Chapter 32 Part 1

Lin Meng called Xiao Wang to the office and prepared to talk to her about the publicity work of “Please Open The Door”.

“Has the post-production been over? You are solely responsible for the hot search topic. ”

Xiao Wang: “I’m ready, I will officially start posting tonight.”

Lin Meng nodded. There were many gimmicks in the early stage of “Please Open The Door”, because the actors who participated in the project brought their own traffic, and the attention from fans was also very high.

At first, the publicity team didn’t think about any publicity plan. They just planned to follow the trend and put out the sidelights and publicity photos.

But how could Lin Meng miss this “good opportunity”, for the purpose of wasting money …

How could it be said that spending money indiscriminately should be a reasonable publicity.

Lin Meng thought about it carefully and decided on the current publicity plan. She didn’t care about cost, only about results.

“President Lin.” When Xiao Wang was about to go out, she paused a little hesitantly.

“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Wang thought about it and said the truth: “President Lin, do you remember Jin Youzhu?” She saw Lin Meng nodded and continued to say. “She went into the new crew immediately after she left our crew, you also know this matter.”

After Jin Youzhu peacefully terminated the contract with “Please Open The Door”, she immediately turned to the crew of “A Tale Of Qinghe”.

“A Tale Of Qinghe” was adapted from a well-known novel, the novel has won a literary award. According to netizens, compared with the popular IP, it was more in-depth. The author passed away last year, so the project has already attracted a lot of attention in preparation.

And more amazingly, the chief director of the play was Dao Youming, one of the big three directors called domestic.

Dao Youming’s films have never failed over the years. His abilities in commercial films have been top-notch and his style was unique. Every time people took stock of the famous directors who brought the box office online, they would not miss his name.

The reason why he “condescend” to be the chief director of teleplay this time was for his only son, Dao Erdai, who started directing this year.

Dao Erdai was professionally trained and had just graduated. His father couldn’t wait to pave the way for him.

Dao Youming was afraid that the word of mouth of his son’s first teleplay was not good. From choosing scripts and actors to producing the whole production, Dao Youming was extremely responsible.

According to the online news, the entire process of teleplay shooting was led by Dao Youming, assisted by Dao Erdai, and the expectations of netizens were also very high.

This project was a good cake for real. As soon as the news came out, it caused a lot of netizens to discuss.

This cake was not an ordinary fresh meat and traffic idol entitled to eat. If the actor had no acting skills and a good reputation, it is estimated that Director Dao would not consider them at all.

Did not know how Lv Daoyan talked to Dao Youming in private. In short, Jin Youzhu finally dropped off and became the female protagonist of “A Tale Of Qinghe”. She played the role of a female urban youth who went and work in the countryside or mountain areas.

“I have an impression.” Lin Meng nodded her head. Cheng Aiming was very crisis-conscious and had been alerting Lv Daoyan to be a demon.

When Jin Youzhu first joined the crew, he inquired about the relevant news. Even the news about which TV station this teleplay set was clearly asked.

“This teleplay ended earlier than us, and now it’s halfway through, and the ratings have broken to 2%.” Xiao Wang was a little unhappy when she thought of this.

There was a straight line in her mind-Jin Youzhu was like a villain. After she had made a bunch of demon, she should leave in a hurry. How could she get better?

This was too unfair!

Lin Meng smiled: “If I remember correctly, the ratings of her teleplay have not exceeded Mountains Behind The Mountain?”

“It must not be more than that!” Xiao Wang absolute assurance. “We are phenomenal teleplay, can they be the same? This “A Tale Of Qinghe” audience is limited. I saw someone predict that the ending should be about 2%. ”

“That’senough. I almost thought it was going to exceed our records, because you are so worried.”

“But Jin Youzhu has received a lot of praise this time. Many people said that she is good at choosing projects …” Xiao Wang bit her lip and didn’t make it clear.

What she saw in fact was that Jin Youzhu fans sneered privately, saying that Jin Youzhu was not as short-sighted as some actors.

Chapter 31 Part 8

“Only talking about personal conditions, our Xiao Yu is now a poor idol deceived by the former company. President Lin owns True Dream Entertainment, she can easily spend hundreds of millions to invest in projects; Speaking of academic qualifications … don’t hide everyone, our Xiao Yu has not been to college, he is a little fool who often makes typos; In terms of appearance, although our Xiao Yu looks good, you have also seen the photos yesterday. In front of President Lin, he cried with tears and a runny nose, and his handsome face was gone. ”

“Not to mention President Lin’s help to Xiao Yu. The “Love You Before Tomorrow” that really made him popular was produced by President Lin; it was President Lin who gave him the opportunity when he was at the lowest point; President Lin was implicated in the scandal because of him, and she didn’t blame him … as fans of Xiao Yu, we all treat President Lin as Xiao Yu’s life-saving benefactor. If Xiao Yu feels that President Lin is not worthy of him, we will feel that this Xiao Yu who does not understand gratitude is not the Xiao Yu we like. ”

After reading these explanations, passers-by who didn’t know much about what happened had finally understood. They recalled the days when Yu Yuanxing was called “unlucky guy” and “little pitiful” before, and they felt the same as his fans. They felt that the rumors were really hateful.

Yu Yuanxing, who was called in turn by Xiao Wang and Ning Qi, finally woke up. He obediently deleted the Weibo post and republished the official announcement.

@Yu Yuanxing: Thank you President Lin for her continuous support and help. Fortunate to join the family of True Dream Entertainment, I will continue to work hard! (I also hope that you will not over-discuss the false news. President Lin is the benefactor I met after entering the entertainment industry. I will always respect her and thank her!)

Well, when she was promoted to the level of a benefactor, the distance between them was extended, and the ambiguous atmosphere suddenly disappeared.

After all, Yu Yuanxing treated Lin Meng as a big boss and a savior. Such behavior did not seem to pursue the meaning of the other party.

Just like the hottest comment that got the most likes: “When I see the picture of Yu Yuanxing crying, I don’t think fans need to worry about it at all. Will you cry like this ugly face in front of the person you love? Or … even if he really fell in love with Lin Meng, he cried like this, the possibility of being rejected was beyond imagination. ”

Nine pictures of Yu Yuanxing’s exaggerated crying also became popular outside the entertainment circle and became emoticons used by countless people. It was rare to cry like this after all.

In a corner that most people didn’t know, a super topic was established silently. This super topic belonged to the CP list, and the name was called “I don’t deserve” in three words.

The hottest post was a full of literary style, it was also accompanied by a photo of three important crew members. The photo was taken by a reporter at the start-up ceremony.——Well, Director Chen was ruthlessly cut by CP fans. Now only Lin Meng and Yu Yuanxing were left.

“You are the only light that redeems my dark life. I bow down to you and offer my faith and sincere heart. After today, I belong to you. But I don’t deserve to love you.”

This message was forwarded at the fastest speed. Dominating Women and Weak Men, Pretty Boy, Guardian Knight, the superposition of these attributes was extremely exciting, and the CP fans started to revel.

It didn’t take long for this Weibo to be deleted together with the hot topic CP. 20,000 CP fans who had just joined the super topic were homeless and lost. They did not know where the super topic was sensitive or what bad information was involved.

“President Zhu, what you just asked me to delete, I have deleted it. What else do I need to do?”

“Nothing, just like that.” Zhu Yushen hung up the phone. He refreshed the page and saw that the page was already 404. He nodded in satisfaction.

After the photos of Feng Yan and Lin Meng appeared last time, Zhu Yushen had done some homework and understood what CP was.

For such a cult CP that should not have existed, he deleted it without hesitation anyway.

But this Yu Yuanxing was still a bit self-knowledge, of course he was not deserved.

Lin Meng was naturally worthy of the best. The person who deserved her should have been him …

Zhu Yushen thought of this and suddenly paused. His eyes were a little obscure, and there was a surge of emotion that was unclear.

But now…he was no longer the best of him, and he was not deserved her.

President Zhu, who didn’t have a deep understanding of the fans, did not know that his behavior increased the enthusiasm of the fans.

They quietly established a new base, named “Knight and Queen”, and continued to operate with a secret code that only they knew.

After the shooting, it was difficult editing and later period-processing.

At this stage, Cheng Aiming became the one who kept slapping the table against the producer’s autocracy, resolutely fighting for the complete right of his teleplay to the last second.

Lin Meng also used a trick after discovering that Director Cheng Aiming was getting more and more unreasonable.

She found Zhu Xufang, who was originally on vacation at home, to the company to help.

Sure enough, as soon as Zhu Xufang arrived, director Cheng Aiming, who was like a tiger before, immediately became obedient.

“I think it’s just two more episodes, these plots should be kept!” I didn’t want your thoughts, I just wanted my thoughts. This was Director Chen at this moment..

“Xiao Chen, I think it’s best to leave a little blank, don’t force too much content to the audience. What do you think?” Director Zhu Xufang was drinking tea, he was kind.

“I … you made sense, let me think about it again.”

Lin Meng sat on the hill and watched the tiger fight, she was very leisurely drinking tea. With the addition of the enabled person, “Please Open The Door” soon ended the post-work.

And the next step is to publicize after confirming the schedule.

Chapter 31 Part 7

It was really abominable! He didn’t understand why every member of the crew toasted the producer, even the security guards came to toast. Yes, he was about to remember all the faces of security guards.

Didn’t Lin Meng pay attention to status? Shouldn’t he talk to the director and male protagonist in the box?

He roasted for a long time, and finally waited for the perfect time he had been waiting for.

Lin Meng actually shook hands with Yu Yuanxing! Not long afterwards, Yu Yuanxing fell on the chair and Lin Meng went to help him. After the wrap party ended, the two hugged so gently when they said goodbye at the door.

With these three photos, he couldn’t be more excited. He went back to adjust the angle, carefully prepared a news, and held it to noon the next day, and immediately released it.

Of course, this time he was smart, he was not as stupid as he used to be. The title he used this time was: “There was love in the crew. Yu Yuanxing was suspected of having an emotional relationship with the investor, and they were difficult to separate from the wrap party. ”

Shi Jizhe specifically contacted several online marketing accounts he knew, and asked them to help forward the post to increase the popularity. As expected, there were more and more comments, as if many people believed it.

Just when he was contented, a large number of Yu Yuanxing’s fans suddenly appeared in the post and began to scold him in anger.

He disdained to ignore these people, only felt that the fans were whitewashing. The other party actually replied to the netizens who commented on the next one, and also brought their own link to the website to let them go to see the photos taken at the time. Shi Jizhe suspiciously clicked on the link, only to realize that he had overturned again.

@Yu Yuanxing_ Chasing the Fish: As we all know, President Lin is very friendly to all fans. Before the shooting process, she often gave water to our. Yesterday she found that we were still there and wanted to take a few photos, she invited us into the restaurant and left us a table. Last night, we only took pictures, and have not disturbed Xiao Yu. These photos are special, we decided not to publish them after consultation. But since there are some insidious villains today who did not let Xiao Yu go. After deliberation, we unanimously decided to release the photos.

The nine photos below are another perspective of the scenes of the photos taken by Shi Jizhe last night. Fans also made their own records above, explaining the shooting scenes.

In each of these photos, Yu Yuanxing was crying with tears. Just looking at them across the screen, people couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and be sad.

While the so-called handshake, netizens can clearly see through the live photos that the two’s hands just touched and quickly released. They were simply the meeting of standard gentlemen.

There was a online marketing account who was there last night, commenting on a private Weibo account: “A lot of words really do n’t know what to say. We all know how good President Lin is, and how grateful Xiao Yu is for her. Last night, Xiao Yu was so sad. In this case, this reporter still has to take photos to use him to discredit President Lin, do you really have a heart? ”

After waiting for less than two minutes, True Dream Entertainment appeared immediately. The statement they issued was very concise and neatly stated that Yu Yuanxing was already an entertainer under True Dream Entertainment, and they will carry out in-depth cooperation in the future.

Then-Shi Jizhe received the lawyer’s letter again. He deleted the photos with black face and lay on the bed. His Weibo mailbox was filled with messages scolding him.

He was not convinced, but he could only continue to endure.

Yu Yuanxing, who had just been awakened by a phone call from drunkenness, was looking at Weibo with extreme anger, and he immediately posted a Weibo post.

@Yu Yuanxing: Please stop using me to rumors President Lin, President Lin is really a very good person, I do n’t deserve it! ! ! ! !

The five exclamation marks fully explained his emotional excitement.

The fans were celebrating with joy that he could finally enter the new company and say goodbye to the trash company. They watched this Weibo burst into laughter.

Fans knew that their idol must be emotional now, and they began to appease Yu Yuanxing, saying that they must help clarify, don’t let others slander President Lin.

Fans of other actors’ could not understand the situation at this moment, and some people couldn’t help asking out the question with confusion——

“Don’t you think your idols are so … low? If it were me, I would not like him anymore. ”

Fans of Yu Yuanxing immediately started professional explanations.

Chapter 31 Part 6

Yu Yuanxing was immediately unhappy and gave Cheng Aiming a fierce look: “Director Chen, how can you hit President Lin! You are too much!”

Well, he was recriminated by the drunkard. Cheng Aiming shrugged, very helpless.

Everyone at True Dream Entertainment, except him … well, including him, were all loyal fans of Lin Meng. They always revolved around Lin Meng and centered on her.

Well, it was really a concerted effort and one mind.

“You can’t fight President Lin, President Lin is a very good person. Director Chen, you don’t know …”

Lin Meng patted Yu Yuanxing on the shoulder. She looked at him and smiled suddenly: “Xiao Yu, I won’t let you go to open a restaurant for the time being, and it shouldn’t be in the future.”

Yu Yuanxing nodded stunnedly and wiped his tears: “It’s okay, it’s okay to work part-time, and it saves me from failing to do business without deposit.”

He held back too much hardship and sadness during this time, and did not know whether he was really drunk or wanted to be drunk.

Lin Meng reached out to him: “Come to work for True Dream Entertainment.”


“Welcome to join the True Dream Entertainment family.” Lin Meng smiled.

Yu Yuanxing looked at Lin Meng. The chandelier of the restaurant where they were eating, just above Lin Meng, shone on her, like there was light–

He couldn’t believe it. He put his hand carefully in Lin Meng’s hand and gave it a light grip. He felt the real human touch and immediately released his hand.

Yu Yuanxing stepped back two steps and suddenly sat on the chair. He reached out and covered his face, crying silently.

He was squeezed by the company, deceived by the people he trusted most, had no money, no resources, no future …

Has he finally turned of luck? No, it wasn’t luck that favored him, but President Lin helped him again!

Cheng Aiming shrugged and quietly pointed to Yu Yuanxing who was crying nonstop. “Fool.” He was eating, suddenly corners of his mouth turned up.

Weren’t the people in their company stupid?

In order to dream, a silly boss who didn’t control costs.

A miscellaneous brand team consisting of a number of miscellaneous troops picked up by the boss as “picked up”.

There was also his kind, who took the initiative to send himself to the door.

In another company, if there was no support from a boss who was a bit silly but had a lot of money, it was estimated that the company closed down early?

Fortunately, True Dream continued to create beautiful dreams and output ideals.

That was nice.

The person who photographed them this time was the gossip reporter who published the news of the two last time. Shi Jizhe.

Shi Jizhe received news and money from Yu Yuanxing’s previous economic company and squatted outside the hotel for a day before taking the key photo and publishing the news.

After Lin Meng made a clarification, True Dream Entertainment did not give up like other companies, but continued to file a lawsuit.

Shi Jizhe was forced to apologize publicly and compensated him for damaging the reputation of others. He tried to find Yu Yuanxing’s former company, but the other party avoided him, he could only bear it himself.

He had been very unwilling about this matter, and he never believed that Yu Yuanxing and Lin Meng were really clean.

There were many actors, why Lin Meng still choose Yu Yuanxing? Even after the scandal was exposed?

The actors in the entertainment industry were not all dead yet. He did not believe it. Could Yu Yuanxing be the only one suitable?

Once a person became very persistent, what he could do was also quite different.

Shi Jizhe squatted outside the crew from the beginning of “Please Open The Door”. But the hateful thing was that Lin Meng had a lot of money and hired a lot of security guards. And the crew was completely closed for shooting. He couldn’t take a photo, and he was almost caught by security several times.

God knew that he had to sell so-called work photos to fans of the actors in the crew. This was used to subsidize households.

This was simply an insult to a gossip reporter.

the more this was, the more he felt the problem! If it wasn’t a problem, why did they shoot so rigorously? This was just a web teleplay!

Everything came to him who waits, finally let him wait until the occasion where the two will definitely appear together-the wrap party.

He spent a lot of money, urgently rented a room from the resident opposite the restaurant, and then took bread, staying there for a full night. But throughout the process, Lin Meng was either talking to Cheng Aiming or toasting the crew members one by one.

Chapter 31 Part 5

She would keep True Dream Entertainment in her heart. the entertainment world was so small, they better not ask for her in the future. of course, she would give them a big gift regardless of whether they asked or not.

“President Lin, Jin Youzhu just issued an announcement!” Xiao Wang said. She was editing the long Weibo, if public opinion was not good, it would have to be posted directly.

Lin Meng opened Weibo and refreshed the webpage. A minute ago, Jin Youzhu just issued a statement.

The content of the statement was not complicated, but only briefly explained the termination of her contract with the crew.

As for the reason, it was also very official. “The resources that the company has approached before conflicted with the shooting time of the crew, and it was really impossible to coordinate”.

At the end, she mean something else: “After friendly discussions with the crew, we decided to terminate the contract peacefully. Thank you for choosing me before. I regret to miss this opportunity of cooperation. Hope that in the future, “Please Open The Door” will achieve good results that everyone recognizes. ”

“President Lin, then … do we still post?” Xiao Wang asked tangledly.

“Leave it in the draft box, we will not post it for now.”

Whether Jin Youzhu’s words were sour or not, did she really want to cancel the contract, this had nothing to do with her.

As long as Jin Youzhu bowed her head as agreed, she would also like to take things lightly and put things to an end at this moment.

After all, there will be no connection between them.

The shooting time of the crew was longer than expected. this could not be blamed on the high requirements of Cheng Aiming, but the script was rich in content and involved many actors. Time coordination and shooting schedules were both a problem, so it ended later than pre-arranged.

On the day the project ended, it was a sea of ​​tears.

Yu Yuanxing cried particularly hard, tears and snot together. His face flushed, if it wasn’t for the value of his face, it was estimated that he could leave a lot of photos that could be regarded as dark history.

His voice was hoarse. He raised his glass and toasted Lin Meng and Cheng Aiming: “President Lin, Director Chen, thank you-thank you for giving me a chance.”

Yu Yuanxing looked at Lin Meng’s eyes especially “mushy”, which was not love, but it was too much thanks to almost overflowing, and it made people goose bumps stand up.

He was so drunk that he bowed again and again: “President Lin, I really thank you so much.”

Yu Yuanxing was clear in his heart that he had almost gone the wrong way. Even if Lin Meng didn’t cooperate with him, it was normal. But Lin Meng didn’t tell anyone about it, leaving him with dignity and face, and extended a helping hand to him.

“In..” He gave a heavy hiccup. “In the future I plan to go back to my hometown to open a hot pot restaurant. Then President Lin, you will be a lifetime member of our hot pot restaurant. It will always be free.”

He originally wanted to open a western restaurant. But he already had a western restaurant ptsd, and he didn’t want to go to the western restaurant in his life.

Cheng Aiming, who was very touched by the side, gave Lin Meng a speechless look and tried to ask with his eyes.

—— “President Lin, haven’t you discussed the signing with Yu Yuanxing?”

–“Not yet.”

—— “This is no wonder, why don’t you say it quickly.”

Yu Yuanxing whimpered: “I will open … a hotpot restaurant with … a national chain! I think about it. Even in the catering industry, I want to be the best!”

“If I say, your hot pot restaurant may not be opened?”

“I …” Yu Yuanxing almost crying. It was too miserable. His life was so miserable. He couldn’t be a star anymore, couldn’t he even open a hot pot restaurant?

“Do you think that I am not a business person?” Yu Yuanxing, who has regarded Lin Meng as an idol, immediately began to think about the path of transition. “Otherwise … I will open a tutoring institution? I teach students who need art examination!”

(In China, all art candidates must first participate in the art examination of the relevant major of the university they want to apply for, and then be qualified to apply to that university after passing the examination.)

“This won’t work either.”

he stared at Lin Meng in a daze, his face and nose red as if a fire was burning: “… may not work?” His tears fell down.

“A man does not easily shed tears”, this sentence was just shit. Could he only go to work?

Cheng Aiming looked speechless next to him and couldn’t help but secretly pat Lin Meng: “President Lin, don’t go too far.”

But … how did he feel that President Lin was getting more and more … freeing herself? More and more naughty?


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Chapter 31 Part 4

Jin Youzhu originally thought that this situation of changing actress will definitely cause discussion. Fans would definitely squabble with the crew. After the fans had scolded for several rounds, then she slowly came out and issued a statement.

To her surprise, the direction of public opinion was completely different from what she thought. Netizens were particularly gentle and courteous at the moment, and she couldn’t even find a few call names.

The more she looked, the more she felt wronged. This was the first time she was named “expelled” by the crew. Not only that, the crew who was critical of her was actually found someone who could not compare with her!

How could she be convinced!

Someone knocked on the door outside the room: “Zhuzhu, open the door. Mom has something to tell you.”

Jin Youzhu walked over and opened the door. She didn’t talk to her mother, but fell on the bed sadly.

She obviously didn’t do anything, she only had some requirements for makeup, but she was expelled. Why? bully! This was bullying!

Jin Youzhu’s hands ripped around on the quilt, her voice muffled: “Mom, where is Song Jiao better than me?”

She used her fingers to count: “She has never won a few awards, and she has never acted on a film. At the time, her score on the art examination was quite low, and she almost failed the examination. Unlike me, I was the first, and she looked average…they chose Song Jiao instead of me. Do you think they have no vision? ”

“It’s the crew’s lack of vision.” Lv Daoyan echoed with her daughter, and she was very sad to see her like this. “They don’t choose you, let them regret it!”

This child has never suffered setbacks and grievances, and this time she must have been sad.

Sister He, the agent of Jin Youzhu, just called her for a long time, and explained the pros and cons of the matter to her, so that Lv Daoyan had to cruelly grieve her daughter again.

“Zhuzhu, haven’t you issued a cancellation statement yet?”

As soon as this was said, Jin Youzhu was even more aggrieved. She sat on the bed and looked at her mother, her tears were about to fall: “I won’t send. It’s clearly that they fired me, and I need to find a reason to cheat the fans! When they fired me, why didn’t they think my fans would be sad when they saw it? ”

“Mom knows you are wronged, but this is not the case.”

Lv Daoyan sighed. The President Zhu that her husband contacted last night, really did what he says. He said that it was the end of cooperation, and it ended immediately. Her husband went out to solve it early in the morning and has not returned yet. It seemed that things were not easy to handle.

She carefully analyzed the pros and cons with her daughter: “You continue to do this to make your father embarrassed in the company in the future. After all, you also know that Song Jiao is arranged by the company.”

“Dad is still a shareholder! Poor shareholder!” It was useless!

Lv Daoyan knew her daughter was uncomfortable: “And you also know that your father is really busy with his work recently, he can’t handle this for you. If you don’t issue a statement, and your fans will attack the crew. It’s not good to make things big. ”

“You can rest assured that mom and dad must be on your side. We are now tolerant for a while, we don’t care about them for the time being!”

“But I’m not happy!” Jin Youzhu was very depressed.

Lv Daoyan hugged her daughter and patted her on the back: “You still have mom. Is “Please Open The Door” a good resource? Mom helped you get a female protagonist, and you can enter the crew next week! ”

She approached her daughter carefully and talked to her daughter about the benefits of the new resources.

She used her friendship to find the preject. But her daughter was pretty, and the image was consistent, not everyone was as discreet as the broken crew.

Upon hearing this, Jin Youzhu’s eyes were full of surprises: “Really?”

“Really.” Lv Daoyan nodded with a smile. “So this is called extreme adversity marks the beginning of fortune. Fortunately, they have already terminated the contract with you. Otherwise, we will feel pity at that time. ”

“Then I will send out the cancellation statement as soon as possible!” Jin Youzhu immediately flipped out the draft prepared in the draft box and issued it immediately after checking the typo, she was leaning on her mother. “Mom, you are so good.”

Lv Daoyan just smiled, her eyes deep.

Wasn’t it only a protagonist of a web teleplay unit?

She could give her daughter better.

Chapter 31 Part 3

The joyous rhythm did not last long, and Jin Youzhu’s fans keenly discovered that something was wrong.

@My Princess Jin Youzhu: Wait [picture], are these two character names the same? Did the crew change actress? Yesterday, our Youzhu was still shooting in the crew!

This post heaven-shaking caused a lot of attention.

They turned back and found a set makeup photo from Jin Youzhu. Not only did the characters have the same name, but even the shapes on the two set makeup photos were exactly the same.

Was this the scene of the legendary temporary role change?

Smelling the gossip, netizens were excited to join. They tried to get answers with a professional attitude that was more thorough than the research paper.

After posting Weibo, Xiao Wang has been following the trend of public opinion on the Internet. Seeing the situation was not right, she immediately asked Lin Meng’s opinion.

“President Lin, should we send a notice first? It may not be good if netizens continue to speculate like this.”

Lin Meng shook her head. She clicked on Jin Youzhu’s Weibo homepage and said lightly: “Are all the materials I sent to you previously archived?”

“I saved them.” Xiao Wang nodded. Lin Meng sent her some shooting clips of Jin Youzhu, and there were also quarrel videos shot on the cameras used to shoot sidelights.

“That’s all right. You need to make preparations and edit the Weibo post first. If Jin Youzhu still doesn’t issue a statement, then we will preempt.”

Lin Meng, who already knows the entertainment industry, did not do things as passively as before. As soon as the incident of Jin Youzhu happened, the first thing she did was to start leaving evidence to prevent the other party from wronging them.

Since Feng Yan and Feng’s Entertainment also participated in the investment, she had discussed with Jin Youzhu in the morning.

This statement of termination was issued by Jin Youzhu before night. as for the reason, as long as it was justified for both parties, and it did not involve others.

The time agreed in advance had passed long ago, and Jin Youzhu didn’t mean to post at all, and Lin Meng quietly prepared.

She changed her makeup privately. She said that she had her own understanding of acting skills. In fact, she was very different from the general public opinion and did not listen to the director’s command …

When those contents were sent out, who would suffer more?

At the moment, netizens on the forum were still vigorously discussing this dispute of changing roles. But the more they discussed, the more they found the gossip less interesting.

Common role-changing operations were actors with a backstage and golden master, replacing the previously not well-known actors.

In this teleplay, there was no such possibility!

There were only two investors in “Please Open The Door”, one was True Dream Entertainment and the other was Feng’s Entertainment.

If the problem was with Feng’s Entertainment. Would Jin Youzhu, whose father was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment, be the loser?

What if the problem was with True Dream Entertainment? Come on, President Lin was a pretty sister.

President Lin was a pretty sister, everyone in the forum knew it. Did she go to hidden rules for a girl?

If hidden rules really existed, they still thought it was Lin Meng who suffered.

Or else … Yu Yuanxing was the one who was hiding behind the scenes, in order to win resources for his girlfriend?

As soon as this remark came out, Yu Yuanxing’s fans who had been abused by Vajra Heart finally couldn’t help it.

If Yu Yuanxing had such a great ability, would he be so miserable before? If he really had this ability, fans would laugh even in dreams!

After one by one the possibility was eliminated, this doubt became bigger and bigger. They couldn’t understand anyway, how could it suddenly happen that they were changing role.

There were many speculations, but everyone seemed to agree that President Lin must be innocent. After all, she didn’t need to do such a thing.

Jin Youzhu was lying on the bed at home at the moment watching comments from netizens. Of course, she did not forget to issue a statement. She did it on purpose.


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Chapter 31 Part 2

This was Feng’s Entertainment’s arrangement to replace Jin Youzhu’s actor. Lin Meng couldn’t help but marvel at this rare fate when he saw the list.

The crew looked blankly between Song Jiao and Lin Meng.

Of course they knew who was Song Jiao.

The question was why did Princess Jin disappear? Where was the Princess Jin who was still angry yesterday?

Lin Meng: “The shooting plan for the next few days will be sent to everyone after the overall planning. It may take everyone a little bit of harder work during this time, of course, overtime pay will definitely hit everyone’s account on time. ”

When everyone heard the words overtime pay, they were of course cheering. They didn’t have the idea of asking for answers. Too many things in the circle were not suitable for in-depth research, they should learn to shut up when they should shut up.

Anyway, the results have come out now. The Princess Jin who was not reconciled yesterday was now completely out.

They silently looked up at Lin Meng with admiration, who seemed to be wrapped in golden light.

They have seen rich producers, but have never seen such a strong producer.

Apologizing? Nonexistent. If you dared to play tricks with their producers, you must be prepared to be expelled.

Was this a ‘cool’ that can be summarized clearly?!

In short, after this afternoon, they carried Lin Meng and gave her a friendly nickname: “Stronger·Intrepid·Doughty·Lin, which means that no more stronger people than Lin Meng could be found.”

No one dared to call her like this. They always felt that if this nickname was heard by President Lin, it would be them who will face President Lin’s strong next time.

The crew of “Please Open The Door” was very efficient. Song Jiao was taken to makeup and styling as soon as he arrived at the crew. Even the set makeup photos were taken on the day.

Director Cheng Aiming was there all the way, and the more he watched, the more satisfied.

Jin Youzhu looked good, but the temperament in her body was very ungrounded. Even if she was almost casual look, she was not like an ordinary female student at all.

Cheng Aiming, who saw Jin Youzhu’s set makeup photos for the first time, suspected that the previous winning experience on Jin Youzhu’s resume was fake.

Other actors were like what they played, Jin Youzhu played like Jin Youzhu herself.

Cheng Aiming took great pains to make Jin Youzhu closer to his role

Song Jiao was exchanged now. Even if he knew that the acting skills of the other party might not be too good, he felt full of hope for the future.

It was just that Cheng Aiming was a bit worried. He heard from a friend that Lv Daoyan was very vengeful.

All he could do was remind Lin Meng, and then work hard to do his job, striving to make “Please Open The Door” a classic.

As for the others? He could only play it by ear.

At eight o’clock in the evening, when the traffic was high, the news that Song Jiao entered the crew officially spread.

@teleplay “Please Open The Door”: Welcome @actor Song Jiao into the crew. What is in her door?

In the attached photo, Song Jiao was sitting on the bed, and the door next to it opened. Yu Yuanxing looked at the door with a shocked expression.

This post was only released, and the comments below appeared like bombings. “Love You Before Tomorrow” was the most popular web teleplay of the previous year, it has often stayed at the forefront of the rankings on the Deepsea Video website.

At that time, the number of character fans, drama fans, and CP fans derived from this web teleplay was also considerable.

Especially the CP of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao, it was once the favorite of master editors. Only later there was no follow-up service, and gradually, like other CPs, there was no voice.

@I want to marry Song Jiao: Our Jiaojiao has another new drama! Thank the crew to appreciate her!

@Yuan and Jiao: My … my CP is remarried? Sisters, all got out of the coffin with me. Oh, my youth is back!

@Battle of non-chiefs: Wow,the senior and the younger generation, who were in the same company, now they can perform together again! When you leave the garbage company, you are getting better and better.

Chapter 31 Part 1

The crew had just woke up early in the morning and had not yet begun to prepare for today’s work, they received a co-ordinating shooting plan.

Although the shooting plan was adjusted during the teleplay shooting process, the change was not big. Everyone thought that the play that was delayed by Princess Jin yesterday affected the plan.

They just turned a few pages and looked for a while, but they reached out and rubbed their eyes subconsciously.

Wait, what about Princess Jin’s drama? Not today, not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

Why was it all the work arrangements for supporting actors?

Could it be …

Did Princess Jin strike?

The staff felt more and more reasonable…

“It must be Jin Youzhu who was scolded by President Lin yesterday, and was asked to retake so many scenes. She’s uncomfortable in her heart, so she doesn’t want to shoot it!”

“It’s normal for a princess to have princess disease.”

“Does Princess Jin want President Lin to coax her? Vomit!”

They have been in this industry for many years, and they have seen many actors and actresses. They had encountered such things before.

Some grumpy biggie actors, once they encountered something that made them uncomfortable in the crew, the means they could use were all kinds of tricks, pretending to strike, deliberately asking for leave … In short, they must force the parties to apologize in person.

Although Youzhu could not be compared with biggie, she was popular and has a background, and was the daughter of an investor shareholder.

When they thought President Lin went to apologize to Princess Jin, they felt uncomfortable.

President Lin was such a good person. If it was not for Director Chen or for the staff, how could she have a bad relationship with Princess Jin? She had to apologize now.

Lin Meng always felt that something was wrong …

“President Lin, this is the coffee I just brewed, and some small snacks.” The stage manager suddenly appeared, propped up a small table next to her, and put things down above.

“Thank you.” Lin Meng thanked him and began to drink.

Cheng Aiming stretched out, and he leaned over, his eyes becoming more and more wrong: “Wait, President Lin. Is there a big difference between our treatment? ”

He held a disposable paper cup with instant coffee in it, and a coffee mate and two small biscuits on the disposable paper tray next to it.

Lin Meng had a bone china cup that had been wiped clean. On the blue and white porcelain plate next to it, it was specially laid out. Several kinds of small snacks, two of each kind, were placed in full swing.

One was a hard worker who was squatting on the side of the road, and one was a leisurely nobleman drinking afternoon tea.

It seemed that the gap was a bit big.

There was a contrast, and the coffee in this cup was even tastier: “Director Chen, I told you a few times. Do n’t be so critical. You see, the treatment proves everything.”

Cheng Aiming didn’t believe it: “It must be because you are the golden master, so you get the best treatment.” But there still had a little trouble in his heart.

Or in the future … he shouldn’t pursue feeling too much? Anyway, the first few shots were used.

There were so many strange things. For example, lunch that seemed to have doubled the amount of meat, and tea that would be replenished as soon as it was finished. In short, until the end of the day, Cheng Aiming was almost jealous.

At five o’clock in the evening, it was only half an hour before the end of today’s shooting.

The crew who silently served President Lin of “sacrifice oneself” for a day was shocked again.

“Let me introduce to you, this is Song Jiao, who has worked with me and Xiao Yu before. The role of Jin Youzhu will be played by her.” Lin Meng personally picked up the people at the door of the shooting scene.

Song Jiao was the female protagonist of Lin Meng’s first drama “Love You Before Tomorrow”. She was more rebellious than Yu Yuanxing, and she had fallen out with the company long ago, and jumped to Feng’s Entertainment through the matchmaking of people in the circle.

But due to a delay in the lawsuit, she also failed to take advantage of the resources. She started to work hard this year. She was still very far away from the top stars, but she has been regarded as one of the best young actresses in the circle.

Chapter 30 Part 8

“Hello, Mr. Feng …” Jin Qianyou explained the cause and effect of the incident on the phone, and turned on the speaker so that his wife could hear clearly. “Anyway, we put up the actors, put up the muscle. If they wanted to change actress, at least they should tell you! ”

Feng Yan’s voice was still quite clear through the speaker: “Well, I understand.”

Jin Qianyou was silent for a long while, and he didn’t wait for a reply: “Then? President Feng?”

“You contact the performing arts department tomorrow to let them arrange other resources for Youzhu. I will let someone take the role of Youzhu.” Feng Yan’s voice was calm.

“Well, this is of course good … Wait, President Feng, what do you mean?” Jin Qianyou didn’t respond. He was nodding his head, and suddenly he felt a little wrong.

Feng Yan’s voice was a little confused: “If the role is not suitable, the contract will be terminated. Now that the liquidated damages have been given, what do you want? Change director? Change investors? Lao Jin, it’s Feng’s Entertainment who invested in this project, not you. I think I am the decision maker of the company? ”

“If you have nothing else, I’ll hang up the phone first.” Although saying so, Feng Yan was very decisive.

Listening to the beeping sound, Lv Daoyan hit her husband hard: “You tell me, do you have a status in the company? Feng Yan also disrespects you too!”

Jin Qianyou was also angry, but he continued to turn through the address book: “It’s okay, I’ll ask first, ask anyone who knows Lin Meng of True Dream Entertainment. She didn’t pop out of the stone. Regardless of whether she is a wealthy second generation, or someone else’s investment agent, this money always comes from a source. We found someone to put pressure on her to solve this matter. ”

Jin Qianyou asked a lot of people. When he heard the result, he was a little surprised.

after reading a long list of messages from the husband’s cell phone, Lv Daoyan also hesitated: “How is your relationship with this President Zhu?”

Her husband was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment, not a shareholder of Lin Shen company. Although she was angry, she was still a bit brainy and did not intend to let her husband offend people.

If it was impossible to do so, it would remain intact for the time being. As a director with no box office in other’s mouth, she was not unknown in the circle. As long as they were willing to wait, there was always a chance to fight back, just to make Youzhu wronged for a while.

“This President Zhu is very personable, and he is also very polite to others. Do n’t worry, I’ll call him and ask. Their company has an IP that is working with my company to produce peripheral products. I am still qualified to talk to him.”

Jin Qianyou quickly dialed Zhu Yushen’s phone. Although the other party answered the phone a little surprised, the attitude was still very gentle.

He quickly gestured to his wife with his eyes. He felt that he had been busy tonight, and finally he could solve the problem.

Haven’t this been the case in business? Gave each other a face.

How could there be no way to do things?

Jin Qianyou once again talked about the ins and outs of the matter. He looked at the phone and complained: “President Zhu, we have been cooperating happily in the past few years, did you agree? Unexpectedly, this happened because of family members. My wife and I have no idea, we just feel wronged for Youzhu. As her parents, we were angry. ”

“So today you have called to quarrel with my wife?”

Hearing this, the couple looked at each other. They suddenly felt something was wrong, but could not tell what was wrong.

“It’s not quarreling, it’s justified. Your wife may not know that we have been cooperating. We now hope that you can give me a face, and everyone will take a step back. Will we continue to cooperate in the future? ”

“I understand what you mean. President Jin, you mean that if we can’t make concessions, it will be difficult for us to continue to cooperate in the future, right?”

This was a bit difficult to answer. Jin Qianyou thought that he was a businessman who knew how to move forward and backward, and was planning to say something slick: “Of course not …”

“That’s really regrettable, it seems that I will lose a partner in the future. Wait a moment, I will let the company’s legal department confirm the termination clause with you. Thank you for telling me this in advance, let me do ready.”

After speaking, Zhu Yushen also hung up the phone directly.

Was the contract cancelled again?

Jin Qianyou and his wife looked at each other, and they made a doubtful voice in unison. Really?

Did they demand too much? The baby girl they put on the top of their hearts, they didn’t want her to be aggrieved too much in the crew, so why was it wrong?

Youzhu just didn’t want to wear ugly makeup, was it so difficult?

Why was the role gone and the cooperation gone?

Were they crazy, or were all the people they contacted tonight crazy?

The cell phone ringtone of Jin Qianyou rang. Lv Daoyan glanced at it, saw the name of the daughter above, she twitched the sleeve of her husband.

“What should they do? How should they tell Youzhu?”

Jin Qianyou also looked at his wife with a bitter smile. He knew that his daughter would be wronged when she heard the result … He could only help his daughter find more resources to compensate.

Zhu Yushen immediately hung up and immediately sent a message to the legal department. As for whether Jin Qianyou would call again, he did not pay attention.

what was meant by “let him control her”.

First, he was reluctant and did not think Lin Meng would be wrong.

Second … and most important, he couldn’t control her.

Zhu Yushen stood and looked at the window and sighed heavily. Now he was sending himself to Lin Meng, and Lin Meng would not care.