion monthly games! Numerous gold is attracted.”

Lin Meng began to comfort herself, as long as the kung fu iron was ground into a needle.

She has researched. The investment in the entertainment industry has skyrocketed, and it is normal to invest hundreds of millions.

After thinking about it, Lin Meng sent a message to Feng Yan.

[Lin Meng: Brother Feng, do you have any big investment projects recommended there? Please recommend! 】

Feng Liangliang’s brother was just like her brother. They didn’t have to worry too much about speaking, they were very casual and used their connections.

Even if there was no opportunity to invest, she could take the initiative to find it!

Lin Meng was thinking about the possibility of making custom movies, and she wanted to tap the kind of director who spent lot of money.

A few days later, Lin Meng and Ning Qi sat in the conference room.

The man sitting opposite had black hair intertwined with white hair, and the texture of the corners of his eyes was deep. He looked over sixty years old.

Lin Meng was surprised. Before meeting this man, Ning Qi showed her the information of the other person, and clearly stated that Zhu Xufang had just passed fifty this year.

The person in front of her was Zhu Xufang, a well-known director in the entertainment industry.

To be more precise, there is a question about this well-known statement. It should be said to be mixed. He was once a well-known young director. His debut made a big hit. But people don’t know why, when he was older, he seemed to have gone astray and failed successively.

It has been nearly ten years since the last time he directed “Bright Day With Dark Moon”.

“Bright Day With Dark Moon” was a legend in film history. Under the economic conditions of ten years ago, it had gathered nearly 400 million investments. The movie queen and the movie king were involved. The box office ended in less than 30 million, and so far it is often listed on the most ugly movie list.

True Dream Entertainment should be the first film and television entertainment company willing to talk to him in depth.

Chapter 6 Part 2

The question was, how could he argue with the golden master as a unkown director? Didn’t talk about investors. Even if the protagonists said they wanted to increase the drama and use avatars, wouldn’t he just agree?

In the past two days, he did not resist reading the reviews on the Internet. The teleplay score was very low, but it was quite normal. After all, this was a love campy teleplay with no connotation.

But when he saw someone saying, “He Fangming is also good at filming, I thought he could only shoot the plot of thunder in the crotch.” His eyes were a bit sour.

“Don’t say thank you to me, there’s nothing to thank.” Lin Meng saw that He Fangming and Ning Qi’s eyes weren’t right, and she frantically refused.

She just paid for it and gave no help.


Lin Meng suddenly realized that her spending money was also meaningful.

Wasn’t this good?

She spent the money, and others also realized their dreams through this money. They all created their own dreams. It was really good and a win-win situation.

Lin Meng was a bit “moved with phobia”, and she was afraid that everyone would perform a cry and say thank you. She was planning to find a reason to slip away. The cell phone sounded, like it knew her heart.

“AAAZhu Yushen” on the caller ID and the two red heart symbols following it were particularly prominent.

This was a remarking method that she and others learned, so that every time she opened the address book, the person at the top would be this person.

“I’ll pick up a phone.” Lin Meng took the cell phone and went straight into the guest room. She closed the door and connected the phone.

“where are you?”

Lin Meng froze. She never seemed to hear such a question from Zhu Yushen.

After all, she was always at home, so there was no chance for Zhu Yushen to ask this sentence.

“I’m at Liangliang’s house.”

“When will you come back?”

Lin Meng suddenly felt funny, this conversation often happened before the two of them, but it was always the other way around: “I won’t go back.”

“What do you mean?” It was difficult to hear the emotion in his voice over the phone.

Lin Meng: “Nothing. I told Liang Liang that I would stay at her house at night.”

“I’m home.” Zhu Yushen added, as if to be angry, “I’ll pick you up?”

“I told you, I’ve made an appointment. It’s the same as your business trip. It’s already scheduled.” Lin Meng was firm.

She looked at her hand, as if there was something in this hand that made people non-stop.

Zhu Yushen was silent for a while. She could only hear his suppressed breathing on the phone, and after a moment he said: “Are you making a temper with me? I used to travel for work, not to avoid you intentionally. “

“I made an appointment with Liang Liang, not hiding from you on purpose.” Lin Meng returned the words as they were.

“…” Zhu Yushen was silent again.

“Is there anything else? I still have something to talk to Liang Liang, so I won’t talk to you any more.” Lin Meng didn’t wait for Zhu Yushen’s answer. She hung up the phone neatly, and couldn’t say whether it was easy or sad.

It turned out that she didn’t have to wait for the beep to hang up.

Zhu Yushen, who was at home, far away. Gave a wrong look to the phone that was hung up. He walked around the room, and it took a while to consider the message.

[Zhu Yushen: Don’t make trouble. I have to travel the day after tomorrow. I’ve been busy recently. 】

He looked around the quiet room, and suddenly felt that the room was a bit too large and surprisingly empty.

It’s just … what’s her temper?

Zhu Yushen couldn’t remember why they had a quarrel last time. The interval was too long, and the reason for the quarrel was forgotten.

He thought about it and picked up the cell phone again. After confirming that Lin Meng didn’t reply immediately, his eyes were darkened, and he sent a message to Wen Xiaofu.

[Zhu Yushen: Help me order a few necklaces from the auction house and send them to my home as soon as possible. 】

When “Love You Before Tomorrow” just aired, most of the passers-by who were waiting to see the premiere were attracted by the raffle. And the fans of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao; There were only a few ordinary viewers who clicked through the homepage.

With the broadcast of the episode, the pre-arranged publicity will be carried out in an orderly manner. Actors’ fans and the efforts of passers-by who transformed teleplay fans have attracted more and more viewers.

The one that caused the most clicks was a hot search #human nature # that did not spend money on autonomy.

The topic sponsor was the well-known film and television online marketing accounts on Weibo. He intercepted Weibo comments when he first promoted “Love You Before Tomorrow”. And has been updated to the fifth episode, with him to comment on the teleplay fans can not extricate themselves.

The most interesting part was that the same ID appeared in these screenshots.

@Watch king is me: Before Fans watching “Love You Before Tomorrow”: “Oh, you have collected money for publicity again. Garbage teleplay, I am not interested.” After Fans watching “Love You Before Tomorrow”: “It stopped updating, does anyone have the resources for the next episode? Online etc.”

As famous as herd mentality, it was human rebellious psychology.

The audience who clicked with the idea of “I will never get stuck in the same way as them” more and more stayed and joined the team that urged update.

[Strange, I know exactly what will happen next, but I can’t stop it … This teleplay is poisonous. 】

[President of other dramas: driving 200,000 cars, wearing one thousand yuan clothes. His staff could only see ten people, and twenty tables at the wedding scene. The president of “Love You Before Tomorrow” drove down from the sky in a helicopter, changed sports cars every day, and watches worth millions. Please learn from it in future TV series. The president does not only need to look good. Only such a president is worth imagining. 】

[… Actually, Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao’s acting skills are still inadequate. For example, sometimes in the face plot, when Yu Yuanxing appeared in a domineering appearance, I felt particularly embarrassed. But even so … I still look so excited, please make a face plot clip collection? Is this the more embarrassing the more exciting in the legend? 】

Chapter 6 Part 1

The curtains were closed, leaving only enough crystal lights to illuminate the living room. The brightness of the light was just right.

The 75-inch full-screen TV was right in front of the sofa, with the good color ratio and amazing clarity. Although the living room was large, the length of the sofa from the TV was also slightly longer, which did not affect people’s viewing at all.

“It’s about to begin!” Feng Liangliang chose the most comfortable position to lie on the couch on the side, and she was covered with a small blanket. “Do n’t eat anymore, look carefully.”

People criticized by her looked at each other, put down the seeds and fruits in their hands obediently. They sat upright like the primary school students who were spotted.

“Mengmeng, I told you that my TV and stereo were matched by a special person, and the effect was absolutely amazing! I usually use this to watch a concert at home! Enjoy the effect.” Feng Liangliang finished talking and poked her lips. If it was not for her girlfriend, she would never watch the teleplay performed by Yu Yuanxing.

Her idol’s deadly counterpart Yuyuanxing’s teleplay. Could it look good?

… Okay, it could, that’s the credit for Mengmeng.

Lin Meng looked at Feng Liangliang and wanted to talk. She immediately took the remote control and clicked the play button.

She never disliked her friends to say too much.

At present, “Love You Before Tomorrow” has been broadcast for five episodes. Lin Meng has not watched it. She talked with Feng Liangliang yesterday about this. Feng Liangliang forcibly organized a movie viewing event without saying anything, and planned to share the first work produced by Lin Meng with Lin Meng.

After discussing with Feng Liangliang, Lin Meng simply turned the event into a “Team building”. He Fangming, who just signed up with True Dream Entertainment. Ning Qi, who was very unwilling to see romance. And Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, who were not busy at the moment. They were called together.

When they spoke, the advertisements that could not be skipped were over. ——Feng Liangliang resolutely refused to add real results to Yu Yuanxing, never became a member, only willing to contribute a broadcast volume.

Gu Dong’s voice was special, making people want to shake when they heard it, and followed the rhythm. Accompanying He Fangming’s selection of flashing scenes, the audience’s emotions are gradually substituted.

Lin Meng rarely watched teleplay. At this moment, she stared at the big screen and looked at the producer who was passing by: Lin Meng suddenly felt a totally different feeling in her heart.

It has been two years since she left the Lin Shen company and has taken care of her family at home. She has been the woman behind Zhu Yushen for a long time. She all appeared as Mrs Zhu, not Lin Meng.

She was not involved in too much creation. But for this work, she seemed to suddenly have a sense of honor.

Both protagonists were young and didn’t need too many beauty filters. Even He Fangming didn’t let excessive color correction in the post. Many of the ways he shot this time were gradually improved after referring to a lot of MV shooting methods.

Poor acting skills? Well, then highlight their faces. They must have long legs and amazingly beautiful faces. Each frame of the picture was pleasing to the eye.

He cut every detail to the extreme, and only occasionally or interspersed with one or two previous shots will reveal the point of not being perfect.

Ning Qi, who had just been unable to sit still, was gradually attracted and looked intently. Even if he had the impulse to roast the plot, it did not affect the growing curiosity of the subsequent plot.

The episode ended in a blink of an eye. At the end, He Fangming, who knows a lot about broken chapters, has not forgotten to leave a tickling clip.

Song Jiao, who had just had a big conflict with her stepmother and step-sister, was aggressive in the living room and slammed back at the two. Then she walked out the door, but suddenly burst into tears. Not far away, a sports car appeared .

The ending song sung by Zhuang Sisi was lyrical. The moment she sang, she could hit the soft part of people’s hearts directly. Listening and listening seemed to be a little bitter.

“Is this the script I saw at the beginning?” Feng Liangliang was a bit unbelievable. her Weibo followers were all her idol’s fans. Yu Yuanxing’s news would basically not go to the homepage. She only knew that this teleplay had cost a lot of money, but this … this was the same script she watched before?

Ning Qi was also a bit weird. Obviously he knew what would happen next. Wasn’t it the old-fashioned plot, like heroes saving beauty? But he couldn’t wait.

“The previous script was modified by several screenwriters brought by Wu Yuedi. She did not perform, and the script was changed back to the original version.” Ning Qi explained that the original version was the original copy of the original section, plus some irrelevant episodes added to enrich the set and extend the length of the episode.

Feng Liangliang’s heart was happy and sad.

She could see that this teleplay produced by her friend was good. This teleplay wanted to be popular, it depended on luck. But it was not difficult to get a good result.

But on the other hand, her idol was similar to Yu Yuanxing in acting skills. It was just that Yu Yuanxing had poor ratings three times in a row. When she thought that fans would attack each other in the future, she would be beaten by the other side of this teleplay, so she wanted to vomit blood.

Lin Meng was about to speak. With ears moving, how did she feel that someone was crying?

She looked in the direction of the sound. Zhuang Sisi, with her back facing person, shrugged her shoulders at the moment. She was covering her eyes with her hands, and she was crying. Could see that she was trying hard to keep silent, but still couldn’t help crying.

Zhuang Sisi sat far away. Lin Meng thought about reaching out and patted Gu Dong. they were couples, and it might be better for Gu Dong to comfort her. She didn’t expect, when Gu Dong turned his head, tears flowed likewise.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lin Meng got up, pumped several pieces of paper, and handed them to the two.

Zhuang Sisi cried so much that she took a long time to slow down. She turned back and smiled at Lin Meng: “President Lin, thank you.” As soon as the words were finished, the tears burst out again.

Gu Dong, who was next to her, was more able to hold back. He patted his girlfriend’s shoulder: “President Lin, thank you. If it was not for your appreciation, Sisi and I would not have had the opportunity to let so many people hear us sing. “

they even sang at the bar. To select a time period, they had to choose a non-golden file, let alone how many audiences they could sing.

It turned out that their voices could also be heard by so many people.

Lin Meng listened for a moment, bit her lip and didn’t speak.

He Fangming next to them really understood this mentality. He also had this idea when the first teleplay was broadcast, but later he became the bad teleplay king, and gradually turned filmmaking into work instead of love.

Every time he saw the criticism of netizens on the Internet, he had to squat in the corner to smoke a few cigarettes.

Hey, who has no ideals?

Chapter 5 Part 2

Once there was controversy, this building also got higher and higher. Someone has gone to Weibo to watch the HD trailer and come back.

The acting skills of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao were not very good, except that the latter had a richer expression than the former.

But this time under the guidance of He Fangming, the two of them finally saw the so-called Superb acting.

However, the truth of the matter–He Fangming was better at packing teleplay than directing actors.

He carefully adjusted and packed all the parts with bad acting skills through editing, shooting angles and other techniques.

Just like this trailer, with Gu Dong’s peculiar husky and full of rhythmic sound–

From the running horse race, the dust rising when the horseshoes speeded up, the picture moved from the bottom to the top. The two who reached the end at the same time, were also wearing riding gear and tit-for-tat.

On the racing track, cars of very different colors were driving at full power. You could see the marks left by the tires rubbing the ground when cornering.

In the cut-out pictures, the two were also wearing racing suits, their eyes were deep, and they looked directly at the end.

The exquisite banquet hall, two people who were once opponents, held each other’s hand for the first time.

They danced in the crowd, and the necklace worn by Song Jiao’s neck shone in the light; Behind the hustle, the two still wearing gorgeous costumes leaned against the side of the fence.

They were shaking wine glasses, not too far away. The evening breeze was just right, Yu Yuanxing suddenly narrowed the distance with Song Jiao, smiled provocatively, and almost stuck to the other person’s lips.

The picture ended in time. Only the excerpt of the opening track was left.

There were more and more comments below, all of which were spontaneous discussions. Their common thought was one sentence: “This atmosphere, absolutely!”

These two people, especially Yu Yuanxing, was he still the one they recognized as wood?

What is CP feeling and what is full of sparks, this is it.


By the end of the conference, #Yu Yuanxing Song Jiao # and #Love You Before Tomorrow # have climbed to hot search.

When the lottery arranged by Ning Qi was launched, this hot search was based on its own popularity and climbed up a few more.

@ Love You Before Tomorrow: The teleplay “Love You Before Tomorrow” will be exclusive broadcast on the Deepsea Video at 19:00 the day after tomorrow!

To thank the fans for their support. A specified time will be given every day (for example, episode 10 from 20:22 to 25:22), please go to the Deepsea Video website to confirm the content of the snippet, forward and screenshot to circle the items you find (to be marked with your id watermark, Theft of pictures is strictly prohibited).

We will select a qualified fan to send one of the same item in the show. And 100 fans who have not won the prize will be given 1,000 yuan each. Let’s see you then!

The official blog also attached a picture-a full box of luxury goods. There were classic bags from six different brands.

The second layer was the seasonal new products of ten different brands. At the bottom were some masculine accessories, such as watches and men’s bags.

Even if they didn’t recognize the so-called seasonal new products, most netizens could recognize the classic patterns that almost everyone knew.

They took pictures and went online to find the same models and confirm the prices. They took a sip of air-conditioning.

What? You said that this forwarding lottery was not sincere. You still have to watch the video, you have to go to the designated video site, people who were not the website members have to watch the ads?

Many netizens tacitly praised so many complaining comments and put them on top.

It was better for others not to watch. The fewer the participants, the higher the chance of winning?

However, this huge momentum also caused a lot of scolding.

Getting rich was just relying on reposting and lottery!

“A certain marketing teleplay is too much? Lottery and hot search. The more you do n’t have confidence in yourself, the more you spend money. I ’m afraid that as soon as the broadcast starts, the results will be ugly, and the investors will lose their pants .Ha ha.”

“What do I say. Is there anything good about this teleplay? I looked at the introduction. Isn’t it the story that fell in love after getting married a long time ago? I’m definitely not going to watch such an old-fashioned plot.”

The person who left the comment did not know that a woman with the surname Lin nodded with satisfaction after watching their Weibo, and was completely at ease. She began to choose the next “starter” happily.

The road to losing money never stops!

But within a few days, online reviews quietly turned. Thousands of words painting a sentence——
“Really fragrant.”

On a rating website, one of the comments received the most approval.

“I used to ignore it. At that time, I said to myself, this kind of dog blood mentally teleplay disdain to watch, I watched the brain-burning boutique teleplay.

I never expected that I would have been addicted to the dog blood mentally teleplay. Whoops, could anyone tell me why the video website is not updated on Saturday and Sunday? Is that what people do? “

Chapter 5 Part 1

The press conference of the teleplay “Love You Before Tomorrow” was selected at City Shen’s largest hotel.

The scenes in the venue were also specially designed for people to imitate the scene where the male and female protagonists meet in the teleplay.

They prepared a special souvenir for the media reporters who were present. After the press conference, the media reporters could also use the free meal coupons to eat in the cafeteria, and fans who were selected to participate in the press conference would also be treated equally.

Well-informed reporters were amazed when they entered.

These were all real money.

when other companies used to do press conferences, they usually needed the support of protagonists’ fan clubs.

According to the amount of funds they raised and the ability of fan clubs, the support provided by fan clubs was also very different. Only this time, the organizer did not let the fans intervene and did everything by themselves.

Reporter Sun sitting in the front row quietly glanced at the contents of the paper bag and couldn’t help but stun. These were the products endorsed by the two protagonists.

Even at a discounted price, they would add up to nearly a thousand. It seems that the organizer have really invested a lot of money.

He looked around and didn’t see the investor coming out. The brochures received had the investor’s name printed on them, True Dream Entertainment?

Reporter Sun heard the name of the company for the first time. He sent a message to the group and asked, and everyone didn’t get the gossip.

Only one person found the legal representative—Lin Meng?

This name sounded quite neutral, and it was not possible to know gender through it. Was this person the golden master of the legendary Song Jiao?

At the back office. Lin Meng, who was suspected to be a man and a golden master, was looking at the cell phone and asking Ning Qi: “Why does our official blog only have 80,000 followers?”

She didn’t know much about these. But she searched for other official teleplay blogs, those with at least hundreds of thousands of fans.

“When the press conference is over, we will start to send out promotional videos. At that time, Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao will repost them; the subsequent reposting lottery activities are also scheduled, and they will be released one by one according to the promotion process of the teleplay.”

Lin Meng nodded with satisfaction. What she was most satisfied with was the cost of the announcement.

Buying an open screen advertisement and then buying a hot search, one or two million evaporated. In the past few days alone, the preparations for this conference were almost ten million.

But even so, today she was still Without·Losing·Money·Lin.

She didn’t know how Ning Qi worked. The cooperative video site was very optimistic about this web teleplay. Although it adopted a cooperative method of account sharing, exclusive broadcast rights sold a lot of money.

Probably only after this web teleplay aired a few episodes, the subsequent publicity continued to throw money. Then it was possible to start running on the road to losing money.

“This is the scheme for reposting blogs to get lucky draw chances.” Ning Qi passed a piece of paper in the past.

Lin Meng glanced and thought it was interesting: “How about we add some more money?”

Started again! Ning Qi resolutely rejected this unreasonable request: “The website has a limit on the amount invested in the event. These are already a lot.”

The press conference started on time, and Lin Meng and Ning Qi stopped talking about work. Under the guidance of the staff, they took their seats at the pre-arranged seat.

[The live broadcast officially started (unofficial live broadcast), the link to the guide. 】

[Before clicking the link. I thought that web teleplay, which was doomed to fail, also dared to broadcast live. After clicking on the link …

Are you okay? How a web teleplay conference that was destined to fail felt more advanced than the wedding scene. 】

[I smell the money. So is Song Jiao’s golden master solid? 】

[Production company people came out. True Dream Entertainment, legal person Lin Meng … Man or woman? Anxiously awaiting the appearance of investors. 】

The person who broadcasted live was a fan of Yu Yuanxing, who got a chance by drawing. Although the position was forward, the angle was not very good. The fan used cell phone to shoot, and the picture was awful.

Fans who could not see the full picture had to swipe the screen to ask the anchor who could confirm the actual situation with the naked eye.

After the appearance of Lin Meng, the live broadcast barrage was once cleared. During this time, thye said the Venus Entertainment’s little princess Song Jiao asked the golden master to share Yu Yuanxing resources.

Most of them were current audiences. On the contrary, people who were not fans in the live broadcast dared to speak.

[Wait, this Lin Meng is a woman! A pretty sister! So who said Song Jiao found a pot-bellied golden master? 】

This was supposed to be very eye-catching news. But after a while, netizens who were still watching the live broadcast were stunned by the huge amount of information passed out by the press conference, and gave a neat question mark.

Was there anything wrong with this teleplay?

[I’m dizzy. Was the host talking like a human being? Dubbing actors were the ones with the highest prices in the circle that everyone knows now;

The post-production company was able to make special effects for Hollywood movies; The theme song was composed by City H’s biggie;

The ending song invited last year’s annual golden songwriter to create. They called it a small-cost urban romantic light comedy? 】

[I really suspected that the investor was a coal boss or an oil tycoon. When they bought ads a few days ago, I thought it was rare and generous for Venus Entertainment. Now think again, it turned out that the investor was rich.

I can’t help but question my soul. You have so much money, what’s wrong? Go invest in big IP! You can invest in a fantasy drama, why invest in a romantic light comedy? 】

[Surprised, have you seen the trailer? Helicopters, racing cars, sports cars, jewelry, horse racing … I felt my eyes were going to be blinded.

Are these genuine? I have become accustomed to shooting protagonists to drive 2X million cars and live in luxury homes. This time, it looked really good. 】

[I came back from shock to continue to broadcast the content. The trailer has been updated on Weibo.

After that, there will be a series of reposting blogs to get lucky draw chances. Now it is the media reporters’ interview and fans interaction.

Song Jiao said that she wore the most expensive necklace in the teleplay, a single 4 million. She put my house on her neck! 】

[I suspect the crew was bragging. Really, the director said that the clothes, jewelry, and accessories inside are all real. I don’t believe it.

I have seen the pictures of this teleplay and sent a link. At that time, a slippery men were laughing at it. Some people said that Yu Yuanxing was not like a prince in a dragon robe! 】

Chapter 4 Part 2

But contrary to his talent, to describe Gu Dong with “common appearance” can be regarded as praise to him.

Although he hadn’t had any hardships, he was born with dark skin, and he was very thin, like he came back after just three months of moving bricks under the hot sun.

About Zhuang Sisi, she was pretty beautiful in her first two years in high school. It was only later that she became ill.

After taking the medicine for a few years, her weight broke through the 180-pound mark. The original beautiful face was no longer visible.

In recent years, although there have been many draft shows, they tend to choose idols. Their looks couldn’t even pass the resume, let alone on the show.

They went to school step by step like ordinary people. Now they were all ordinary employees of small companies. Occasionally they would do part-time singing at night to earn extra money.

Yu Yuanxing noticed that Lin Meng was stupid and rich-oh no, it was well-funded. He heard Director He said that the opening song and ending song have not yet settled on the singer.

He hesitated to send Lin Meng the music they wrote and covered in the past two years and made recommendations.

He didn’t have much confidence. However, he did not expect Lin Meng to be attracted by their song and decided to sign the two.

Ning Qi was very disapproving. He felt that these two people were not likely to be commercialized. Now the fan economy was popular. The level of appearance can make many people eliminated.

For Lin Meng, commercialization was not her pursuit.

Others invested a million dollars and wanted to earn at least a million dollars back. She invested a million dollars in the hope that the money would become zero.

Anyway, she would lose money. why not realize the dreams of others and help her appreciate the good voice?

[Lin Meng: ^ _ ^ I like their voices very much. Good voices deserve respect. I think there will be people who appreciate them as much as I do. Hard work for you. 】

Ning Qi, who was still working in the office, froze when he saw the information. Then he smiled unconsciously on his face.

Through this period of contact with President Lin, he can feel that President Lin is a person full of “idealism.”

She did not deny his ability to work because the entertainer he had brought before was an inferior entertainer.

She did not give up《Love You Before Tomorrow》. Although everyone was not optimistic about its future.

she did not judg a person on the basis of commercialization like people who have been in the circle for a long time.

Of course, the premise of idealism was to have money. Ning Qi knew that Lin Meng’s wealth now displayed was just the tip of the iceberg. Her idealization would not lead to excessive losses.

Just like the name of their company-True Dream Entertainment.

They were not dreaming, they were dreaming come true, they were realizing the idealist dream of President Lin.

Although he was no longer an impulsive young man. But when he thought of these, he still could not help but full of energy.

Ning Qi notified the newly-launched secretary to contact Gu Dong and Yang Sisi, and he started a new round of plans. He was willing to “impulse” again. Who said that only commercial stars can make money and become famous?

He was also a gold medal agent, who could turn waste into treasure, turning stone into gold.

Feng Liangliang, who had just watched the live broadcast at this time, was curious to ask Lin Meng the name of the registered company.

[Lin Meng: The meaning of creating beautiful dreams. You used to say that you chase the star because he gave you a dream? 】

Feng Liangliang was so touched that she sent a lot of kiss pictures.

Feeling the excitement of the friend on the cell phone, Lin Meng became guilty.

The name actually had another meaning—the dream of spending money. She dreamed that she would spend all her money one day.

But it didn’t need to be told to them openly.

“Be careful, take it lightly!” Wen Xiaofu just got out of the car and carefully took the list in turn to the things that the workers moved down, for fear of missing one. After all, she bought these things, and she knew how much spent.

The butler in charge of the docking was docking with Wen Xiaofu and led people to the house.

The first time she visited the houses, she couldn’t help but look around as soon as she entered. The interior decoration of the house took the industrial style, and the lines seemed tough, which was different from the European style and Chinese style that were usually used.

As soon as her eyes moved to the sofa, Wen Xiaofu couldn’t help but hesitate. This was the first time she had seen President Zhu’s wife.

Wen Xiaofu didn’t dare to look too brazen, she could only look carefully, and her emotions were complicated.

No matter from which perspective, the woman in front of her was as pretty as a picture. She was nearly thirty years old, but there were no traces of years on her face.

Lin Meng’s temperament was much softer than she thought, and she looked completely non-aggressive.

“You are Secretary Wen?” Lin Meng was not deaf, she had noticed the movement outside.

The first time a strange woman appeared, she didn’t need to guess and knew who she was.

Lin Meng didn’t need to be careful to converge her eyes. She looked at other party brightly, and later she had a strong aversion to Wen Xiaofu.

Wen Xiaofu was elegant. She was beauty at second sight. She wore a black normal set, and although her figure was not bootylicious, she did not appear to be thin. The key was the temperament of the entire person–

It’s really similar to Lin Meng.

That gentle and good-natured look was too much like Lin Meng, when Lin Meng was a student, who hadn’t experienced entrepreneurship.

” Mrs. Zhu, I’m really embarrassed last time. I read your name on the note. I didn’t recognize you without any other information.”

Lin Meng was surprised for a moment.

Was she worried? Why did she think that sounded so unpleasant?

“It doesn’t matter.”

Wen Xiaofu leaned over and handed the list in hand: “Mrs. Zhu, this is the gifts that President Zhu bought this time. Here is the list.”

Lin Meng took it at hand, but she just glanced at it casually, but unexpectedly saw her familiar name: “The front …”

She counted it slightly: “I remember buying these six classic bags.”

she usually didn’t remember the brand name on purpose. The reason why she remembered it was because most of her classic models-that is, the bags that make people recognize the brand at a glance-were all loaned to the crew.

Ning Qi and He Fangming were very careful and made a list for her, otherwise how could she know what the bags were called?

Wen Xiaofu responded instantly and apologized immediately: “Sorry, Mrs. Zhu. Maybe I missed the list, I’m really sorry …”

This statement sounded quite fun. These were not new products, and it was easy to think that she already owned them.

But Lin Meng didn’t plan to pursue: “It’s all right.”

In the final analysis, it was Zhu Yushen who was unconscious. She had known for a long time that Zhu Yushen would buy things by letting the secretary buy them back.

Just like the wedding anniversary of a previous year, she specially dressed herself from top to bottom with gifts from Zhu Yushen, but unfortunately he didn’t recognize anything.

“Thank you, I’m really sorry.” Wen Xiaofu was still apologizing, and her pitiful look was distressing.

Lin Meng suddenly remembered and asked, “Is he back from the United States?”

She was busy with her work during this time. Unlike the previous days, she did not notice that fifteen days passed in the blink of an eye.

“He’s back, didn’t he tell you?” When Wen Xiaofu’s words fell, she consciously made a mistake and explained with a little horror, “We just got off the plane. There was a major omission in the operation of the company’s new game. President Zhu immediately went to the company for a meeting. After the meeting, he would take a short break. In the afternoon, he would go to Nancheng for a business trip …”

“Well, I get it.” Lin Meng smiled mildly and wasn’t angry at all.

However, Wen Xiaofu was a bit scared. After apologizing, she hurried away.

Lin Meng has already put away half of the script she just saw. She told Ning Qi that she wanted to invest in a new project.

The other party helped her get over a dozen scripts through resources, which she has been watching for the past few days.

Through the window, she could see Wen Xiaofu getting on the car.


How did she feel that this Wen Xiaofu was different from what she dreamed of? Not so simple, kind, and as white as white lotus.

It seemed as if every word she said had ulterior motives.

“Madam, do I need to pick out the duplicate bags and put them in another place?” The butler just heard the conversation, and asked respectfully.

“Well, pick them out, I’ll deal with them separately.”

In the forum, the topics that have been put on hold for less than a month have been re-raised, and new posts have sprung up one after another.

[Extremely, I have watched WeiBo and DY open for three consecutive days, all of them were “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Was that investor not afraid of losing money? 】

[The hottest propaganda in history, have you seen the countdown to buying a WeiBo hot search ad spot before the web teleplay starts? 】

[A text version of the live broadcast of “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Feel free to insert floor. 】

Chapter 4 Part 1

Main building of the forum posted a news link, and the three funny facial expressions that followed were quite meaningful.

The news just came out and not many people paid attention to it, but after some people clicked into the post and watched the news, they left a sentence of fuck.

[Wait, fans of Yu Yuanxing were not fighting? Originally a web teleplay resource, now it has changed from acting with famous actress to cooperating with members of the company’s idol group. Could they bear it? 】

[Obviously, fans of Yu Yuanxing were not happy. Venus Entertainment had to hold that idol. What could he do as an employee? After all, he signed a long-term contract. 】

[… No, I’ve never heard of such a junk project that shocked the world. Unknown original book + chief actress left halfway through + production company closed down. Maybe only the gods could save it? 】

[Let me explain to you. The original production company Zhong He Entertainment sold this project, I don’t know which fool is taking over this project now.

Congratulations to Wu Yuedi for breaking away from the bitter sea. Actors don’t have to compare with idols. 】

[Sale? Didn’t everyone say that the recent film and television industry is in a slump? “Love You Before Tomorrow” not a big IP, right? Did anyone even take over such a project? 】

[Then I do n’t know ~ Anyway, I heard people in the industry say that it was taken over by an investor who was not in the circle before. Maybe someone’s godfather?

Otherwise, why was this person so stupid to invest money? Without Wu Yuedi starring, can this project’s income be halved? Or did this investor think that two idols’ fans can bring huge views? Laugh. 】

More and more people participated in the discussion, the water also became muddy, and the rumors became true.

On the same day, many online marketing accounts posted posts, linking up with the so-called “top secret gossip in the entertainment industry,” all they use were code names.

[Little Star and Big Rich met in the entertainment industry. Little Star was pure and young. She had never had a gossip, and it caught Big Rich’s heart.

Big Rich was real rich. He saw Little Star suffering from no acting resources, so he spent a lot of money and decided to make a special project for her.

Coincidentally, there was such a news in the circle that Transverse Flute had to cross the ocean to gild. The teleplay on her hand could not continue. When Big Rich heard it, he immediately took over the project and pushed Little Star to the lead role of the actress.

The partner was the same company’s actor. There will be a series of follow-up publicity. I don’t know if Big Rich’s sincerity on Little Star can be repaid. I hope that Little Star will not be like the Roses before, leave as soon as it bloomed. 】

Lin Meng looked at the cell phone like an elderly person. After reading the article for a while, she just felt very confused.

What was Little Star? What was Big Rich? Why couldn’t she understand a gossip public account?

Her cell phone had WeChat voices, and at the moment with the speaker on, Feng Liangliang’s voice seemed very loud in the quiet room: “Mengmeng, have you finished watching?”

Lin Meng told the truth: “… I don’t understand, what is this?” She speculated from her previous experience, “Is your idol smeared again?”

Feng Liangliang laughed loudly, and the more she laughed, the more loudly she spoke. “My God! Didn’t you see it? It’s you!”

“About me?”

“Yes! It is you, our Big Rich Lin Meng.” Feng Liangliang explained with a smile, “This Little Star refers to Song Jiao, the Transverse Flute is Wu Yuedi. This gossip is the hottest gossip recently, and the forums are all high-rise buildings. They said that as a golden master, you spent a lot of money to make Song Jiao the heroine! “

Lin Meng was speechless, she … she was so wronged!

First, she didn’t support Song Jiao, which was sent by Venus Entertainment at a discount.

Secondly, if she really lost money, she would be happier, but she clearly didn’t spend any money.

Feng Liangliang wiped away the tears of laughter: “It’s okay, I just want to tell you. Would you like to arrange for Ning Qi to send you an announcement to clarify? But it doesn’t matter if you don’t clarify, this is also regarded as project publicity.”

“I’m really curious who the people in this circle are. Rumors that you and Yu Yuanxing are okay, say Song Jiao? I’m afraid they didn’t even know you’re a woman.”

“I’ll talk to Ning Qi later.”

“Well, I won’t talk to you!” Feng Liangliang’s voice on the other side of the phone suddenly became urgent. “My idol is broadcasting live, bye!” She said nothing, just hung up, clean and neat.

Lin Meng smiled helplessly, and was about to send a message to Ning Qi. The other party first sent hundreds of words of text description and chat records.

Ning Qi said that Venus Entertainment ’s public relations staff had contacted him and asked if she could not clarify first. After the web teleplay was officially launched, they would make a unified clarification.

Song Jiao went to school in the past two years, the workload has been reduced a lot, and the heat has also been lost. The PR was prepared to take this opportunity to warm up.

Lin Meng thought about it and agreed. Anyway, it didn’t affect her.

Ning Qi sent another message to confirm that he asked Lin Meng if she really wanted to sign Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, and whether the opening and ending tunes of “Love You Before Tomorrow” should be handed over by them.

If she confirmed, he would transfer the production and signing fees.

Lin Meng was able to see from the lines of Ning Qi’s words that he implied dissuasion. She could understand. Ning Qi used his vision to consider the commercialization of the two singers that Lin Meng appreciated.

After all … these two, apart from the amazing singing voice, were really not that good-looking.

Gu Dong and Zhuang Sisi were former band members of Yu Yuanxing’s high school band. One was a guitarist, the other was a keyboard player. They simultaneously had a certain original ability, and their unique singing voices.