Chapter 33 Part 3

Wait, he clearly remembered that the news was about three countries.

But what was the dense text on this form?

The country of curry, the country of Siam … even the oil country.

Their teleplay … can it be recognized locally?

Ning Qi carefully looked at the amount on the report. In many countries, the price is quite low, but … add up these amounts … it seemed to be recovering all investment costs?

He didn’t feel that he was being slap at all, but instead smiled happily: “President Lin, we should be able to recover the investment cost of this drama soon! “

Lin Meng looked at him and held back the tone she was about to sigh: “Will you continue to read?”

Ning Qi didn’t understand it, but he continued to read, and then: “President Lin, we sold the copyright for this teleplay?”

Lin Meng nodded, although she was a little heavy in her heart, but she did not express her emotions on her face: “Yes, they introduced it and the response was very good. They bought the copyright from us, intending to shoot their version of Please Open The Door. Yu Xi and Director Cheng Aiming have to go abroad for guidance. I just signed the contract, you may not see us talking about it in the chat group. “

Ning Qi looked amazed–

Their overseas operations this time were really successful. Not only was it introduced to the local broadcast, it caused heated discussion, and even the copyright was sold.

There seemed to be only a few costume teleplays called “sacred drama” that could be remade abroad!

“President Lin …” Ning Qi glanced at Lin Meng and felt ashamed, “Really worthy of you.”

After hearing this sentence, Lin Meng could only wave her hand “modestly”: “Do not talk about this, don’t talk about this.”

She didn’t want to be so discerning. Before that, she always thought that losing money was just around the corner.

It was God asking her to make money … she had to make money.

She had to think carefully about the next project, she would definitely lose money!

“By the way, why did you suddenly return to the company today? I thought you were busy recently.” Lin Meng shifted the topic. Now she just wanted to talk about some light things.

Ning Qi looked at Lin Meng, he suddenly stood up excitedly and sorting out the collar: “It’s almost the end of the year. I want to report work to President Lin, and I will tell you good news by the way.”

The two words of good news, Lin Meng didn’t want to hear that. She was tired.

“You say it.” But she still have to listen.

Ning Qi first talked about his work about this year, and then apologized to Lin Meng. He could not escape from the job of an agent.

Although the agent recruited by the company worked hard and advanced, but there were always shortcomings that needed him to be looked at personally. Then President Lin signed Yu Yuanxing suddenly, he really had no time to return to the company.

“It’s okay, it’s important to take care of the entertainers.” Of course, Lin Meng didn’t want Ning Qi to come back.

She usually spent so much money without Ning Qi helping to control her expenses. As a result, she could not lose money.

If Ning Qi came back, he would stop her from spending too much money. Her idea of losing money could only be realized in her dream?

“Then, this is the good news that I think I must come back to tell you.”

when he talked about it, he couldn’t help but smile. “President Lin, all this is your credit.”

“Me?” Lin Meng pointed at herself. She recently … did not do anything? The only thing she had done recently was to get an award for “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. Could it be that something was caused by the award?

“Please Open The Door has a good reputation, and it has also attracted the attention of many practitioners in the circle.” Of course, they didn’t just appreciate the teleplay, but wanted to dig out the reasons for its success.

Lin Meng nodded: “I know this.”

There were also news two days ago, and several well-known directors gave the teleplay a good review with an official certified account.

“Therefore, there are many people who have paid attention to the actors through this teleplay.” Ning Qi said that this was a mixture of happiness and pity. “Director Dao Youming intends to release a film next summer or National Day. The project is currently under preparation. He sent us an invitation to plan to invite Yu Yuanxing to play the male protagonist.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dao Youming’s film had a box office bottom of 500 million yuan. Yu Yuanxing was able to become a 500 million box office man the first time he entered the film circle. This kind of thing was hard to imagine, it was also difficult to appear in dreams.

“It’s just a pity …”

“What a pity?” Lin Meng was also very happy for Yu Yuanxing, but fortunately True Dream Entertainment was not a greedy company. When the contract was signed, the share was as low as possible. Even if Yu Yuanxing made tens of millions with this film, the company could not divide too much money.

She didn’t care about the money.

“Unfortunately, the female protagonist did not choose people from our company.” He sighed, people were always greedy, otherwise this was the double yellow egg.

Lin Meng asked casually: “Who did he choose?”

“It’s Song Jiao.” Ning Qi said. “I heard that Director Dao Youming just saw Song Jiao’s performance in” Please Open The Door “, and he felt that she was particularly suitable for the female protagonist of the new film, so he sent an invitation, and even audition is not needed.”

Lin Meng just wanted to nod, saying that she already knew about it. But at this moment, there seemed to be a clue in her brain that was quickly connected in series.

“Wait, I am a little familiar with the name of Director Dao Youming. Is he the chief director of ‘A Tale Of Qinghe?’ “

Ning Qi had not been in the company for a long time. He did not know much about the conflict between Jin Youzhu and the crew. He nodded: “Yes.”

“We have confirmed the partner after receiving the invitation. Actually, the female protagonist originally chosen by Director Dao Youming was Jin Youzhu, but then after considering the issues of role suitability, he decided to choose Song Jiao. Jin Youzhu is currently set to Female No. 2, she is about to sign a contract. “

Hearing this, Lin Meng also understood: “It turns out so …”

Well, Jin Youzhu might be very happy.

No pains, no gains. Didn’t she exchange a Female No.1 for a Female No. 2?

Ning Qi had something to do and was planning to go out. He had to take a flight to accompany Yu Yuanxing to two activities later.

Ning Qi was walking outside the door, Lin Meng said. “Help me call Xiao Wang.”

Of course, such a good thing, she have to celebrate with everyone, this was worth the wonderful speech of Jin Youzhu’s ‘no pains, no gains’ !

Chapter 33 Part 2

Netizens who had never followed this teleplay, and suddenly discovered that domestic companies actually produced such a teleplay that was introduced abroad and attracted praise.

Some netizens couldn’t help but comment and ask: “Is this teleplay really so good?”

Fans of True Dream Entertainment never let go of any opportunity for publicity, and they all responded to comments.

“It is excellent enough, it occupies one of the top ten position of domestic TV drama ratings on the rating website; it is received on the Deepsea Video website at the second highest praise; recognized by the China Times and drama critics as the No. 1 premium drama of the year; Director Cheng Aiming’s masterpiece, many well-known actors participated. The content you want is included in this teleplay. Click to enter the Deepsea Video website, search for “Please Open The Door”, non-members try the first three episodes for free. “

“Deepsea Video website members only need ten yuan for the first month,” Please Open The Door “which is 100 episodes plus 20 extra episodes will make you feel cost-effective; this year’s most tearful family drama “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, everyone deserves it; “The Path To Becoming Immortal” takes you to appreciate the magnificent world; when you are in a heavy mood, “Love You Before Tomorrow” takes you to a luxurious life! True Dream Entertainment gives you a sweet dream. You can’t buy milk tea or clothes for ten yuan, but you can buy a month of perfect enjoyment. “

“One member, the whole family can enjoy together. Young people are suitable for watching “Please Open The Door”; Film lovers are suitable for watching “The Path To Becoming Immortal”; Girls will fall in love with “Love You Before Tomorrow”; The whole family is suitable for watching “Mountains Behind The Mountain” together! “

These ads were better than the Deepsea Video website did. Saw the familiar names, netizens could not help feeling the desire to buy.

From “Oh my god, these dramas that I like are all produced by True Dream Entertainment.” to “I will buy a member and take a look at Please Open The Door that everyone is boasting about.” Every netizen was like a lost lamb, and was sent to the right place by the cunning wolf.

Their unremitting efforts were also reflected in the monthly income statement placed in front of Lin Meng at this time.

Ning Qi had become a trapeze during this time, and his career burst into the second spring. Not only did he not feel tired at all, but he was always full of fighting spirit.

He returned to True Dream Entertainment this time and happened to be able to attend the last month’s summary meeting at the beginning of the month. As one of the executives, he sat next to Lin Meng and looked at the report.

The more he watched, the more surprise Ning Qi was.

The two teleplays and a film that had been aired for a long time, the distribution of accounts previously broadcasted through the Internet has stabilized, but this month there has been a sudden increase in amplitude and increased a lot of income.

“Please Open The Door”, which ended last month, should have fallen from the peak, but this month it unexpectedly stabilized. The drop was very small, and the share amount was very gratifying.

Of course, compared with the company’s previous large investment in “Please Open The Door”, overall it still lost a lot of money …

“It’s a pity.”

“What a pity?” Lin Meng looked at him, and her heart …really hurt.

The person who did not want to be interviewed said that she looked at the rising numbers on the report as if she was cut by a knife.

“Although their income share has slightly increased, “Please Open The Door” is still too much investment as a web teleplay. Even with this income level, it will take at least a year or two to recover the cost.” Ning Qi sighed, and he felt a pity.

He began to try to persuade his stubborn boss: “President Lin, you need to be more cautious in investing in the future … You know, although we all think it is a good drama, but a good drama may not be able to recover the investment cost. This is also the reality now … “

As an employee, he was most worried about the boss who spends money every day. He was too embarrassed.

He was nagging for a long time, and then he finally found that Lin Meng and the staff of the Ministry of Commerce looked at him in confusion.

Ning Qi: “?” Did he say something wrong?

Lin Meng silently handed out the bottom income form: “Did you just turn it over to the end?”

Ning Qi took it by hand and only read two lines: “You mean the copyright introduced by foreign countries, I know, I have heard about this …” He said halfway, then he stopped suddenly.

Chapter 33 Part 1

Lin Meng read the documents faxed by the other party with a stiff face.

The three countries that sent applications for introduction this time were Kimchi, Sakura, and Rice (It refers to South Korea, Japan and the United States. The author doesn’t seem to want to classify the story completely into the real world. We can imagine this story world as a parallel space) .

They had set up channels dedicated to introducing imported programs and teleplay. These channels are usually charged.

Because of their reliance on the charging system, they also paid special attention to paying people and potential markets. They found that “Please Open The Door” has become more popular on the Internet. After many viewers made “want to see” remarks, they did not hesitate and immediately waved the banknote and wanted to introduce it immediately.

It was just that the price they gave was not too high, which was about the price of one or two episodes of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” previously sold to Da Jiang TV Station.

After confirming the price, Lin Meng was relieved and signed the contract very readily.

It was such a small amount of money. fortunately, she still lost money, perfect.

But no one thought that this was just the beginning–

In fact, domestic had a precedent for introducing teleplay to abroad. It has been mainly dominated by costume dramas and martial arts dramas, and some romantic romance comedies.

After all, in most cases, it was the unique cultural and historical heritage that attracted foreigners.

“Please Open The Door” was not the same as these. What was wrapped around it was not domestic culture and plots that only natives could fully understand. All its selling points were a good story that was told and packaged in good faith.

After “Please Open The Door” was introduced, it caused a wave of attention. Domestic netizens have always been skilled at going to foreign websites. They refreshed Twitter as always, but couldn’t help rubbing their eyes when they saw the comments.

They were on Twitter, not Weibo.

Why did so many people discuss “Please Open The Door”? But they were so outdated, and they were still discussing “The Man In The Grave”, which has been broadcast for a long time.

The netizens saw foreign netizens who were using language they did not understand and made comments saying that they wanted to know the future development.

People, sometimes just like to reveal the plot to others. They were planning to tell them about the next hundred episodes.

But before the comments were sent out, they saw those netizens screaming and said. “We are just curious and do not allow spoiler alert, people who do this will eat instant noodles without seasoning packages! “

It seemed that netizens everywhere were the same in this regard.

Some netizens took screenshots of these chats and posted them on Weibo while feeling interesting. Tens of thousands of people reposted this Weibo.

Even the fans who really wanted to let more people see the teleplay never thought that the teleplay could really get attention abroad.

What they saw before was that more foreign dramas caused heated discussion in domestic. As for domestic dramas, even if there were special posts in foreign forums to discuss, there were two or three hundred comments enough to make everyone proud.

But this time, their drama, genuinely popular abroad!

Well, it’s a bit exaggerated to say popular. But it can be regarded as a real hot teleplay.

With the proliferation of this post, there have been more and more comments.

@Little smart ghost loves to lift the bar: I read the comments of foreign friends on Chinese teleplay “Please Open The Door” on Weibo. I’m not talking about tongue twisters / funny.

@Obviously just a fish: Fans of the teleplay come to report! The teleplay I like, the world knows! (Sexy fans, online bragging). I hope people all go to see “Please Open The Door”, a teleplay where foreign friends are addicted!

@Walking: For a long time, domestic netizens have been watching various dramas filmed abroad, scoring high scores, and inputting opinions by others; Now, it seems that we can also output opinions to the person, this feeling is special … really special.

Until the official media commented, and finally pushed this topic to the top.

@China Times: “Please Open The Door” is a teleplay that really sits “going out”. As an excellent domestic teleplay, it has a task on its body. It brings domestic sound to the world, let the world see, we also have good dramas that do not lose to anyone. We believe that “Please Open The Door” will lead the trend of domestic boutique dramas. In the future, we can also export our good dramas abroad.

The news was like throwing a big rock into a calm river and exploding violently.

Do you feel the increase in the speed of website access?

Chapter 32 Part 8

The so-called good neighbor was the real culprit who pushed the weirdo’s parents to the dead end. The three committed suicide together, and the weirdo was the only survivor. The neighbor did not know whether the weirdo knew the truth, and secretly “watched” the other party, and at the same time feared the weirdo died too early, attracting the attention of others.

He did not expect that when the statute of limitations was about to expire, an overzealous reporter found a weird man who dropped out of school and hid at home, which triggered everything.

In fact, it was the weirdo who sent the news link to the reporter.

What he said to Wang Xiaoqiang was sincere. In this grave, he really meant the grave. He originally wanted to bury himself here too. After being encouraged by Wang Xiaoqiang, he decided to live a good life.

The plot of this drama did not procrastinate at all, and numerous extra videos were sent for free.

About the theme, it has always divided the story into two clues outside and inside the door.

From the closed-minded teenager to Song Jiao who played glamorous outside but her house was very messy online celebrity. The keyboard warrior was violent by the Internet because of cursing people online. To hide from the child the fact that they had separated, each had a new lover’s parents …

One unit after another could not be stopped at all, ahd the details of reversal and thoughtfulness hidden in every story were even more daunting.

For example, it seemed that the keyboard warrior vented his emotions online only when he was in pain. In fact, his heart occasionally flashed horrible fragments. The parents who separated in the room seemed to put the child first, but in fact, there were countless dreams when they hoped that if there was no such child …

It was written like this in a five-star review that received the highest popularity.

[A teleplay that makes you unable to sleep every day after watching. Have you ever had the idea of ​​being scared in retrospect even once or a second? Have you ever thought that even the real you are always wearing a mask? 】

[At first watching this drama, I thought the director wanted to talk about the real person after seeing the mask. But after watching it, I found that what the director wants to say is that maybe it is true that we are too terrible. It is also a good thing if we can put on the mask. 】

[Director Cheng Aiming said he wanted to break through himself, I think he succeeded. 】

The rating of this web teleplay on the scoring website even broke 9 during the peak period, and then gradually fell, and it stabilized at 8.6 points and no longer fell.

What made most fans sad was that this web teleplay was not really popular.

It occupies countless hot search topics, and the posts discussing it are innumerable, and even made people feel that it was a national discussion.

However… its total number of plays could not even exceed “Love You Before Tomorrow” which had less than half of the episodes.

Netizens spontaneously promoted it. Anyone who could accept this subject loved it, and regarded it as a divine drama in their hearts. But if anyone who didn’t like the themes, they wouldn’t be able to finish even the fist episode.

Netizens thought that the producer might lose money, and the netizens felt unhappy, and even spontaneously made a lot of comments on the official Weibo.

[Please open a reward channel, good drama needs to be supported! Thanks to Director Chen and True Dream Entertainment for bringing us shock! 】

President Lin, who was rich, did not agree to their good intentions. She even held an event to repost posts to get a lottery in order to give back to everyone, so the fans were almost kneeling.

@True Dream Entertainment: Thank you all for your support. President Lin told me to tell everyone, True Dream Entertainment is designed to create dreams. Dreams do not need to estimate the cost, only hope that you will be happy when watching.

This practice of not making money, only for dreams and for art, caused the fans to stir their hearts. They vowed to support True Dream Entertainment’s works in the future.

Even if they were rich, they would have to spend for a true conscience company. They were willing to support True Dream Entertainment forever.

President Lin, who was calculating the loss for the company, had no idea that her company suddenly had the title of a conscience company.

She looked at the ledger happily and felt that there could be another 10,000 such projects.

Xiao Wang ran in suddenly, the joy on her face gave Lin Meng an ominous hunch.

“President Lin!”

“Wait, you will say it later.” She wanted to be happy for one more minute. “You can talk.” People always needed to face reality.

“Our “Mountains Behind The Mountain” got all the nominations. Now almost all the media are reporting this!” Xiao Wang’s face glowed with red light, and she was very excited.

When Lin Meng heard it, a relaxed expression appeared on her face: “Okay, this is a good thing. Since this is the case, you let the finance staff come over, I will give bonuses and celebrate together.”

She was taken aback. She thought that “Please Open The Door” made money.

She found a reason to spend money again, very good.

The door was knocked twice. The person who entered the door was responsible for business negotiations. He had two documents in hand: “President Lin, faxes were sent from three countries. They all wanted to introduce “Please Open The Door” to the local TV station. The revenue they give is very impressive. When do you think it’s better to sign a contract? Or let them raise the price? “

“…” What would she say? In order to promote domestic projects to go abroad, why not take the initiative to make a discount?

Lin Meng knew nothing about the power of fans.

She did not know that because “Please Open The Door” did not perform well, netizens spontaneously started subtitles, translated them and uploaded them to foreign websites.

In order to respect copyright and allow President Lin to earn income, they only translated to a key plot, and then no longer translated.

This great spirit that must make President Lin earn money was the spirit of fans!

Chapter 32 Part 7

“The Welfare Foundation has stepped in and has now found the location of the teenager. The Foundation has already raised a total of 30,000 yuan for him.”

“A well-known psychologist analyzed that the teenager may have autism and escape from society. He needs social assistance to rebuild his mind.”

Wang Xiaoqiang stared at the young man in the picture in a daze. He was very young, and the whole person looked a little unruly. Then he looked at the weirdo at the moment: “Is this you?”

This episode ended.

Wait, was it over? It was clear that there was nothing to say in this episode, and there was not much suspense. Wasn’t the story quite plain?

But they seemed unable to control their hands, and netizens couldn’t help but continue watching.

The second episode finally said that the weirdo was the teenager mentioned in the news.

His parents died when he was sixteen. After his parents died, he closed himself at home. The only channel he used to contact the outside world was online shopping.

Wang Xiaoqiang certainly would not help bury the teenager, he began to explore what happened at the teenager’s home. But his scope of action was limited.

He could move everything in the door. He could even use the Internet, but he could not contact any outsiders.

He started to be confused. Could he really solve problem for the weirdo?

The netizens also followed their fears. When they were about to finish, they refreshed and found new things nearby.

Only two episodes were aired. Why did you bring some extra stories? The name of this extra story was quite interesting, and it was called “People Outside The Door”.

They clicked curiously and saw a 20-minute video without the protagonist. It was about the members of the charity association outside the door shouting to help the weirdo, and the neighbor who had been sneaking a peep.

At this time, they discovered that this charity association seemed to have a problem. It was an unofficial organization. After the people in charge of fundraising said goodbye to the crowd, he took the money and went directly to indulge in sensual pleasure?

The neighbor who had been delivering food to him was defined by Wang Xiaoqiang as a kind-hearted neighbor. The person looking at the weirdo’s house, it was … dissatisfaction, fear, disgust.

There was a murmur: “When the hell does it end?”

As long as they watched the three-piece set, the netizens couldn’t let go of it completely. They began to discuss with great enthusiasm. What kind of story was this?

Why was this house called a grave, and the weirdo had never been helped. What kind of people were the charity association and the neighbor?

10,000 people had 10,000 kinds of speculations in their hearts. They discussed each other, and after the analysis, they tried to convince each other. They nearly made a PK in the real world.

There have been unprecedented “monsters” in this teleplay. Its discussion was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Some netizens were addicted to it. Once it was released on the Deepsea Video website, they immediately watched it. Most of them watched two episodes together, and even watched all the extra videos together.

When they finished watching, they immediately began to discuss with people, what is the plot development next.

Almost every episode was updated, and reverse was made on the basis of the previous episode, but smart netizens quickly reached a consensus.

–Anyway, the weirdo will definitely go out, and with the help of Xiaoqiang, achieve a better life!

When the last episode aired, netizens were all slapped.

The so-called charity association was originally undertaken by rich people. He spent a lot of money, but never touched the money in the association. He had no problem except for the overflow of love.

It was the good neighbor who had always performed well, and soon moved away. It didn’t take long for him to go to social news because he was in jail.

The weirdo returned home, pushed away the parents’ room, and burned incense for them.

Chapter 32 Part 6

Listening to the words of the friend, Jin Youzhu was comfortable all over. That was of course, she didn’t care about the resources her friends wanted! Those resources were nothing for her.

On the day of “Please Open The Door” premiered, countless netizens paid attention to the time and began to wait. They were fully prepared and decided to watch it at the first time, and then started the discussion.

The description to this teleplay was somewhat simple. Netizens just watched it and didn’t quite understand the situation.

What was “open that door”? What was the so-called “guest from outside”?

Deepsea Video website specially made a countdown page for “Please Open The Door”. When the time was up, netizens refreshed the web page and rushed in immediately.

This time there was no lags on this page, Deepsea Video website has been fully prepared for a long time, and absolutely will not allow the previous tragedy to repeat itself.

When the words “Please Open The Door” appeared, netizens held their breaths at the same time and watched the teleplay expectantly.

Netizens didn’t know that the editing at the beginning … The great director Cheng Aiming edited a total of twenty editions. They just looked at this magnificent beginning with a stunned look. They just looked at this magnificent beginning with a stunned look.

When the door opened, Wang Xiaoqiang took an uncontrollable step forward.

The lens gradually became farther away, and with a special effect with spatial effect, the effect that the two rooms overlapped and divided at a certain moment was made.

Wang Xiaoqiang broke into a quiet room, and when he turned back in horror, the door had been closed.

The room he entered used blackout cloth as curtains. There weas no light in the room, only the faint blue light on the open computer was shining out.

There was a sound from outside, the door in this room was opened, and there was a sloppy man wearing Floor Pants. He wore black-framed glasses and his hair was like a bird’s nest. He was holding bread in his mouth at the moment, and he looked at the man who suddenly broke into the room with a surprised face–

The subtitles flashed: “The Man In The Grave.”

The atmosphere was gloomy. When the horror effect was rendered, the other party shouted in horror than Wang Xiaoqiang. He wanted to run outside, but he was so frightened that he fell beside the door: “There is a thief! A thief!!”

He was even weak when he cried for help.

Wang Xiaoqiang didn’t want to be a thief. He rushed over and covered his mouth: “I’m not a thief!”

“You are not a thief, what are you? There is a ghost—”

“I’m not a ghost! I’m a thief!” When people were anxious, their mouths often did not work properly. Wang Xiaoqiang’s head was dazed, and he answered seriously.


Entertainment effects came and immediately became light and fun. After a fight, the two lay flat on the ground breathlessly. After making a peace agreement, they were finally able to cross-legged and chat with each other.

And the story, it began to formally enter–

the weirdo played by Han Xiaoxing found information on the Internet according to Wang Xiaoqiang, and then he was shocked to find that Wang Xiaoqiang was appearing on the social news page a few days ago.

“Youth explored the ruined building and was injured accidentally. Now he has become a vegetative.”

The beginning of the plot was extremely fast-paced, and soon the two began various studies. The lens is presented in a flashback manner, including the weirdo trying to take Wang Xiaoqiang out of this room, but only pulling out a piece of air.

And soon, they finally found out why Wang Xiaoqiang came here.

When the weirdo mentioned the word “wish”, Wang Xiaoqiang’s soul flashed.

Wang Xiaoqiang grabbed the hand of the weirdo: “What is your wish?”

At this time, there was a loud noise outside, and someone was knocking hard on the door, shouting something.

This sound became louder and louder, like using a horn: “Come out, we are here to help you.”

“Don’t be afraid, we won’t do anything. You need to be educated! You need help from society! You need love—”

The weirdo suddenly smiled, and he looked at Wang Xiaoqiang: “You want to help me, right?”

“Then bury me, bury me in this grave.”

Wang Xiaoqiang stepped back in surprise. When he leaned against the computer, he saw the news title automatically pushed by the browser in the lower right corner——

“The teenager closed his heart when his parents died. He dropped out of school alone, and his whereabouts are unpredictable. Enthusiastic netizens called on everyone to work together to take him back to society.”

Chapter 32 Part 5

What happened was that the broadcast time of the finale of “A Tale Of Qinghe” overlapped with the release time of Yu Yuanxing in “You Closed The Door”.

Netizens who did not pay attention to hot search topic did not realize that in the twelve days of “Please Open The Door” publicity, “A Tale Of Qinghe” had not won once on hot search topic.

This matter also had to talk about the Princess Jin.

Lin Meng just told Xiao Wang that day, if Princess Jin didn’t provoke them, don’t worry about the previous things. But that afternoon, Jin Youzhu jumped out again.

Jin Youzhu has never been able to forget that she was cancelled and left the crew. Seeing that “A Tale Of Qinghe” brought more and more praises, the grievances in her heart could not stop like a torrential river.

She couldn’t hold back. During the interview, a reporter asked her if she knew that “Please Open The Door” was about to start publicity. She made a speech “accidentally”.

“I have heard about it. In fact, I still regret that I did not cooperate with” Please Open The Door “. But there is no way. People have to face many different choices in their lives. We always have to give up something and achieve something. ”

“In the face of choice, my method is to analyze the pros and cons, and then choose the more favorable side. Of course, I am not saying that” Please Open The Door “is not good! I don’t mean it at all!”

Jin Youzhu smiled embarrassingly in the video: “It’s just that “A Tale Of Qinghe” is a particularly good work. Director Dao Youming and Director Dao Erdai are also very good directors. Thinking of being able to cooperate with them, I think any sacrifices are acceptable. I am also very happy that this work is now recognized by everyone. ”

she said a lot, but this passage was clear enough. In her mind, “Please Open The Door” was no match for “A Tale Of Qinghe”.

Lin Meng saw this interview on the hot search topic.

She respected all of Jin Youzhu’s views and then … sent her a gift.

President Lin, who did not want to disclose her real name, said that she didn’t want to buy a hot search topic. After all, “Please Open The Door” was hot enough.

People should understand in return.

From the first day of “Please Open The Door” publicity, until the day of the broadcast, it perfectly covered the second half of the “A Tale Of Qinghe” viewing sprint.

Lin Meng gave them a hot search topic gift pack, and she did something particularly annoying. She controlled the hot search topic only one bit higher than the other party and kept pressing on their heads.

Of course, every injustice had its perpetrator, every debt had its debtor. The main point was to thank Princess Jin. Lin Meng didn’t forget to help Princess Jin’s hot search topic to reduce the popularity.

Jin Youzhu saw that the ranking of hot search topic could not rise, and she also spent a lot of money on various marketing campaigns. But…President Lin hadn’t been scared when it came to spenting money.

Until the finale, the hot search topic led by Jin Youzhu did not squeeze into the top 20.

Of course, netizens were not very clear about this battle.

Jin Youzhu refreshed the hot search topic at home, then she became more and more unhappy.

“A Tale Of Qinghe” had just been aired at the finale last night, and now her hot search topic was actually less than the top 20.

Was this reasonable?

She angrily sent a message to Sister He, asking her to spent some more money. She had chins up because of this teleplay!

The female protagonist she played could imagine how much praise she would receive!

Jin Youzhu didn’t care about how she received the full guidance from Dao Youming and Dao Erdai during the filming process.

She firmly believed that this was the result of her own strength fully exerted in the hands of good directors. She firmly believed that this was the result of her own strength fully exerted in cooperation with good directors.

Tonight, “Please Open The Door” was about to be aired. Jin Youzhu rolled her eyes. Speaking of this teleplay, she couldn’t help but get angry again.

She didn’t know what happened to her mother and father. When she was interviewed, she didn’t even mention the name of the teleplay, and they quickly called her to stop talking.

Okay,she didn’t mention it

She was already the female protagonist of the teleplay broadcast on TV that broke 2% rating and smiled at the low actors of web teleplay.

She was so happy that she was going to read the comments on the Internet, but her friend just called.

The other party first congratulated, and then began to ask the gossip: “Youzhu, I heard that Dao Youming’s New Year’s movie, will soon start preparations?”


“Then … would you be the female protagonist?”

Jin Youzhu was a little proud: “It should be possible, but it’s still undecided, but at least i can get Female No. 2. ” She didn’t say too much. after all, director Dao Youming’s work, a female No. 2 was enough for her to boast.

The friend cheered enviously, making Jin Youzhu particularly happy and satisfied: “Even if friends become rich, do not forget each other. Don’t forget me, if there are any rim supporting characters. Youzhu. Fortunately, you didn’t shoot that web teleplay … “

Chapter 32 Part 4

And sometimes when he saw other people’s bad works, he even said to himself in the direction of the TV, all kinds of poisonous words, one after another.

Sui Yan, who looked great outside, would look at the account book and hold the calculator for a long time after going back every night–she was poor at math and the evidence was solid. She lying on the bed murmured numbers in her dreams.

And the last day of the countdown was naturally the only male protagonist Yu Yuanxing in the teleplay.

His style was unique.

Netizens who reached the peak on the last day clicked on the video at the first time, the video started to play, and then they watched Yu Yuanxing startled…he was studying hot pot?

Yes, he was really studying hot pot. He would read the lines for half an hour to prepare for tomorrow’s shooting, and then began to do his homework online.

Netizens watching the video felt their temples beating–

Even if Yu Yuanxing did his homework, how could he use the search engine to do his homework? After he searched, the web pages displayed affiliate advertisements of some brands, and he was not afraid of being cheated?

He also called to ask people how much it cost to join. When he heard the price, he actually showed an expression that he felt was particularly cost-effective.

Looking at Yu Yuanxing’s dense notes, they can only be silen, and quickly found the answer.

–Wasn’t this the franchise advertisement that was often broadcast on local TV stations?

–The boss interviewed smiled happily and said that he joined immediately after seeing the hotline. He earned several thousand a day and 100,000 a month.

Yu Yuanxing solemnly put away the notepad. He was lying on the bed, and entered dreamland with infinite hope for his dream. However, netizens only wanted to give him a huge question mark.

The effect of this variety show was superb.

After this video, Xiao Wang posted a pre-prepared Weibo post.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: In reality, we walk around the world with a mask every day, and we only take off the mask on our face when we return to the room. Tomorrow, “Please Open The Door” will be released on time at eight o’clock. See the world behind others’ doors with you.

And you guys–What kind of guys will we see after #Please Open The Door# ?

Whether it was a comment area or a forum, the degree of discussion has accumulated for nearly two weeks and has reached the zenith.

[“You Closed The Door” is so good, how I hope it can be made into a fixed variety show! When Han Xiaoxing squeezed a smile hard at the video in the hotel, I was almost crying, but he was really dedicated … I was wondering if all comedians should practice these every day when they go back. 】

[President Lin, can you give Sui Yan some more salary? I have to cry when I see her counting money in the room. By the way, Sui Yan ’s poor mathematics is well known. It ’s better to hire me. I only need one thousand yuan a month to help her calculate the accounts. 】

[This variety show is interesting and meaningful at the same time. After watching it, I don’t think I will say that XX has made so much money but is not good enough. Each industry has its own pressure. In fact, stars can make this money not just by face.(Of course, there are still people who make money in the black heart)]

[I cried, I believed the previous news. No wonder the fans of Yu Yuanxing thanked President Lin so much, did Yu Yuanxing originally planned to quit the entertainment circle and open a hot pot restaurant, right? The key is why he is so stupid … I read the market analysis he wrote, and I feel that if he really goes to open a hot pot restaurant, he may lose his underwear. 】

[The actors who are so rich and have so many loves seem to be the same as us at least at this point. Corporate slaves are so touched. I only really belong to myself when I close the door every day. Sometimes I even wear a mask to my parents at home. 】

Thousands of words can be summed up in one sentence–remember to watch “Please Open The Door” tomorrow.

Looking at the hot search topic that climbed on time every night, everyone knew that True Dream Entertainment once again won the publicity victory.

Chapter 32 Part 3

She removed her makeup cleanly. Some actors would promote their natural beauty on variety shows without any makeup at all. In fact, they still used foundation. Song Jiao was different. She completely removed her makeup.

There were slightly less serious eye bags under the eyes, dark circles that were obvious after no concealer, and a pimple that came out during the menstrual period…although she was still beautiful, she suddenly looked like a fairy descends to the mortal world.

She stood on tiptoe and looked at the mirror, carefully pondering the change in the state of her face today. Then sighed, and wiped the eye cream seriously around her eyes.

She went back to the room, turned on the TV and was lying in bed, staring in a daze for a long time without knowing what to start.

She was like a depleted battery that started to charge in the long night.

The TV beside the bed stayed on overnight, and the volume was constantly output, which seemed to make the actress wrapped in bed sleep comfortably.

It was dawn, the alarm clock sounded, Song Jiao dressed herself and washed her face slowly. When someone knocked on the door and walked out of the door, she was fully charged and said hi to the surroundings happily!

The video ended here, leaving a line of words in the black screen, with Song Jia’s voice as the narration—

Song Jiao: “When I closed the door, I felt like I had become an ordinary person again. Although it’s just an ordinary person who can’t eat snacks casually, and can’t just casually speak publicly while watching gossip news. But when I opened the door, I told myself that the big star came (laughs). ”

After the video ended, there were more and more comments below. Netizens seemed to understand the theme of this publicity.

Some people at the beginning doubted whether this video had a script, but the official Weibo reply let everyone dispel the doubt: “We have set up the camera throughout the process after obtaining the consent of the actors. President Lin requested that we use True Dream Entertainment’s assets guarantee that there is absolutely no script and no acting skills. ”

Hmm … President Lin didn’t want the assets to be real.

But this reply was also true.

Lin Meng gave the actor who participated in this “self-made variety show” a salary, at the same time, she also confirmed with them many times, whether they can present a true state to the audience.

After the shooting ended, Lin Meng also gave the video to the actors for review. If they felt damage to their image, they could ask not to release the video.

Of course-Jin Youzhu also received this proposal, but her agent Sister He did not agree.

The number of comments increased rapidly, and some netizens looked forward to the next episode and counted with their fingers–

There were twelve days before the broadcast date of the official announcement of the Deepsea Video website. According to the previous practice, they could still watch eleven episodes.

The popularity of this self-made variety show, even exceeded that of the variety show of TV stations. Netizens opened the webpage every day to refresh and they hoped to see it the first time.

In fact, the success of this variety show was not accidental.

What netizens most wanted to see was actually a variety show with conflicts and no scripts. It was better to destroy the actor’s previous impression on the spot, similar to the big mess of fighting each other.

The investors were not stupid. Did they not know what netizens like to watch?

The problem was that the stars were reluctant to collapse their own personalities. Even the scripts of the variety shows given about their character settings were slightly worse, they would repeatedly refuse.

President Lin gave them sufficient money protection regardless of cost. Based on her word of mouth, the stars who participated in the project did not worry about the release of fragments that they did not agree with. Under the combined effect of various reasons, this real variety show was officially launched.

Every countdown day, an episode of “You Closed the Door” was released.

An actor who was famous on the variety shows and known for his humor, his real life was boring. He went back to the room to study jokes and tried to make himself laugh funny to the camera.

The Tyrannosaurus rex, which was always vigorous and resolute highly effective during the day, watch the works of director Zhu Xufang every night before going to bed. Sometimes, when he was excited, he would jump out of the bed and mutter to himself: “How can he get such a good-looking shot?”

Chapter 32 Part 2

“For some actors, their eyes only know how to pay attention to investors and their pockets. They actually thought that the cooperating stars are famous and they can succeed. But our youzhu is different. Her family has a long tradition of learning, and the elders of the family also help check it. They will only choose real good scripts, good directors, and good actors to cooperate.”

“One is teleplay broadcasted by TV station, and the other is web teleplay. Can the two be compared? It’s ridiculous, some people still say that Youzhu has no contract spirit? People who say so, maybe your idol’s work is difficult to broadcast on TV. This sour taste is coming out of the screen! ”

This was mapping whom, even a fool could understand.

The most important thing is that Xiao Wang was still not able to refute! Their teleplay could not reach the TV station, and it has not been broadcast yet, so now the praise rate was not as good as the other party?

Lin Meng calmly looked at her: “If Jin Youzhu didn’t provoke us, then her situation has nothing to do with us. You have to remember that all we have to do is make the drama that we want to make.”

“… Okay!” Xiao Wang nodded.

“Furthermore, do you think Jin Youzhu really wants to continue to be discussed with us?” Lin Meng gave a look, let Xiao Wang understand the meaning. “If she really came to find fault, we also have gifts to give her, I am afraid she will not want it then.”

Xiao Wang nodded happily, and every time she felt all the grievances in her heart, she could get emotional relief from President Lin.

It was always right to follow President Lin. She didn’t need to be indignant. If Jin Youzhu dared to provoke them, hum…then the contents of her draft box would not be hidden.

Let alone, their teleplay would not lose!

True Dream Entertainment’s publicity had its own characteristics, which has long attracted the attention of netizens.

Before the publicity began, some people could not help but guess. When the publicity was launched and Weibo was posted, they found that they were still not enough to let their imagination fly, and they could not guess True Dream Entertainment’s thoughts.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: When you close the door, what is your world like? “You Closed The Door”, extra episodes of “Please Open The Door”, the first extra episode was officially launched. Guests @Song Jiao. #You Closed The Door# # The world after closing the door#

In addition to the fact that fans had to control the comments first, netizens who found this video had already started to click to play and watched the video.

This time the publicity method was a self-made variety show that netizens had never imagined.

At the beginning of the video, Yu Yuanxing appeared in front of the camera. He was wearing costumes used in the teleplay. At this time, he started to explain to the video-

“You are a busy employee; you are a grumpy dad in the eyes of a child; you are a keyboard warrior behind a username; you are … under many identities, what are you really like? After closing the door, did ‘you’ appear? ”

“Is the real you the same as you in the eyes of others?”

As soon as the scene turned, what appeared in the lens was Song Jiao, whose face was enlarged by the HD lens. She was in good shape and started her day’s work in the screen.

Photographers and cutters used the usual method of shooting VLOG, coupled with light music, acceleration and editing, and quickly introduced Song Jiao to do all day.

Through the screen, netizens could see details that were rarely noticed. Started with the bland three meals that ordinary people can’t imagine and accept; in the face of a lot of cosmetics, but dozed off the sleeping actress; wearing high-heeled shoes, taking off her shoes and relaxing immediately after taking pictures; she appeared in the crowd with a beautiful look, flashing a halo and beckoning around to say hello …

A long lens was used in the video, which captured the exchange of day and night outside the hotel window, people hurriedly walking, and the sky changed from white to black.

And when Song Jiao said goodbye to people, the moment the door closed, she stood behind the door, her face was full of fatigue that the netizens could hardly see in peacetime.

Netizens who were familiar with shooting have been able to find that there were fixed cameras in the room. In order to prevent the actors from appearing in the “acting” state, before launching this project, Lin Meng requested that as soon as she started to enter the shooting state in the room, the photographer would withdraw.