Chapter 35 Part 4

She wanted to show viewers who was always talking about the company of conscience, which was all about making money in a commercial film, and talking about conscience was all about fooling people.

But to her surprise, this silly President Lin actually accepted this project.

With domestic’s few art films’ independent theatres, and a handful of film festivals to boot, how could this film possibly pay for itself? It was basically equal to losing all the investment, okay?

When tens of millions investment losses, she couldn’t believe that Lin Meng wasn’t distressed.

Lv Daoyan laughed derisively. It was only a pity that the prepared online marketing accounts and the paid forum posters were no longer used, but the thought that Lin Meng would soon lose tens of millions of dollars, she could even eat an extra bowl of rice tonight.

Since the President Lin wanted to project such a “great image”, she had to do more to help build the building blocks. She has known many bad luck directors whose talents and hearts were higher than the sky.

If there were more and more excellent loss-making directors and scripts who came to the door… would this dream-making business continue to lose money and not stop?


The question of how to save money, everyone must have the answer, but the eight words of opening up the source and regulating the flow.

But how to lose money …

Lin Meng was lost in thought about the word “lose” written in the book sometime.

It was just a matter of regulating up the source and opening the flow.

“President Lin, Director Zhu and Director He are here.”

Lin Meng quickly closed the book and watched the two directors coming in together.

In fact, domestic directors were not as productive as imagined. The so-called seamless connection was actually not very common in the director industry.

Most directors were able to produce one work a year, and maintained the annual output, which has been counted as high production.

Some directors, even a film, could shoot for three or four years. The more famous the director, the lower the output.

During this time, the company has received many invitations for director He to direct teleplay.

The scripts sent were basically love dramas, or … large-scale water-filled love dramas.

This is also the usual practice of domestic now.

The love teleplay that could have been finished in 20 episodes, added a deputy CP, more than ten episodes. Then add a bit of misunderstanding, add a supporting role, and the forty episode of the romance teleplay came out.

He Fangming entered True Dream Entertainment, and he could not help but regain his reputation.

Seeing this kind of water injection script, he still couldn’t agree to shoot after thinking about it. During this time, he has been enriching himself.

Director Zhu Xufang also began to enter the rest stage after his previous high-intensity work. He was getting older and his physical strength was not as good as before. Lin Meng had originally thought about it. The next drama also gave Director Zhu a name. As an art director, he usually make a cup of tea and walk around for two rounds, then rest for a year and a half before going work.

Lin Meng got right to the point: “Director Zhu, Director He, I’m looking for you two to make arrangements for what to do afterwards.”

Witty as she was, it had already occurred to her that her biggest mistake before was to carry out only one project at a time. One project at a time, although there was the possibility of a total loss, but a loss of even more money was just one project. Once earned, the effort for that time was about equal to zero.

Of course, there were also reasons why early True Dream Entertainment was really not able to undertake several projects at the same time, but it was different today.

She had to make persistent efforts, learn lessons, change the original policies, and take a multi-pronged approach.

With more projects, the probability and progress of the loss will soon be faster?

“You should also know that the script of the Republic of China drama directed by Director Zhang Chenghu has recently been delayed. It is estimated that it will take a few months to complete. For the young director and screenwriter dreaming program recently started, the director’s work will be added to the plan. Director Pu Qiongcan is in charge. “

“So there is no work for you two now.”

Zhu Xufang took over the words: “I still have a few scripts on hand, but they are still semi-finished products.”

Chapter 35 Part 3

Then, when he was done, he dialed the number that existed in his address book and had never been contacted with excitement. His mood was very remembered at the moment.

“Hello.” A slightly older female voice rang over the phone.

“Director Lv! I am Pu Qiongcan, I wonder if you remember me?” He was excited and talkative and was trying to recap the scene from the last time the two met. After all, such a famous director as director Lv. She had met so many people that she probably didn’t remember him.

Lv Daoyan was originally careless, and suddenly sat up straight: “It’s you, I remember you, that’s …” Oops, she couldn’t remember the director’s work.

All she remembered was that this was a poor director who “had dreams” and was not at all down to earth.

She had seen so many poor directors like this that she wouldn’t have even saved the man’s phone number if it wasn’t for digging a hole for Lin Meng.

“That’s you! What’s wrong? Are you making progress on your film?” She fooled past.

Pu Qiongcan didn’t notice this, he was almost hand-waving through the call, “Director Lv, I really don’t know how to thank you for that!”

His voice was all a little hoarse: “You’re right, True Dream Entertainment is really the company that respects the director and screenwriter the most!” He nagged and talked like a wheel, and it took him half a day to explain things clearly.

Lv Daoyan understood, which summed up the minutes of ranting, but it was just one sentence.The President Lin of True Dream Entertainment decided to invest in this film…she couldn’t think of the film by name anyway.

Lv Daoyan smiled coldly in her heart, but the words he said seemed to carry a touch of happiness for Pu Qiongcan: “That’s really good, Director Pu, I’m happy for you too. I’m telling you, to someone as talented as you, it’s always going to be discovered. I hope your film shoot goes well and you get good results by then.”

Gee, could you get good grades?

“Director Lv, thank you so much, I…” The somewhat socially fearful Pu Qiongcan puffed up his courage. “I would like to treat you to a meal and thank you.” Although he didn’t have much deposits now, people would be grateful. If it wasn’t for director Lv, he would have to save money until he died to make his movie.

Of course, it was President Lin he was most thankful for!

“No, you can shoot film properly, that’s the biggest gift to me.” Lv Daoyan made a big deal out of it, and then hastily hung up the phone after casually fooling the stammering director for a few words.

She looked at the cell phone with a smirk on her face.

This time, Lv Daoyan was curious. President Lin, could her really be stupid? The so-called dream-maker that she portrayed on the Internet, was it true or not?

She was the one who had seen the film and ready script shot by Pu Qiongcan.

This director Pu…as a little director, he didn’t know how to be down-to-earth. The second film of the script was a big production.

LV Daoyan has made a number of small-budget art films, and she has a knack for estimating costs.

Pu Qiongcan had his own concept map in it, which he wanted. But the local scenes in the West Mountain, as anyone who knows anything about it knows, the more remote the countryside, the more money it often costs than in a movie town.

In the future, the filming would involve a surprising number of group performances, including the people who will appear on camera, the local people who may be involved, and a surprising number of group performances in the script – this group performance was not a normal group performance in the ordinary concept, it had to be the kind that can look like a “local”.

There were also live-action aerial shots. It was really a natural disaster …

Tsk, if they choose a more reliable actor, this kind of shooting, without 30 or 50 million, it can’t be solved.

Lv Daoyan would have thought that Lin Meng would not agree to the project. After all, the Pu Qiongcan director, not only did not care about the cost of writing the script, but also said that he did not want to send the film to foreign awards.

She was ready to go online and paint Lin Meng black, if the other party didn’t accept the project. As for whether the demeans would stand?

The press release went out and the conscience company’s image wavered, wasn’t that enough?

Chapter 35 Part 2

“Director Pu, this statement may be a little offensive. I watched the film you did earlier, ‘The Yak And The Mother River’, and I think your talent should be put to good use in the right place. I know you are working now.” The HR staff stood across from Lin Meng. These things cost money, she had to justify them.

“I hope you will resign as soon as possible so that you can devote yourself fully to the preparatory process of the film. Starting from this month, you will be paid at the rate of our ordinary director. I’ll have the HR staff contact you and you just give her the card number.”

“During the preparatory period, how could this ask for money! That’s what I’m supposed to do.” Pu Qiongcan had the self-awareness that he was not worthy, he was such a small director.

“A good film requires more than just a focus on the filming process, the prep is also important.” Lin Meng was telling the truth. With her in-depth understanding of the producer’s work, she more and more found that the really important work was often in places where she can’t see it.

Such as the simplest scene selection, styling, props … these did not seem to be no big deal, but they can often affect the details of a film.

“We’re investing not only in this film, but in you as the director. True Dream respects your talent, you should also respect your film and your talent.” Lin Meng’s voice was firm.

She didn’t see that the HR staff standing across from her was so full of little stars in her eyes that she almost immediately applauded.

“That’s good.” Lin Meng spoke to Pu Qiongcan again about the script changes.

“I…I get it!” Although Pu Qiongcan knew that Lin Meng couldn’t see him, the force with which he nodded his head almost knocked his head off, “President Lin, I will resign immediately. After that, I will concentrate on revising the script and report to the company!”

These words have summed up quite simply – True Dream Entertainment was not short of money, we could arrange any scenes and characters that we needed! As long as you dared to write and the script did not go awry, the company invested.

That’s a rich company.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Meng instructed the HR staff, “You need to set a standard for the treatment of young directors like this. Just follow … Director He Fangming’s usual base salary when he’s not working, and don’t lower it too much.”

“What’s more, Director Pu’s quality of life may be worse. Is there more office space available in our company now? Make arrangements with the financial side, find a few spare rooms and modify them to the standards of star hotels. The material must be used well and not have formaldehyde-like problems.”

HR staff took a small book and wrote down the notes carefully, one by one.

“When the time for Director Pu to come, you don’t let him to mention it, take the initiative and mention it so he can rest in the company. If anyone needs to work overtime in the future, they can stay here overnight. Of course, keep in mind that our company doesn’t allow work overtime without permission.”

“I got it!”

Lin Meng thought about it, “By the way, you should contact Director He and Director Zhu later to see if it’s convenient for them, so that they can arrange a time in the next two days to have a meeting with me at the company. That’s it.”

The HR staff confirmed that Lin Meng had no other orders, and went out with the book. The first thing she did as soon as she walked out the office door was pull out her cell phone and launch a message in a small chat group with no leader.

Although President Lin was nice, the leader was the leader. After all, such things as unleaded small chat groups were the happiness that employees only knew.

[HR staff dog: We at President Lin are too good. The water in West Lake is my tears, I just about cried! I can still worship President Lin for 10,000 years! She really is a particularly responsible person with a special respect for ideals!]

[HR staff dog: I feel like I’m really lucky to work at True Dream! I think everything I do makes sense.]

[HR staffdog: God, Buddha, and gods from all walks of life bless us True Dream Entertainment fortune! President Lin must not lose money! ]

Pu Qiongcan hung up the phone, still suppressing his excitement…and went to finish the photo shoot.

This was the job decided before, and he must abide by the agreement.

Chapter 35 Part 1

After doing a background check on director Pu Qiongcan, Lin Meng let go of her heart, which was necessary work.

But looking at the real life of the other party on paper, Lin Meng couldn’t help but be a bit speechless.

This Director Pu, was indeed a person from the West Mountain.

When Domestic was doing a one-to-one support program, he received support for tuition and living expenses, and he left West Mountain the year he went to college to start a big city life. Which was not easy for a poor boy.

After graduation, Pu Qiongcan embarked on a long career as a part-time worker.

About the experience, she didn’t even have to do any professional research, just typed Director Pu’s name into the search box, and yes, it was that simple.

Pu Qiongcan has used job search software such as Digital Co-City to download his resume online with one click.

He has done everything from sorters at courier points, staff at photography studios, photography at advertising agencies … and other professions related or not related to the film and television profession. Even now, still available online, he was working in a photography studio, mainly taking graduation photos of local elementary school students and making graduation documentaries.

The person who sent this material accompanied Lin Meng to see the end, the words she held in her heart came out: “Why don’t the director opened a studio himself?”

Lin Meng looked at her, just shook her head.

It was not impossible for a person who had a million to make a million; but for a person who didn’t have ten thousand, it might be difficult to make a thousand.

Without principal, equipment, venue, publicity…nothing can be done, and it’s not easy enough for Pu Qiongcan to save up money to make a film.

Not to mention, he seems to have been paying off student loans and grants he received that year over the years.

Lin Meng didn’t let the staff inform, she personally called Pu Qiongcan: “Director Pu, our company has unanimously decided to invest in your film after researching, we now hope that you can refine the script again carefully, the specific contract and the way to cooperate, when you have time to come to the company to discuss in detail.”

Lin Meng had just finished speaking when she heard the phone ringing loudly.

She could hear a bunch of things crackling and falling to the ground, and Pu Qiongcan seemed to be apologizing to someone around him.

“President Lin, I……I’ll start changing the script recently, I’m very efficient!” Pu Qiongcan snapped out of his mouth while quickly remembering something else, “But I…I have some work on hand right now, I will finish the finishing work soon.”

Lin Meng heard clearly that someone on the phone was shouting for Pu Qiongcan to go take pictures.

“Here’s the thing, Director Pu, our company next intends to set up a dream-making program for young directors and screenwriters. Your film is the first step in setting sail for this program. And as a director and screenwriter, you’ll also receive financial support from the company, including and not limited to a salary in the lead-up to the completion phase of filming, a share of the film’s release or an award….”

Pu Qiongcan clutched the cell phone, his mind suddenly went blank, as if he had encountered too much luck in his long life.

He hesitated, “But my FILM…isn’t very profitable.”

As a director, he didn’t think he was making bad film, but he has to admit that he was making a good film that would not be accepted by the market.

This statement was simply self-packaging, he wanted to make a film that is not only not very profitable, but should be not profitable.

“It’s okay, our company is not short of money.” Lin Meng laughed, “Director Pu, you can go online for a serch, True Dream Entertainment is very profitable and supporting a few young directors will definitely not affect the company in any way.”

There was even … the more the better.

It was just domestic so many directors and screenwriters, if you really want to go one by one to screen out the talented ones, it’s a needle in a haystack.

If director Lv Daoyan had tried a little harder….

Lin Meng couldn’t help but look longingly in the eyes, and sure enough, the director Lv family were all good people.

The daughter gave her so many excuses to buy a hot search topic, and even paid liquidated damages – although in the end it was still a profit, but it was still more reason to spend money.

The mother gave her such a way to lose money.

This family was simply a blessing to her.

“Thank you. Thank you very much!”

Chapter 34 Part 6

Lin Meng sent Pu Qiongcan’s information to the company’s chat group, allowing people to investigate his background. ——In recent years, many domestic companies have started this work.

Otherwise, when the film was finished, it turned out that the director was a man who divided the country, or had made irrational remarks on the Internet, or had committed crimes. That entire project will usher in doom.

When the actor had problems, they could also replace the actor’s head by retouching.

The director couldn’t do it, so they could only remake the whole film.

Lin Meng did not forget to find a name for herself–

“I think the company ’s profitability is very good now. I want to divide a part of the funds within the company to be a domestic director and screenwriter support fund. While doing commercial films, we ca n’t forget our original intention. Maybe the future, True dream can really become a dream place, it provides a lot of good directors, good screenwriters, good works for domestic. “

Sui Yan appeared in time to help Lin Meng add: “There are still good actors.”

The company’s employees were deeply moved.

When there was enough wages, who would not want to work in a company with a sense of social responsibility and national responsibility?

Lin Meng looked at the messages left by the employees of the company with satisfaction. There was no one who questioned her for spending money, very good.

Lin Meng was about to quit WeChat on the computer. She saw that Zhu Yushen had just sent her a message not long ago.

During this time, Zhu Yushen regarded her as a punch card machine every day, and reported to her in various ways, more diligently than before.

However, as soon as Lin Meng said that she wanted to come out to meet, he began to pretend to be dead. After a long time, he seemed to automatically ignore the chat record before and started to punch again.

This evasive look was shameful but very useful, leaving Lin Meng speechless.

She wondered, how could Zhu Yushen be childish like this?

But the message sent by Zhu Yushen today made Lin Meng stunned.

[Zhu Yushen: I talked to our parents today. They said they wanted to go back to China to spend the New Year with us this year. Are you … convenient? 】

Why was it inconvenient?

The parents in Zhu Yushen’s mouth were her parents.

It was just that her parents were going back to China. Why didn’t she know?

Lin Meng quickly checked her parents’ social media. Sure enough, yesterday, her mother posted a photo with her father in Country Mao(maybe Russia), and attached a text saying that they plan to return to China. If there were friends who asked them to come out to meet, they could contact them in advance.

She just had a video call with her parents last week. Since her mother had a serious illness and was cured six years ago, her parents have a new understanding of life.

These years, they have been enjoying life all over the world, and she has been contacted by video all the year round, rarely returning to China.

According to them, they live for their children for half of their lives. Now they were old, they could finally live for themselves and have a good look at the world.

Lin Meng was very supportive of her parents’ ideas. In the first two years, she used to fly on the plane during the Chinese New Year to celebrate the New Year with her parents. In the past few years, she has been busy with her career. She only made planes abroad to meet her parents when she was free.

Lin Meng found a dialog with her mother, and then remembered that she went to the awards ceremony of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” a few days ago, because there was no way to make a video call with her mother, she took a photo to her mother. She said she was busy recently. No wonder her mother didn’t contact her, instead she found Zhu Yushen.


They really met this time, but would she have to talk to Zhu Yushen when her parents return home for the Chinese New Year?

The cell phone rang. The ringtone was deliberately turned up.

Zhu Yushen was busy picking up the cell phone. The person who sent him the message this time was the one he expected.

Although there was only one word: Okay, his heart suddenly flicked up and down.

He really wanted to see her, but he was afraid that Lin Meng would say something he didn’t want to hear after they met.

Chapter 34 Part 5

“Are you going to make a documentary?” Lin Meng couldn’t help asking.

“No, this is a film, I just want to tell a story.” Park Qiongcan looked up, even through his glasses, Lin Meng could see his eyes that seemed to contain firelight.

“I can keep the investment down as much as possible, but I really want to make this film. Just give me a little investment! Please.” He blushed, and he felt like a beggar.

In the last film, he didn’t receive any investment at all. He shot while working, and the actors were all friends around him. Of course, in the end, he lost money anyway. In the past few years, his pocket was empty.

Pu Qiongcan had already thought about it. When the film was finished, he would gave up his dream about the director.

If this film was not filmed, he would not be reconciled. But the investment in this film was much more than expected. He could not earn the total investment amount for a lifetime of work. Of course, he could not shoot this film.

This time, he was also brave enough to disturb Lin Meng.

“Are you from the West Mountain?” Lin Meng couldn’t help asking.

When talking about this, Pu Qiongcan was suddenly silent. He looked at Lin Meng’s always calm, non-discriminatory eyes, and suddenly gushed, as if all the words held in his heart poured out.

“President Lin, you are right. I am a Xishan native. People often say that art is carved in the bones and blood of human beings, and this film is carved in my bones and blood.”

Pu Qiongcan looked out of the window behind Lin Meng and the endless stream of tall buildings in the city: “My biggest wish is that after finishing this film, I can take the old-fashioned film projector that I saw when I was a kid and bring this film to the village where I grew up to show them why we are poor in my life. “

The expression on his face was very complicated, with disobedience, unwillingness, and fate.

“But I also know that this film can’t make money.” He sighed in loss, “It may not even win an award, because I don’t want to send it out to those film festivals abroad to participate in the award selection.”

Lin Meng looked at him with some surprise. Shouldn’t this type of literary film be run for awards?

“I’m poor, but I also have the guts. I shoot all the hardships I can see, but it doesn’t mean that I live a hard life. Many foreign film festivals, the most favorite awards, are to criticize the national society and reflect how bad the country is. “

Park Qiongcan shrugged: “I am a poor child who survived on state subsidies. I will not rely on blacking my country to make money. “

Lin Meng looked at Park Qiongcan for a while, then suddenly smiled: “I am very interested in your film. You can leave the material here. “

Lin Meng was certainly not willing to miss such a good film that was not profitable and had good quality.

And through this film, the shining soul of the director Pu Qiongcan that she could see, also made her willing to release her kindness.

Even the words “interested” were enough to surprise Pu Qiongcan. He bowed and was about to leave, and was suddenly stopped by Lin Meng.

“By the way, where did you learn about our company?” Lin Meng asked casually.

Pu Qiongcan had no take precautions and smiled brilliantly: “I met a judge teacher at the film festival before. There were not many people who came to see my film that day, so I summoned the courage to stop the teacher and the other party encouraged me. She said that this is a good work, but she couldn’t invest in it, and then recommended True Dream Entertainment to me. She told me that this is the company that respects the director and screenwriter most in the circle. “

Otherwise, with his personality, how dare he come to recommend?

“Which teacher?” Lin Meng just asked casually, but suddenly became interested.

“Ms. Lv Daoyan, I don’t know if President Lin knows or not. She has produced very little in recent years, but there have been several films with good reputation.”

“I know her. I will contact you later.”

Maybe Lin Meng thought too much. But how did she feel that Lv Daoyan recommended Pu Qiongcan to come to her, which was harbor evil designs?

But the director Lv Daoyan didn’t understand her too much.

Talents like director Pu Qiongcan, the more the better. If she could recommend more people, Lin Meng would like to thank her.

Chapter 34 Part 4

Explained in a way that everyone could understand … Ultraman, who landed on the earth, met with a great magician who came from a different world, and they had a romantic relationship.

The local deity, the little tree demon, was the Female No.2. She sow her love, but gain nothing. She became the villain protagonist anti-earth creature.

She was defeated after a battle, and she shed tears. At this time, Altman found out that the little tree demon was her half-sister.

Applause, this was really … a touching story.

Lin Meng didn’t dare to shoot this kind of film. If she really put her name on this kind of film … well, she did not want to think about this terrible thing.

The front desk staff brought in a director. The other party wore black-framed glasses. He looked very young. He was very thin, with dark skin, and not tall.

Maybe he stayed up late, and he seemed to have a bad spirit.

“Hello.” Lin Meng greeted the other party actively.

After this period of experience, Lin Meng felt that even if the other party produced a terrible script, she could be calm.

The director bowed and introduced himself: “Hello President Lin, my name is Pu Qiongcan.” He placed the documents in his hands on Lin Meng’s desk.

He didn’t even sit down. He was tense and said one by one: “I have made a film before, and the results … not great, but I won a film festival award. This is the new filmscript I prepared. But there are not many people who are optimistic about it. I haven’t been able to find investment, so I came to try my luck. “

The first was the director’s resume. Although Park Qiongcan was also from the film school, the college he graduated from was relatively poor among several film schools in domestic.

He spent three years after graduating and filmed a film called “Yak and Mother River”. So far, there has been no public screening, and only a few shows have been shown on an independent cinema in the domestic.

The box office … was also extremely bleak.

Similar to this kind of independent film, there was basically no possibility of counterattack at the box office.

Lin Meng had no impression of this film, so she continued to read the next content.

The file was very thick, and it included the investment calculated by the script and the director himself. Well, this investment was hard to say.

Lin Meng could not help but raise her eyebrows when she saw that the salary and dividends written to the director were 0, but after thinking about it, it can be understood that many independent films like this are actually lost money.

The script was actually not thick, and the name printed on it was called “The Boy And Girl On The West Mountain”.

Lin Meng just took a look at it and was actually attracted to it.

This script could only be evaluated with three words that were difficult to speak.

It told that there was such a poor mountainous area in the north-central domestic, called West Mountain.

“West Mountain people are born to be destined to be poor.” The boy and the girl who refused to lose, they struggled for half their lives, but they finally succumbed to fate. Like the old men they had seen before, they sat on the side of the road and said the same thing to the passing children.

The core of the story it told was cruel, “poor is a cycle”, this certainly did not mean class solidification-

It said that a place that had long lost its spirit could not help no matter how much relief it had.

Government officials have come, philanthropists have come, and the staff of the Office of Poverty Alleviation have come …

They tried their best to help, and finally stood on the top of the mountain, looked at the peaceful village below, and spit hard: “In your soil, you are planting your poor!”

This subject matter was too marginal and can easily lead to ambiguity.

Lin Meng had been involved in several foundation projects before and went to some mountainous areas. She could understand the story the director wanted to tell.

In some places, restricted by geography and customs, everyone did not have any spirit of even a little bit of advancement. Even more than that, they also extended their hands and desperately wanted to pull back the person who finally went out.

Every time the foundation invested a lot of money, building schools and even helping build roads. They just couldn’t want to come out as if they couldn’t see the outside world.

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Chapter 34 Part 3

“If it wasn’t that she had to let me cancel the contract, I would shoot well, and now it’s me who is the female protagonist.”

Lv Daoyan had to appease her daughter slowly, and her dissatisfaction with Lin Meng grew more and more.

If it hadn’t been for her to have to cancel the contract with Youzhu, how could this be the trouble now?

She thought about Jin Youzhu who was mocked by netizens on the Internet and lost the female protagonist. And there was also the issue that her husband was anxiously busy because of the termination of the cooperation, and could not return home in half a month. She became more hostile to the chief culprit.

It was okay. It didn’t matter. She wanted to see if President Lin, who was praised by netizens, could take the gift she gave.

“So … are you delaying the script?” Lin Meng held the phone, her face confused.

Zhang Chenghu, who had always been reliable, actually had a big problem with the script creation of the new drama. As soon as he received Lin Meng’s call, he immediately apologized.

Zhang Chenghu said that the script he wrote was a mess, he was overthrowing it. Even if only by phone, Lin Meng could hear the collapse and anxiety of Zhang Chenghu.

“I’m sorry, President Lin, I’m really not very good at this subject. I thought over and over again, although the core of the story is well thought out, but the details …”

How could he use this junk script to fool President Lin?

He has seen netizens say that the products produced by True Dream must be fine.

Only genuine quality scripts could be worthy of President Lin’s respect for screenwriter, and worthy of President Lin’s unlimited investment.

After hearing these words, Lin Meng, who had some tangle of mood because of the “Please Open The Door” counterattack, suddenly relaxed.

Zhang Chenghu was really a good comrade, which was good news for her. She particularly appreciated Zhang Chenghu’s not good at this subject.

“It’s okay, you can write slowly, slow work yields fine products. We are not in a hurry. If you really can’t finish it as scheduled, the company can take a break. “

Lin Meng received many investment cases, and now more and more scripts are sent to her.

After all, screenwriters who cooperated with her have basically achieved a double harvest of word of mouth and awards, and their salaries have also risen a lot.

Lin Meng comforted him like this, and Zhang Chenghu felt even more ashamed. He immediately said something as a guarantee: “You can rest assured, and give me … three months, I will finish writing the script in three months.”

He must be able to do well, and he still has the most solid backing. Teacher Li He said before, if he can’t do it, he can always ask him for help.

Although he was unwilling to cause trouble to Teacher Li He, but if he knew that this was helping President Lin, he would be willing.

Lin Meng didn’t know that Zhang Chenghu had an idear about sought the help of a famous screenwriter of the Republic of China drama. She comforted Zhang Chenghu with a few smiles.

Just after hanging up the phone, she couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

It turned out that in her plan, Zhang Chenghu’s teleplay would be the company’s next project. Once it was delayed, the company had no large expenses that could be spent.

Lin Meng flipped through the script on the table, and she didn’t know what to do for a while.

“President Lin, there was a visitor who had not made an appointment before. He is a director. He came with a script and wanted to see you.”

Lin Meng was not busy, so she nodded and agreed to let the front desk staff arrange for the person to come.

She was not as busy as others, and if there was nothing on weekdays, she would not mind seeing the visiting director and screenwriter.

Of course, the works they brought … usually shocked.

This was not a boast, but a true expression of helplessness.

It combined many elements such as heroism, saving the world, love, family, fantasy, etc. to form an invincible story with a rich core.

And what about this story?

Chapter 34 Part 2

“She canceled the contract with the other crew because of our teleplay?”

Dao Erdai’s expression was complicated. What he actually wanted to say was that they really felt that they were wronged. In fact, Jin Youzhu didn’t need to come.

Dao Youming shook his head and looked envious: “In order to clarify this matter, I asked many people. Because Jin Youzhu made the same…” He expressed everything in silence. “Then Cheng Aiming had a big conflict with her. Their investment company, that is True Dream Entertainment, stood firmly on Director Chen’s side. They did not give Jin Youzhu a chance, they cancelled the contract with her directly. “

“…” What kind of investor was this? Dao Erdai was surprised. The knowledge he gained from his childhood understanding of the entertainment industry. Even a big director at his father’s level sometimes had to compromise with investors.

“If I have such a reliable investor, I don’t have to suffer so much in the early years.”


The room was filled with envious sourness. The father and son looked at each other and sighed deeply. It has been said that well-known directors are hard to find. In fact, reliable investors were also hard to find.

Yu Yuanxing & Song Jiao joined Dao Youming’s new film.

Jin Youzhu stared at this hot search topic with extreme grievances, how could she be so unlucky!

This role was clearly hers!

Lv Daoyan just came in after the phone call, looking her daughter’s eyes filled with expectation when she was looking forward to looking back, she had to shake her head slowly: “I just called. Director Dao said that their contract has been signed, and the official Weibo has announced the news. There is no way to change it. “

She had to sit beside her daughter and appease her.

Jin Youzhu was lying on the bed and kicking her legs vigorously: “Mom, look at the comments on the Internet, what do they say!”

Clicking on the topic link, the top was an interview video. During the interview, Dao Youming mentioned that after watching “Please Open The Door”, he was attracted by the performances of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao, and he decided on these two protagonists.

The front part of the comment area seemed to be in harmony as her fans controlled the comments. But continue to read, she could see some unpleasant remarks.

“It’s so funny, who remembers how clever the fans of Princess Jin said she was making the right choice? As a result, Song Jiao now became the female protagonist of the film directed by Dao by the role she didn’t want. My laughter almost collapsed a building. “

“I also remember that the fans of Jin Youzhu said that she used a female protagonist of a web teleplay unit to change to a female protagonist of a teleplay that can be broadcast on a TV station, this choice did not suffer. But now, she not only lost the female protagonist of the web teleplay unit, she also lost a film female protagonist. Who do they think is more disadvantaged now? “

“Song Jiao, who performed “Please Open The Door” abandoned by Jin Youzhu, conquered the big director with charm. Isn’t that the key to the issue? And the most important point is that every day the director who saw the princess’s acting felt that the acting skills of the princess was not good. That’s why the director just let her play the Female No.2 “

Lv Daoyan more and more angry, but the first thing she had to do was to comfort her daughter: “Zhuzhu, don’t be angry. These are people who deliberately discredit you, they just envy you. You see that the money they earn in their lifetime is not much more than your monthly living expenses. “

Jin Youzhu sat up from the bed and her eyes were all red: “But now they are right. Director Dao did not choose me, but chose Song Jiao. Isn’t it because he thinks that Song Jiao’s acting is better than me?” She was extremely frustrated. For the first time, she felt that she was inferior to others.

“Not like that, Zhuzhu.” Lv Daoyan tried to comfort her daughter, “Hum … it’s the role of Song Jiao, which is more changeable and more hierarchical, so it looks a little better. She can’t match you. “

“Is that true?” Jin Youzhu was calmed down a little bit. She was like a student who scored full marks from childhood. Someone suddenly said to her that the person who sat in the back seat with a score of 70 was better than her. She couldn’t get through this hurdle in her heart.

“Of course it is.”

Jin Youzhu leaned on her mother’s shoulders: “Mom, I’m so sad. That President Lin, why is she so bad! ” She has completely blamed her dissatisfaction and sadness to Lin Meng. After all, it was Lin Meng who was in direct conflict with her.

Chapter 34 Part 1

Dao Youming had just answered Lv Daoyan’s call. He returned to the room helplessly, and looked at his son, his eyes full of depression.

“Dad, director Lv still wants Miss Jin to be a female protagonist?” Dao Erdai was also helpless.

If director Lv Daoyan used to be a respectable and desirable senior for him.

Then now … he only felt that the other party’s excessive spoiling of her daughter’s practice was too terrible.

Dao Youming smiled bitterly: “”Is there any other reason?”

He couldn’t help complaining: “Why did I have to cooperate with her at the beginning?”

He was just for the resources that Lv Daoyan can provide … in reality, directors of literary films such as Lv Daoyan are often invited in world-renowned film exhibitions, and they are sometimes judges.

At that time, Dao Youming wanted his son to have a good relationship with Lv Daoyan, and he would be able to integrate more smoothly in the film circle in the future.

Jin Youzhu had won many acting awards before. She graduated from the Film Academy and had good grades in the entrance exams that year. She was not a vase actress, there was no loss in choosing her as a female protagonist.

Seeing his father’s sad appearance, Dao Erdai patted his shoulder and comforted him: “It’s alright dad. At that time, did we imagine that this would happen?”

The father and son would rather Jin Youzhu be a vase actress. The vase actress was so good and easy to teach.

It wasn’t that Jin Youzhu’s acting skills were bad. Among her peers, Jin Youzhu’s acting skills can be regarded as middle to upper level. The problem was that she was too concerned about her appearance. Deep in her heart, she resisted performances that would damage her image. She was unable to release her emotions.

Jin Youzhu was an actress with a stubborn self-view. She had a lot of thoughts about the script, the way of shooting, the acting skills of other actors, and the way she presented her acting. After entering the crew, she often expressed her opinions on various matters.

If she was really wrong, the father and son of the Dao family were quite relaxed, and they could curse directly. The problem was that Jin Youzhu’s point of view was still summed up in the textbook and her mother’s shooting theory. It seemed that it sounded reasonable.

But if they really did what she thought, it would only be an Lv Daoyan-style literary film. She thought she was expressing her opinions, but for several times, both the father and son felt that it seemed to be a face-slapping performance.

They couldn’t scold, they could only coax, and finally they had to teach one by one, persuading her according to her way of thinking.

Reporters came to interview during the wrap party. When they saw Jin Youzhu saying to reporters: “I am very happy to work with the two directors.”

They almost vomited blood on the spot.

After the starting broadcasting of “A Tale Of Qinghe”, the father and son quickly paid attention to the topic “Please Open The Door”, which was always higher than theirs. Out of curiosity, they followed this teleplay together.

When they started watching, they couldn’t stop. They watched the actors shining under Cheng Aiming’s carving, and their eyes were about to shine.

This was not a teleplay, this was a large-scale audition scene in the entertainment circle.

The two of them took a fancy to Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao among many actors. After some entanglement, they decided to invite these two to act as protagonists.

As for Jin Youzhu, they arranged for her the role of Female No. 2.

They thought they did not treat Lv Daoyan badly. They have made her daughter a teleplay female protagonist with a rating of over 2%. Wasn’t it good enough to let her be the film’s Female No.2?

They did not expect that Lv Daoyan was really dissatisfied.

“Dad, what did the director Lv think? When we were eating some time ago, did she also say that female No. 2 was acceptable?” Dao Erdai remembered that they had asked this matter tentatively, Lv Daoyan and Jin Youzhu had good attitudes.

Dao Youming sighed. How could he have time to pay attention to the gossip news of the entertainment circle every day, and he just asked the reason from his friends: “The problem is that Jin Youzhu can not be Female No.1, but Song Jiao cannot be the Female No.1.”

Dao Erdai didn’t understand: “… aren’t they all sctresses of Feng’s Entertainment?”

Did the actresses of the same company compete so intensely?

“You don’t know, the character of Song Jiao in “Please Open The Door” was originally Jin Youzhu.”