Chapter 3 Part 2

Wen Xiaofu quietly moved her eyes to Zhu Yushen.

Zhu Yushen was profound in features and handsome.

He looked a little cold when he was expressionless.

However, Wen Xiaofu has never seen Zhu Yushen angry since she joined the company.

Even sometimes, because she was unskilled and made small mistakes that did not affect the overall situation, Zhu Yushen just reminded and would not blame.

Secretary Wang told her that Zhu Yushen was a good boss when she took over her job.

It was true, and he was a rare good man.

“Secretary Wen.”

“President Zhu, what’s the matter?” Wen Xiaofu then looked back, smiling embarrassed.

Zhu Yushen recalled, but didn’t think of it: “Last time I went abroad, what did Secretary Wang buy?”

This was what Wen Xiaofu was most envious of. She quickly turned to the memo: “When you went abroad last time, Secretary Wang bought new GUCCI autumn and winter products. The main categories are clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.”

“Well, then you choose two brands this time and buy the new one.” Zhu Yushen explained, “Secretary Wang has a list to make, don’t buy duplicates.”

“Okay.” Wen Xiaofu immediately took down the task, her eyes were full of envy.

In the work that Secretary Wang handed over to her, in addition to company-related matters, all about the wives was the purchase of gifts.

Every time President Zhu went out, he would pack a bunch of things and return them to his wife.

So many luxury goods have been piled up, right?

Zhu Yushen asked again, “She called in the morning, did she say anything?”

Wen Xiaofu showed guilt. “I read the note. I don’t know that name is your wife. She may be unfamiliar with me and just hang up without saying anything.”


Zhu Yushen looked at the cell phone for a long time, until the sound of notification of boarding came, and the screen did not light up again.

Forgot it, he decided to deal with it after he came back. Was there any inexplicable temper in his wife?

Lin Meng stood by the window, watching the crew outside the window busy, filming with great enthusiasm, holding the script in his hand, his eyes confused.

Lin Meng stood by the window and watched the crew working outside the window. With the script in her hand, her eyes were confused.

She couldn’t figure it out. Why did things suddenly develop like this?

“President Lin, what do you … need to call the insurance company?” Ning Qi just entered the house and asked hesitantly. “Otherwise it’s a little uninsured.”

Ning Qi was in his early forties this year. He was not thin and had a kind face.

Lin Meng asked, “What?” The doubt in her eyes did not falsify.

Ning Qi sighed. He was fortunate to be lucky. He met a good boss with a high salary and no discount on various inputs. On the other hand, he was really worried about meeting such a careless boss.

“Love You Before Tomorrow” crew filmed the location now, which was one of the lake view villas in the suburbs under Lin Meng’s name.

Even the main actors’ clothes, accessories, and luxury cars parked outside were all provided by Lin Meng.

Ning Qi had a lot of fashion resources for the entertainer he was in charge of before, and he knew it. After rough calculation of the price of these things, he couldn’t help but utter a word.

“No, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken, there’s a lot at home.”

There were quite a lot. Ning Qi still remembered that he and He Fangming, the stylist of the crew, the props and other people opened the door of the villa that was used as the Lin Meng storeroom to look at each other.

Almost they were blinded by “money”.

If it wasn’t for Lin Meng’s toughness, they would all plan to close the door and turn around,

They used these to make a web teleplay that didn’t know the future. Were they crazy or was the world crazy?

Ning Qi was very helpless to his money-willful boss, and had to start a new topic: “President Lin, Wu Yuedi’s liquidated damages have been reached in the account, and the crew’s expenses will be spent from the inside. If there is a surplus …”

Lin Meng turned her head, looked at Ning Qi, and finally couldn’t help showing a depressed expression.

She was really too difficult.

Who would have guessed that the day before Wu Yuedi started the crew, that was the day she signed the contract, she auditioned for the NO.3 actress in a Hollywood blockbuster.

She needed training in advance, and Wu Yuedi refused to promise to come back and finish filming less than half a month.

She took the initiative to cancel the contract, not only returned the film payment, but also paid a high penalty, a total of 12 million.

Ning Qi didn’t know Lin Meng’s inner activities. He thought Lin Meng was unhappy, and he comforted her: “President Lin, don’t worry. The actress we signed now, although her acting skills are average, but she looks good and has a lot of fans … “He racked his brains for consolation.

Add insult to injury.

The chief actor Yu Xingyuan’s company had a lot of opinions on the increase in shooting time. When they heard the chief actress resigned, they came up with a wonderful package plan.

They sent Song Jiao, a popular member of the company’s well-known girl group, to sign a contract at a low price.

Among them, Ning Qi also analyzed for Lin Meng. Although Song Jiao was studying at the Film Academy, she never received any decent teleplays resources.

The company was resolute and would never allow its own entertainer to play supporting roles, so their web teleplay became a personal opportunity.

“I know.” Lin Meng sighed quietly, and she was troubled when the money could be spent.

She could receive the financial statements from Ning Qi, a part-time supervisor every day. Seeing the shrinking expenses, she felt like a knife cut.

Song Jiao and Yu Xingyuan were both trainees. They only became popular in the past few years. They were tightly controlled by the company and had fewer requirements for the crew.

Wu Yuedi had to live in the presidential suite, dining car service … And her own staff who was comparable to a strengthened company, half of the daily expenses of the crew were on her. Now that she was gone, this expense was gone.

Ning Qi continued: “The director asked me to ask you if you have any comments on the script.”

Wu Yuedi left, and the script was changed back to the original version-to be precise, a refined version of the collaboration between He Fangming and the screenwriter.

The show of abusing expenditures was changed into an indoor show by him as much as possible, which saved money to the extreme.

“Yes, you ask director He not to be so stingy. I remember there were helicopter footage in the script before? Why delete it?” Lin Meng took it seriously. “We’re going to do the big scene. There were also racing footage, right? Add them all. “

“… Okay.” Ning Qi nodded, and crossed out the wealthy fools that quickly came out of his heart, and changed to excellence. President Lin pursued perfection, he knew.

“But even if you add these, it should be able to shoot in half a month.”

Lin Meng: “So fast?”

Ning Qi nodded. He didn’t say everything to Lin Meng. Lin Meng tried hard to disagree when choosing a late stage company.

Lin Meng, under the persuasion of Director He and him, persistently selected companies with high prices in the industry. Of course, that company also did fine work.

The problem was … people who were willing to spend this money generally invested hundreds of millions of masterpieces, or those with special effects.

They were an urban love drama, 80% of which was an indoor drama. Why did they want such expensive post-production?

Overspending here, they had to save from other places. He Fangming and Ning Qi discussed it. The materials that could be used before were used as much as possible.

If it didn’t work, the industry’s strongest late stage company was absolutely good at cutting picutre out.

“And there is … the next publicity work. In the previous plan of Zhong He Entertainment, the publicity investment was 200,000.” Ning Qi saw this number and knew that Zhong He Entertainment had no intention to do this teleplay in heart.

Even those who bought paid forum posters could only buy cheap ones, not to mention hot search and Marketing Public Account.

As soon as Lin Meng heard it, she knew that the opportunity to spend money was coming again: “It’s too few. Go according to the highest standards, and you can show me a budget. Find more companies and spend the money you need.”

Was this the money to spend, boss? Ning Qi shouted silently in his heart.

Lin Meng added: “This is the first teleplay I have invested in, no matter what the results are, I hope we will not be perfunctory in the process. The first teleplay I invested in, I must leave a good word of mouth.” She looked for a fair Reason, she was very satisfied.

“I see.” Ning Qi sighed, and following a generous boss was better than a stingy boss. In short, his ability as a gold broker was not fake. He would help to get the job done and try to get the boss to make more and lose less.

The director just shouted action outside the window–

Yu Xingyuan was like a zombie, straightened his hand, and remained motionless.

The stylist and props rushed up with the boxes as fast as possible. They didn’t even look at Yu Yuanxing, and carefully took off the watch on his wrist.

Song Jiao on the other side received the same treatment. The necklace that had just been taken off her neck was kept intact in the box.

There were jewellery care workers next to them, who brought their tools and were ready to wipe the necklaces that had come in contact with cosmetics.

“… So exaggerated?” Although not the first time watching, Lin Meng was shocked by the crew’s operation.

Director He took care of her things to the extreme. Last time when the crew borrowed her diamond-studded Lamborghini, she also saw Director He repeatedly checking with the staff on the ground, for fear of losing a diamond.

“Of course.” Ning Qi nodded, knowing that the price of each of the pieces that have just been removed was close to four or five million. He was really nervous.

Maybe the first film crew in the history, the total price of a single product on the actor may be higher than the cost of the actor?

Idols like Yu Xingyuan and Song Jiao were still very popular online.

In the past two days, the news of Song Jiao’s official appearance in “Love You Before Tomorrow” came out, and the forum quietly set up a high-rise building.

[Let’s gossip about a certain web teleplay. An idol replaced the role of the future A-lister actress. Have you seen this magic operation before?】

Chapter 3 Part 1

“Hello President Lin, this is He Fangming.”

Lin Meng and Feng Liangliang returned home after finishing the SPA. President Li was more anxious than anyone.

In the afternoon, he prepared a series of work and specially sent the documents to the beauty salon for signing.

When the contract was signed, Lin Meng called and asked the financial consultant to transfer 20 million yuan, but once she remembered the huge number of property in her name …

Well, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard.

As soon as she entered the house, He Fangming’s phone came. Lin Meng relaxedly leaning on the bed to answer the call.

“I just got a call from Mr. Ning.” He Fangming was excited. He watched Lin Meng enter the door of Feng’s Entertainment in the afternoon, and he thought he was resigned. He did not expect to be notified before dinner.

Ning Qi was introduced by Feng Yan, who used to be the head of a studio in the industry and has strong abilities.

It was a pity that the company’s entertainer did not know how to make progress. The entertainer Ning Qi signed was caught when he was whoring, and the entertainer was directly blocked.

Other companies have suspected that he was a bit “unlucky”, and he has been unemployed so far.

Lin Meng wasn’t afraid. She hoped that Ning Qi could bring more ‘unlucky’ to the newly opened company.

“Well, you can return to work. I don’t know much about these, and I’m still in the process of learning. Ning Qi will communicate with you.” Lin Meng answered casually, but actually had a headache.

She also realized that there was still a lot of work for the crew to run. In order to make the surface work better, she had to learn more about it.

He Fangming: “President Lin, I really appreciate you!” There was a little excitement in his voice.

“Just shoot the teleplay with your heart.” Lin Meng was a little diffident, and she couldn’t say: Just shoot whatever you want. Anyway, I only want to lose money. She didn’t want to leave others with the impression that she was stupid and rich.

He Fangming thanked Lin Meng several times and hung up after he had nothing to talk about.

Lin Meng didn’t know, that after she hung up the phone. He Fangming, who was sitting in the stalls with his friends, sent out his ambitions.

“Toast! We have to finish this teleplay well, thanks to President Lin for her help.” He raised his glass and was very moved by Lin Meng’s timely help.

The cameraman on the opposite side was He Fangming’s friend from college to the present. His eyes flickered: “Is there any idea in your mind? This teleplay…” Everything was silent.

The face-chapped chief actor, the crazy chief actress who changed the script, and the rough set. Ah, was there really any help?

He Fangming’s face froze, and he couldn’t help glaring at his friend.

If the shit was covered with gold paper before, this time he will wrap the shit with the most expensive gold foil!

He avoided this topic: “Also, we must save money. President Lin has already invested so much money, we can’t make her lose! Anyway, we have shot many small-cost teleplays. We are professional in saving money! ”

“Okay, it’s simple.” People who ate together laughed. Most of today’s teleplay used a lot of money to hire actors. For them, saving money was a basic ability.


Lin Meng, who has just finished applying the facial mask, was looking at the cell phone at this moment. She had a mocking smile on her face.

Just now, her busy husband Zhu Yushen, sent her a message.

[Zhu Yushen: Are you planning to invest in the entertainment industry? 】

[Lin Meng: Yeah. 】

She turned the chat record up and down, and the green message bubble on her behalf was always a long paragraph, and the white chat bubble always appeared sporadic, usually only a few words.

One was chanting, the other responded copingly.

[Zhu Yushen: Do you need my help? 】

[Lin Meng: No. 】

She deleted the word “Liangliang’s brother will help” typed in the dialog box word by word. She didn’t need to explain.

[Zhu Yushen: OK. 】

Lin Meng stood by the floor-to-ceiling window. She closed her eyes, calmed herself, and took a deep breath to adjust her mood.

[Zhu Yushen: I am at the airport and I will go to the United States for half a month. 】

Suddenly inserted the topic, Lin Meng understood.

This is not the first time. In the world of Zhu Yushen, there has never been such a statement of “reporting”.

He said this earlier than before. Sometimes he was out of the country before he sent a message. This was the right that Lin Meng had fought after she had quarreled with him.

If in the past, Lin Meng has now responded to a bunch of caveats. Even if she did n’t have to worry about it at all, the city temperature and the latest local news would be clear.

[Lin Meng: Hum. 】

She turned off the cell phone screen and didn’t look at it.

As for whether Zhu Yushen took Wen Xiaofu, would the relationship heat up, and she didn’t want to care. Or at least now, she didn’t dare to care.

“President Zhu, your coffee.” Wen Xiaofu placed the coffee on the left-hand side of Zhu Yushen, sitting squarely opposite him.

The two were waiting in the VIP room.

As the general secretary, she accompanied Zhu Yushen to the United States to handle the affairs of Linshen’s branch in the United States.

There were also several staff members who were traveling with them, were sitting on sofas not far away.

“Thank you.” Zhu Yushen took a sip of coffee and stared at the cell phone.

He was a little puzzled and didn’t understand what happened to Lin Meng.

Chapter 2 Part 2

Lin Meng laughed: “I’m sure. If I lose money this time, I will listen to our military officer Feng in the future.” She apologized to her friend in heart. Even if she did, she would only keep up.

Feng Liangliang stared at her friend for a while, and saw that Lin Meng was very firm, so she had to wave her hand: “Okay, I give in to you. You take this investment as if you bought a bag!”

She thought about it and added a sentence. “But you do n’t have to do anything by yourself. I have discussed with my brother. He will introduce you to a few people who know this. Or you may have been deceived.”

“Observe!” She was warm in her heart, Feng Liangliang always had such a knife-tofu heart, and thought for her.

Lin Meng pulled Feng Liangliang toward the office building where He Fangming was referring to, but couldn’t move, she looked at her in doubt.

Feng Liangliang said angrily: “Go to my brother first.I have already asked, and Zhong He Entertainment only has a front desk left there. The boss was afraid of being called for debt and would not come to the company long ago. You can’t find the boss now, let my brother find him for you.”

Lin Meng: “OK.”

Each took what he needed, and Feng Ye was the middleman. President Li from Zhong He Entertainment had a strict package, and he was wearing sunglasses and a mask. He went to a nearby teahouse to discuss the transfer with Lin Meng.

President Li came here temporarily. The material in his hand should have just been printed. It felt a little warm to the touch. He was very attentive when he saw Lin Meng and talked about the expenditure of the teleplay so far.

This “Love You Before Tomorrow” was a spin-off drama of an early romance IP novel they bought. The original was written early. At that time, the performance was average. It was packaged and sold by copyright agents, and the price was not high.

The crew of “a makeshift organization” didn’t spend much money, and most of the investment was spent on several major actors.

President Li rubbed his hands under the table and felt a little nervous. If he had no money, he would be accused in court: “Our company’s current investment is 30 million …”

“Thirty million?” Lin Meng frowned.

Feng Liangliang was right, the entertainment industry was a money-squandering den.

Feng Liangliang was anxious after listening. She just looked at the script and the plot is very out-dated. And look at the list of actors who signed the contract.

Ha, the one who spent the most money, was her idol’s deadly counterpart. He was well known, but his acting skills were very poor.

There was a sentence specifically used to describe him: “Just finding a wooden pestle there is better than Yu Yuanxing.”

The lead actress Wu Yuedi’s acting skills were pretty good, but the most famous thing she did in the entertainment industry was to change the script.

It said that every time she joined the group, she had to bring at least three screenwriters. She often changed her lines and changed the script to pieces.

“No!” She couldn’t help but interject. “Mr. Li, do you really think we are the fools? If this script is so good, why don’t you invest by yourself?”

President Li was embarrassed and said. “We have something wrong with the funding chain. This is really a good teleplay!” After hesitating, he stretched out his fingers. “Will a discount, 25 million?”

Wait, why did you start bargaining?

What Lin Meng didn’t say just now was: Great.

She thought of spending so much money in the entertainment industry, and was very confident. She felt that within two or three years, she could lose all her money. But how could 30 million become 25 million?

Seeing that Lin Meng was about to speak, President Li was a little panicked, fearing that the other party would see that the project was not so promising.

“Twenty million, can’t be lower.” President Li immediately answered. “The amount of money previously allocated by our company has reached 30 million, and 20 million is the bottom line. If it is not for the company in need of funds, I don’t transfer it at this price.”

… Lin Meng was very entangled in her heart. With just one blink of an eye, five million was gone.

Feng Liangliang nodded and whispered. “Would you like to cut again? With the follow-up investment, it should be solved by 30 million, and it will not lose much money.”

“Okay, President Li. We have a deal.” Lin Meng’s heart was bleeding.

She had a firm vision and was very decisive—

There must be no further delay. She had a hunch in her mind. If she procrastinates further down, President Li can make a “hop price.”

It’s hard to spend money.

Chapter 2 Part 1

As a participant, she regretted it very much.

Feng Liangliang looked at everything in front of her with a sad face, and she wished that she could go back in time and return to the past.

At this moment. Her best friend Lin Meng, was surrounded by a group of people, sitting not far in front of her.

Lin Meng was sitting in the only chair around them. The background of their talks was a few white cloth strips that were pulled apart at the back, and the words were written with thick red pens–

“Zhong He Entertainment was in arrears with the crew’s salary and lost all its goodness. Pay me back!”

“The owner of Zhong He Entertainment ran away, and ran away with the hard-earned money of the crew! Shameless company, concealed and deceived, the matter was revealed, you still do not know how to repent!”


Word by word, all accused Zhong He Entertainment of running away. There were a large group of people around, and it was not difficult to see what happened.

He Fangming was wearing a white T-shirt, with the words “Zhong He Entertainment” written in red. He drew a circle around the word and made a huge cross on it.

He was the director of “Love You Before Tomorrow” and one of the victims of this arrears of wages. He was sweating at the moment, and he was looking eagerly at the “quasi-golden master” like the sudden appearance of God.

Yes, he felt that Lin Meng was shining now!

“President Lin, do you mean, you want to invest in this web teleplay?” He Fangming rubbed his hands and looked forward with anticipation.

Didn’t talk about the dignity and self-esteem of a director, it has to have bread.

He was an unknown director who has been doing film and television drama work in the film and television city since graduating from college. There was no bright spot except for his academic background.

He took more jobs than many of his peers because he took the “small profits but quick turnover” route, received less money, and also highly cooperated with investors.

What was meant by cooperation?

The golden master could let an actor enter the crew, and the big star could modify the plot.

In short, He Fangming’s greatest ability was to pack shit into golden chocolate and launch it on the market. As for word of mouth, that had to be pursued after having money.

This “Love You Before Tomorrow” has been intermittently given money by Zhong He Entertainment, which has been filmed for four months.

The other party has been in arrears with salaries, which means that He Fangming has paid all his work for the past six months. Many staff members in the crew were friends he used to cooperate with, this forced yes-man He Fangming had to embark on the road to salary.

They have been sitting here for four or five days. People from Zhong He Entertainment have not appeared. It seemed that they didn’t care if the web teleplay could continue to be filmed.

But unexpectedly there was a turnaround, and their crumbling little crew was suddenly saved.

He Fangming also knew in his heart that this web teleplay he shot was just a small project among many projects of Zhong He Entertainment.

Zhong He Entertainment was too busy taking care of themselves. It seemed that they really wouldn’t pay them.

Lin Meng nodded: “Yes, I plan to invest it. Should I talk to Zhong He Entertainment?” She pointed across the road, there was a row of office buildings. Many entertainment companies have settled there.

However, a large-scale office like Feng’s Entertainment had a unique office building with its own practice room and recording room, etc; and companies similar to Zhong He Entertainment, usually rent one or two floors in the adjacent office building.

“Really?” He Fangming was overjoyed, and suddenly hesitated. This web teleplay has not been completely filmed yet. Due to the shortage of funds, there were many large scenes that were not filmed. He was a little sorry,”Would you like to know the script and the progress?” He regretted it immediately after speaking.

He Fang secretly prayed, afraid that the gold master was scared to run away.

“Really.” Lin Meng smiled.

This was what she wanted. The more Lin Meng saw the crew like the unfinished building, the more satisfied she was.

The director who was able to sit still and ask for salary in the opposite of the company must not be a well-known director. The company also abandoned the script, and it should not be a script that can produce good results.

As for the dispute between them, and the current shooting progress? Were these things important? She only knew, it could make her lose money.

Lin Meng got He Fangming’s contact information, asked for the address of Zhong He Entertainment, and then came out of the crowd with the expectation of a group of people.

When Feng Liangliang saw Lin Meng coming out, she pulled Lin Meng to her side with a black face, lowering her voice: “Mengmeng, why are you so impulsive?”

When she saw the eyes of the people behind her, she pulled Lin Meng across the road first, and secretly blame the innocent Feng Yan.

Blame her eldest brother for renting a parking lot opposite the company. If they went straight to the company, why would Lin Meng see this group of people?

Under the blessing of a strong friend filter, Feng Liangliang recognized Lin Meng as being beautiful and kind. It must be Lin Meng who saw these people being poorly paid and then reached out to help them.

“I just asked my brother, this crew is really bad!” Feng Liangliang worried, “Let my brother introduce you to a few crew? You invest together and then divide?”

Investing in other projects was like gambling, which may be profitable or lossable. Investing in this projects, the possibility of losing money was extremely high and it was possible to lose almost all costs.

“It’s okay, I think I have a relationship with this crew.” Lin Meng was righteous and not guilty, “You believe me. I have a hunch that this crew will not lose money.”

She looked like a priest, and did a classic gesture of fingering: “Trust me, there is no problem with guarantee.”

“Don’t tell me.” Feng Liangliang rolled her eyes. “Are you sure you really want to invest in this crew? My brother said that Zhonghe Entertainment’s funding chain has been broken. If you choose to invest in it, it is your wholly-owned, nobody share the risks with you.”

Chapter 1 Part 2

“You only know this now? Would you like to go? Staying at home every day will make you sick.”

“Since you invited me, I must go with you.” Lin Meng laughed. “But before that, I need your help. I need you to help me with an idea.”

“Me?” Feng Liangliang pointed to herself in surprise, she thought in disbelief: “How coud I help you with an idea. But … you say it first, maybe there is something I can help.

Feng Liangliang was very self-knowledge. She also knew better than Lin Meng in eating, drinking, and having fun. What could she do for Lin Meng?

“I’m in a bad mood recently. After thinking about it, I plan to spend money to buy happiness, but I don’t want to spend money without a plan. Would you give me an idea?” She held her chin and looked at Feng Liangliang.

“Are you serious?” Feng Liangliang was surprised, but she really could help!

Lin Meng drank coffee, no sugar and no milk, bitter taste all the way to her heart: “I’m serious. You know Zhu Yushen’s ability to make money, what do I save so much money for? It’s better to buy happy.”

After learning the plot in the novel, Lin Meng felt that Zhu Yushen had become unfamiliar. She never thought that the man she loved from a young age would derail their marriage. A man who let his wife clean out the door in the name of love.

She didn’t want this man. People who want him, just take him away.

But it was still early to say about divorce. She was narrow-minded and didn’t want to stop the loss in time. She just wanted to drag it first, so that they would be together in the name of marital infidelity.

As for the property, Lin Meng could not take it, and she also did not want to take it. But this did not mean that she was willing to let others spend a good life with her sweaty money.

She was fairer than “Zhu Yushen”. The other party had exclusive wealth in the novel, which made her go out of the house. And Lin Meng, she just wanted to spend money to make everyone poor. Was it fair?

Anyway, starting today, she will never save money for the dog-like man.

“Okay!” Feng Liangliang’s rule of life was to stand unconditionally with her best friend.

Wasn’t she happy spending money every day? When she used 100,000 yuan to increase the sales of albums for her idol, she also gained happiness.

Feng Liangliang proudly counted the various ways to spend money with her fingers. In her field, she was invincible!

“You asked me right.Listen to me one by one!”She took a sip of coffee and said in a pose.” I’m good-for-nothing. But on spending money, ten of my eldest brothers can’t compare to me!”

Feng Liangliang, who looked like an authority figure, quickly lay on the table like frosted eggplant: “… Mengmeng, are you bullying me?”

Almost all the ways she recommended to spend money were rejected by Lin Meng. Blame Zhu Yushen. Feng Liangliang’s belly was defamatory. She was afraid that this man had already brought all the gifts in the world to Lin Meng.

Bags all in, auction house jewelry, custom sports cars … Zhu Yushen almost bought everything she could think of. As for charity, stocks, and futures, Zhu Yushen had signed contracts with professionals early and was responsible for many years.

For the first time, Feng Liangliang found it difficult to spend money arbitrarily.

“I’m sour!” Feng Liangliang wrinkled her nose, and she deliberately sniffed, “Today I’m going to eat a lemon under a lemon tree! You’re almost a public punishment for a single dog like me ! “

Lin Meng’s smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes. Zhu Yushen has never been stingy in giving gifts. Whether it was a holiday or coming back after a trip, whether the weather was fine or not, he would definitely bring gifts to Lin Meng. Unfortunately, most of these gifts were blown into the cold palace and covered with dust.

For example, the custom-built diamond Lamborghini in the garage has never been out once since buying it.

Lin Meng thought, Zhu Yushen should have forgotten long ago. In college, she had a car accident. Since then, she has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in sports cars, not even riding.

Feng Liangliang racked her brains: “Let me think, I can think of it!”

Lin Meng: “… In fact, I don’t ask for much. It’s the kind that looks bright and can invest a lot of money, but it can’t bring much return afterwards.”

In fact, what she wanted was very simple. There was a good reason to spend a lot of money under Zhu Yushen’s eyelids, and then all of this money was thrown away.

Retelling the keywords provided by Lin Meng, Feng Liangliang flashed her mind: “I have it, I thought of it!”


Feng Liangliang was immediately smug: “Isn’t that the same as my family’s company?”

“You mean … invest in entertainment?”

Feng’s Entertainment was now managed by Feng Liangliang’s eldest brother. It was considered a behemoth in the entertainment industry.

“You’re so smart.” Feng Liangliang politely reached out and secretly pinched her girlfriend’s face. “When it comes to losing money, it’s the entertainment industry!”

She recalled that when the eldest brother sometimes brought her social intercourse, other entertainment company bosses complained: “The lay people think that the entertainment industry makes money fast, but they don’t know that the industry loses money faster. For any project, it is tens of millions or even Hundreds of millions of investments. After all, actors are now expensive to play, no more expensive than the most expensive. “

Feng Liangliang spread her hand: “No one can guarantee that the investment project will make money, let alone accidents often occur in the entertainment industry.” She gave an example, “For example, a high-priced actor, suddenly a scandal was blocked. Remakes are considered good luck! Not to mention policies, censorship …”

The more she counted, the more she regretted: “Would I introduce you to another project? The probability of losing money is too large!”

Feng Liangliang was still listening to someone at the dinner table last month. There was a film company that lost money on all films produced during the two-year period. After the company changed hands to creditors, the boss still carried debts!

“No, that’s it.” Lin Meng was very satisfied and noticed that Feng Liangliang was uneasy. She was busy explaining, “Just rest assured. If I really lose, I will stop it in time.”

“That’s good.” Feng Liangliang nodded, and she was relieved. “I’ll let my brother introduce you to the network anyway.”

Her friend has always been reliable, there should be no major problems. And she would help too.

However, Feng Liangliang did not know why, she always felt that her friend had a “killing intention” in the relaxed gentle smile on her face.

She must be wrong.

Chapter 1 Part 1

In the morning on weekdays, there were not many customers in the coffee shop. Lin Meng chose the location by the window, and the glass of the floor-to-ceiling window could not reflect her look clearly.

She looked away, not wanting to see her face clearly. She could imagine how wither she was now. After all, she had been having a “nightmare” for a week.

But, was this really a dream?

Lin Meng had a cell phone on her hand. She hesitated to put her hand on the cell phone, clenched and loosened, hesitated for a while. And finally she dialed the phone number that had always been at the top of the address book.

The call was connected, and some unfamiliar female voices came: “Hello, Ms. Lin, President Zhu is in a meeting. If you have anything, you can tell me first. I will help you to register and tell President Zhu later.”

Ms. Lin? This title made Lin Meng startled: “Who are you? Where is Secretary Wang?”

“Secretary Wang was transferred last week. I’m the new general secretary. My name is Wen Xiaofu. You can call me Xiao Wen.”

“Nothing. I’m sorry to disturb you.” Lin Meng hung up the phone in a hurry, and she had no time to consider any politeness.

She didn’t even know her husband had changed secretary. This was normal. After all, fifteen days have passed since Zhu Yushen returned home last time.

But what did this matter? The real chief actress has appeared, and the vicious supporting actress of “Dove occupies the nest” was obviously not qualified to know the news of Zhu Yushen.

“Mengmeng, what are you doing?” Feng Liangliang approached her best friend Lin Meng’s ear and deliberately patted Lin Meng’s shoulder to scare her.

“I ordered the Ice American Coffee for you.” Lin Meng smiled.

Feng Liangliang did beauty black. At this moment, she was wearing a black suspender leather skirt, just like a shining black pearl.

When she looked at Lin Meng, she showed a somewhat silly smile. Only in front of Lin Meng, she put away her sharp little paw.

Feng Liangliang’s eyes brightened, and she didn’t need to maintain any image in front of her best friend.

She started drinking as soon as she was seated, and squinted contentedly: “Dear, all my time belongs to you today.” She winked.

“Okay, you are mine today.” Lin Meng said in a light tone.

Lin Meng was the same as usual, but Feng Liangliang immediately found something wrong.

She frowned: “Why is your face so bad? Is your body uncomfortable? Even the foundation can’t cover your dark circles. Did Zhu Yushen make you angry?” If Lin Meng nodded, she would immediately go to fight with Zhu Yushen.

Feng Liangliang knew too much about Lin Meng. Lin Meng was most concerned about Zhu Yushen.

If someone in this world could really make Lin Meng eat less and sleep less. There would be only one murderer, Zhu Yushen!

But … Zhu Yushen and Lin Meng have been together for ten years. From school uniforms to wedding gowns, from started their company from scratch until the company went public, she never saw Lin Meng angry with Zhu Yushen.

Did Zhu Yushen marital infidelity?

This idea was just dispelled by Feng Liangliang as soon as it rose. This was absolutely impossible.Even if everyone in the world was sentenced to marriage, Zhu Yushen would not do so. For ten years, he was so clean that he never wore any scandals.

Lin Meng knew at a glance that Feng Liangliang was guessing blindly. She sighed in her heart, but smiled on her face: “Have you guessed wildly again? I have been in a bad mood lately and have nothing to do with him.”

She took the second sentence in her heart. We didn’t even see each other. How did we quarrel? Moreover, even if she was hysterical, Zhu Yushen would only be silent, how could people quarrel with wood?

“Really? “

Lin Meng nodded: “I won’t lie to you.”

Feng Liangliang believed: “Frighten me! Why are you in a bad mood?”

Come on, Lin Meng was a recognized life winner in their circle of friends.

The game company Lin Shen, founded by her husband and her, has already been listed. The daily flow of a single game was nearly 100 million. Although she was resting at home, her pockets were full and the assets registered in her name were countless.

She had money and leisure, her husband loved her, and her parents were healthy … Feng Liangliang could not find the reason why Lin Meng was unhappy.

“Is it …” Feng Liangliang subconsciously glanced at Lin Meng’s stomach. “Are you in a hurry to have a kid?” She clearly remembered that Lin Meng met her last time and said that she plans to consider fertility after 30 years old.

“No, I was in a bad mood for no reason.” Lin Meng was gentle as water. But in Lin Meng’s mind, it was not so light.

Lin Meng had a stubborn personality and wanted to solve everything by herself. Even with Zhu Yushen to the point where the marriage was about to break down, she never thought of complaining with Feng Liangliang. Not to mention it was now, especially since it sound so ridiculous.

What could she say? Told Feng Liangliang: “Hey, we live in a novel, your best friend– I am a vicious supporting actress in the novel.”

Even if Feng Liangliang trusted her, she would have to worry about her mental condition.

If not every detail in the nightmare this week was exactly the same as in reality; She should not have known about the transfer of Secretary Wang; And Wen Xiaofu, who had never heard the name, just appeared.

These episodes that appeared in the dream made her really unable to deceive herself.

The name of the novel she lives in was “The Highly Valuable Step-wife Of The CEO”. The wealthy president in the novel’s name referred to her husband Zhu Yushen.

The new secretary was Wen Xiaofu, the real chief actress of the world. And she was naturally a nasty vicious supporting actress in the novel, the ex-wife of the president who did not know how to cherish happiness.

The timeline of the novel was not very clear, but it shouldn’t take long for the story to be officially launched. After all, the chief actress has made a grand debut.

According to the plot, as an incomprehensible wife, she should be hysterical with him again and again during the busiest period of her husband, even threatening divorce to push Zhu Yushen to Wen Xiaofu completely.

After discovering all this, she would double into madness and give Wen Xiaofu a full range of attacks. Zhu Yushen, who was disappointed that she had lost her “last tenderness”, would divorce her indifferently and firmly, and live happily with Wen Xiaofu ever since.

“Mengmeng, why are you dazed? Are you uncomfortable?” Feng Liangliang lowered her voice. “Is menstruation coming?”

Lin Meng laughed. “No, I’m thinking about something.”

“Or … I’ll take you to a SPA, lie there and enjoy a good afternoon. The trouble will disappear immediately!” She was a timely hedonist, and whenever she got a chance, she began to make recommendations to her friend eagerly.

She has long been dissatisfied with Lin Meng’s way of living as a husband-in-law at home.

“I know you treat me well.” She was so glad that she still had such a friend, otherwise she should have been focusing on Zhu Yushen, and she should be at a loss now?

I Work Hard Every Day To Make My Husband Bankrupt

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Author: San Hua Xi Shi

Description: Lin Meng was an enviable noblewoman, and her life was perfect.

But a nightmare shattered her shiny shell. She was shocked that she had lived in the novel “The Highly Valuable Step-wife Of The CEO”. she was a vixen wife who did not support her husband’s career in the novel, always made a fuss and stopped trying to make further improvements. The affectionate husband Zhu Yushen would show affection to another girl after their divorce.

Lin Meng decided to get out of marriage and do her best to spend money, make her husband feel the smell of bankruptcy. But this profligate journey made her a famous Hand of Midas in the entertainment industry.

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