Chapter 30 Part 7

“We are all directors, I think you should understand the truth, I …”

He was planning to continue reasoning. The cell phone next to his face shook. Cheng Aiming glanced, he saw the message from Lin Meng.

[Lin Meng: If Jin Youzhu’s parents call you, don’t accommodate them. 】

[Lin Meng: Just tell me, do you still want to use her. If you don’t want to use her, I will let her go. You are the director, as long as you say your thoughts, I will handle the rest. 】

With Lin Meng’s promise, Cheng Aiming immediately felt confident.

“director Lv, I understand what you mean. Do you think it is wrong for me to discipline Jin Youzhu like this?”

Lv Daoyan reservedly nodded: “Almost, I think as your seniors, I can still give you some advice.”

“Okay. In order to make you and Ms. Jin happy, I made a decision.”

“What decision?”

“Miss Jin is such a talented acting genius, I ’m not worthy to work with her, and the other actors in the crew are also unworthy. I will return her to you as soon as possible. Only under the guidance of director Lv, she can fully develop her talent . Everyone rejoices, is n’t it better? ”

“You–!” Lv Daoyan was angry and anxious.

She didn’t want her daughter to withdraw from the crew. She just, just wanted the other party to take a small step back!

“Oh, director Lv, I just did n’t remember to tell you. The film scores I have shot in the past two years are average, and the total box office is just a few hundred million, which is just more than the box office of half of your work. Sometimes this market is really strange, do not know how to appreciate your talent. ”

Cheng Aiming could still scold even more, but after thinking about it, he wanted to “respect” the other party.

“Okay, I won’t disturb you to rest. Director Lv, good night. Tomorrow we will pack Miss Jin as she is and send her back to you.” Cheng Aiming immediately hung up the phone and pulled the person black.

Hey, after following President Lin, it was cool.

He was notoriously fond of competing with others. But for this big investment, in order to live up to President Lin’s money, he has been patient for several days.

Since President Lin was willing to support him, he was more than enough to be a troll!

Cheng Aiming originally wanted to take a break early. After all, he had to get up at 5 or 6 tomorrow, but he couldn’t sleep now.

He first sent a message to Lin Meng about the specific content of the call, so that she could prepare. Then he immediately got up and prepared to think about the script again and make a new storyboard.

He wanted to show Lv Daoyan what her daughter missed.

Lv Daoyan hung up the phone. She was so angry that she immediately ran to the next door to find her husband: “Lao Jin, do you know what the director said to me?”

“What he said?” Jin Qianyou’s face was also helpless and dazed, “Do you know what the producer said to me?”

“You speak first!”

“The producer said that only the director had the final say …

She said that if Feng’s Entertainment wanted to divest, she would have no problem. Remember to prepare liquidated damages and let the company’s legal department contact her. ”

Once again, it was liquidated damages. When she heard these two words, Lv Daoyan immediately got angry.

“Cheng Aiming said that he can’t let our big Buddha Youzhu down in his small temple, and he will cancel the contract tomorrow and let Youzhu come back.”

Even without participating in this teleplay, Lv Daoyan and her husband could find other resources for their daughter. But now, she was very angry!

“Lao Jin, you call Feng Yan! Ask him how he finds partner and director! Can such partners and directors make good teleplay? They can’t even respect the actors!”

Of course Jin Qianyou was equally unhappy. He called Feng Yan directly in front of his wife.

He had already been a shareholder of Feng Entertainment while Feng Yan’s father was still in the company, and he was also very important in the company.

Chapter 30 Part 6

This phone call was made for a long time, just at the end of the time when the little assistant returned. Jin Youzhu watched her come in and immediately hung up the phone, not afraid that the assistant would know, but was too lazy to talk to her.

The assistant was timid and shrank, not knowing what she was afraid of.

Sometimes Jin Youzhu wanted to roll her eyes when she saw it. When she was a backer, what else did the assistant need to be afraid of? She was okay to dominate in the crew.

Jin Qianyou’s face was extremely bad when he hung up the phone with his daughter. He and his wife looked at each other and could see the anger in each other’s eyes.

“Why do you have to let Zhu Zhu shoot this broken drama?” Lv Daoyan felt distressed when she thought that her daughter had been wronged in a place she couldn’t see.

“I heard people say that True Dream’s recent works have achieved very good results! There are a lot of Feng’s Entertainment actors in the crew. Youzhu’s network is not wide enough, and she can get to know more people when she goes to such a crew. And I think that everyone takes care of each other, Zhu Zhu will not be wronged, I did not expect these people to bully even a child. ”

He didn’t realize that the child in his mouth was twenty-two years old, and she was already an adult.

“Besides, isn’t this teleplay also invested in Feng’s Entertainment? Although the amount of investment is not large … you read this script that time, you also said that the role played by Zhu Zhu is very good now, and you specifically asked me to fight for it. ”

When speaking of this, Lv Daoyan had no reason to blame her husband again, but she was still too angry to think about it: “Lao Jin, you have to back up Youzhu, how can they bully our girl.”

She thought her daughter was perfect.

She didn’t like to be ugly? Normal, which little girl loves ugliness? There was not such a big difference in teleplay between ugliness and beauty. Have they been so rigid?

Her understanding of script was different from that of the director? Youzhu grew up under her influence. Was it bad for actors to think independently?

The director and the producer were not tolerant of fledgling actors. They were not atmospheric at all.

The husband and wife were busy and they had to fight for their daughter’s face.

If they didn’t have the ability, their daughter was wronged and they couldn’t help it. Since they had this ability, it would be too shameful if they could not protect their daughter.

This was not their arrogance and arrogance, but their position in society has been getting higher and higher in recent years, and they have been unable to put themself in another’s place.

They only knew that their baby was injured and wronged, so they must express their anger.

As soon as Cheng Aiming returned to the room, he received a “strange call”, and he was prepared for it.

Lv Daoyan and him were not in a circle before. She asked someone to ask about his phone number. The person told him before giving the phone number to Lv Daoyan.

When the phone was connected, they failed to greet less than three sentences, and Lu Daoyan entered the topic: “Director Chen, our Youzhu is still young. She may offend you in some things. But for this child, she was naturally free-spirited, which we specially cultivated. She has her own persistence and thoughts on acting, I think this should be considered a good thing, how do you think? ”

Cheng Aiming heard this and couldn’t want to hear it anymore. Jin Youzhu was wronged. He still suffocated his anger. Out of respect for the seniors in the director circle, he didn’t want to say anything that was too unpleasant. But now Lu Daoyan really pointed at him, and he could not help being angry.

Chapter 30 Part 5

“Miss Jin, please respect the staff of our crew. Your polite tutor should have taught you. Would you like to say ‘please’?”


Jin Youzhu closed her eyes and resisted the anger. She gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, could you please help me change my makeup?”

Then she rushed angrily in front, walking faster and faster, almost becoming a trot.

She walked so fast that she didn’t even hear the staff looked at each other and quietly applauded after she left.

The fine applause was connected together, and there was also the sound of someone applauding.

“President Lin! You are so handsome!” Someone shouted this sentence loudly, and then everyone laughed with joy.

Although Director Chen was a devil, he was just annoying. In the past few days when Jin Youzhu entered the crew, she has offended people.

Director Cheng Aiming returned to his position and gave a thumbs up to Lin Meng: “President Lin, thank you.”

He honestly said that the crew had Fung’s investment, Jin Youzhu had fans, and her mother was still a senior director who had a higher status than him. If Lin Meng just didn’t speak, he might have really compromised.

As long as he could produce the teleplay well, Cheng Aiming could endure this grievance.

But this time, it was the producer who stood in front of him and did not want him to be wronged. Cheng Aiming once again felt that his decision to choose True Dream Entertainment was too wise.

President Lin would have been more perfect if she could avoid such supervision in the future …

On this day, Jin Youzhu’s original three scenes were only finished in two, not only because of the delay in changing makeup, but also to the extent that her acting was unacceptable.

Even Lin Meng didn’t want to speak for her, she surpassed her previous “good results” and set a new record of 37 retakes.

Cheng Aiming didn’t want to delay the time of other crew members, so he decided to end the filming work ahead of time and move the unfinished scene to the next time to make the shoot.

After all, he could not let everyone accompany Jin Youzhu to work overtime for another three or four hours.

“Sister Youzhu, I’ll buy you a cake to eat at night?” The little assistant was afraid of being affected by anger, but she saw that Jin Youzhu had become so angry, she still had the courage to step forward and comfort her.

“I don’t eat, do you want to make me fat to death? Don’t you know how much calories a cake has?” Jin Youzhu was a walking gunpowder barrel, which would explode as soon as it fired.

“I don’t mean that … don’t be unhappy.” The assistant held the cell phone hesitantly, and she was entangled in whether she should call Sister He.

If it was not that Sister He suddenly had a premature birth two days ago and was admitted directly to the hospital, and she did not explain anything, things wouldn’t develop like this. Should she have to apologize to the crew for Sister Youzhu?

“I have nothing to be unhappy.” Jin Youzhu sneered. “Isn’t he deliberately making me retake? Doesn’t he make me look ugly?”

She has determined that Cheng Aiming is deliberately embarrassing her.

It wasn’t just a lens talking to the male protagonist? He has always said that she is not in the right mood, not in the right mood, huh, huh.

“You buy me some food now, I’m hungry.” Jin Youzhu deliberately picked up the food that was not in the hotel. When the assistant’s figure disappeared, she immediately picked up the cell phone and began to call for assistance.

“Dad, I was bullied in the crew today!” Jin Youzhu’s tears fell as soon as she heard the familiar voice on the phone.

She has never suffered such grievances since she was a child, even after entering the entertainment industry.

“… They treated me excessively. I told them that the makeup artist was invited by my mother, but they still said a lot of bad things!”

Chapter 30 Part 4

“You can’t look at the problem this way. Now there are more artifacts for stay up late, such as first aid cream, sleep awakening cold compress, and due to physical reasons, some people will not be affected even if they stay up late every day. Of course, if Director Chen thinks that I can’t have my own character idea, then I can do nothing. ”

Jin Youzhu was able to interpret what a bitch was, the superiority in her eyes could make people subconsciously anger.

Seeing Director Chen stop talking, Jin Youzhu was a little smug. She thought she understood the script no worse than others. And, this was only a small protagonist of the unit teleplay, she didn’t need to work hard, as long as she showed beauty from beginning to end. As for ugliness? She didn’t do it anyway.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Meng got up. She was wearing flat shoes today, but she was half a head taller than Jin Youzhu.

Although Lin Meng didn’t wear makeup, but she and Jin Youzhu faced her, her momentum was not inferior.

“This is Director Chen’s crew, and it’s also my crew. I’ve never heard the director of our crew change.” She was clearly smiling, but with a mockery of Jin Youzhu in her eyes. “Maybe I should visit your mother next time. When she is filming, See if she likes our director to guide her outside. ”

Lin Meng pointed at the crew: “In this crew, Director Chen is the only center. It’s true that you have your mother, but Director Chen also has me.”

“If you can’t accept it, please leave immediately. You can rest assured that our crew’s intimate services, including liquidated damages and airfare, will hit your account within 3 hours.” Lin Meng’s arms crossed at her chest, the smile on her face gradually disappeared. She was indeed gentle and good-natured.

But some people were unworthy.

Her temper has become better over the years due to consideration for someone, but to know that when she used to manage people, she did not rely on endure to solve problems.

When she was fighting in the workplace, Jin Youzhu was still in elementary school?

“If you want to stay, immediately change your makeup and work hard. If you don’t want to stay, please leave immediately. Even the most famous actors, if they can’t obey the director’s arrangements, our crew will not welcome them. ”

If it wasn’t for Jin Youzhu has been publicized, and she has been shot in several scenes so far.

If they really wanted to make a temporary substitution, it was not only easy to cause the crew to shut down, but it was also easy to make waves.

Lin Meng knew that Cheng Aiming paid more attention to the teleplay, and she did not want to destroy his efforts. Otherwise, what she just said so much will only be reduced to two simple words: “get out”.

Jin Youzhu took a step back, and she was wronged and angry again. She was of poor height and seemed to have weakened her momentum. She did not want to be weak and tried to argue again: “As actors, can’t we understand the role? Can’t we put forward opinions? Your crew is not professional enough, can’t we say it?”

Lin Meng sat down slowly: “You can’t. I only want to listen to the voice of one person in this crew, it is the voice of Director Chen.”

She was in the power of the crew, if anyone can’t accept it, welcome to leave.

Jin Youzhu stood stunned, silent for a long time, clenching her fists with both hands: “I …”

“Please rest assured that I can let them fax when I cancel the contract without delaying your next job.”

“I didn’t say I want to cancel the contract!” Jin Youzhu’s voice was sharp.

“Then please remove your makeup and don’t delay everyone’s time.”

Jin Youzhu glanced at Lin Meng and she finally admitted it.

She grieved and yelled at the makeup artist with bright eyes next to her: “Come over and help me change my makeup. If you lose everyone’s time, can you afford it? “

Chapter 30 Part 3

“She changed her makeup.” This sentence solved all the doubts in Cheng Aiming’s mind at the moment.

He finally reacted, why he always felt in violation.

Lin Meng knew that Director Chen was not sensitive to the makeup of women. She pointed to the monitor in front of her: “Look, according to our character settings, her makeup should be mainly makeup-free. It must look natural and make the actress look like ordinary people as much as possible. At most, they can only modify the skin color and some unsatisfactory skin conditions. ”

“She now has eyeliners, magnifications, shadows, concealers … how can she be a little ordinary person who has no energy?”

Even the eyeliner was quite scheming, and the lying silkworm has been retouched. Lin Meng did not elaborate, she knew that Cheng Aiming could not understand.

Cheng Aiming immediately became angry. All directors had a desire to control, and he could not bear the actors to change their makeup without permission. This was one of the reasons.

The second reason was the continuity of the plot. Teleplays were usually not shot in the order of the scripts, but instead focused on the plots that occurred in the same place. She changed the makeup of the day, and when the final editing was broadcast, it might become a bug for the audience.

He could teach if her acting was not good, but what was this?

“You go and ask, who is responsible for Jin Youzhu’s makeup, let her come here. Has my words no longer worked? ” He certainly knew who the chief culprit was, but first he had to confirm whether the crew of the crew was against him.

If Lin Meng wasn’t here today, he estimated that he might not be able to find something wrong after the shooting.

The stage manager trot all the way to call out people as the director said.

Jin Youzhu had heard the keywords. She hesitated for a moment and came over with raise her head: “Director Chen, I think I can still comment on my own makeup, right? The previous makeup, I let my assistant took a picture of me, and I think that effect is really not working. ”

“As for me, I didn’t want to trouble the crew, so I asked my mother, and I asked a makeup artist who had worked with her to come over and help me make up the makeup. She has collaborated on several films with excellent results and superb technology. ”

Jin Youzhu specifically mentioned her mother, the senior of director Cheng Aiming, this making Cheng Aiming’s face immediately black.

Oh, it’s amazing! Great director, right? The makeup artist invited by the big director, right? All were great!

The makeup artist came here panting, looking at Jin Youzhu’s face, she was wronged. Just on their way, she had heard the stage manager tell the whole story: “Director Chen, I really didn’t change it. This morning, I applied Miss Jin’s makeup according to the previous makeup.”

She was very wronged and did not dare to exaggerate, for fear of being hated by Jin Youzhu. She couldn’t help saying: “I don’t know what happened to Miss Jin’s makeup.”

Through the testimony of these two people, everyone understood what happened.

“This is my crew.” Cheng Aiming’s face was a little worse.

He began to regret why he had mentioned this big plan. It was true that he was very happy to cooperate with most of the actors, but occasionally encountering a “fantastic flower” has already made his temper almost explode.

“Why don’t I call my mother, then you talk to her? Both my mother and I have read the script. We all think that although this makeup is for the character, it should not overly destroy the character’s image. Why does the girl in this script have to look tired? Director Chen, you may not understand. You just go out and see on the street, the girls are in good condition now. ”

Cheng Aiming swallowed his anger and explained: “This is because she stays up late every day, this all written in the script …”

Chapter 30 Part 2

[That’s true. Even the Male protagonist is more humble than her. 】

[Don’t talk, don’t talk, ready to start work. Can a civilian like us compare to a ‘princess’? 】

This problem caused everyone’s heart to sink, and they were speechless immediately.

The Jin Youzhu, who only officially entered the crew last week, just entered the entertainment industry two years ago.

Jin Youzhu was as her name, and she had gold in her life, like pearls and jade. her father was a shareholder of Feng’s Entertainment and her mother was a well-known literary film director in the circle.

From her debut to the present, resources have been uninterrupted. She even dropped off the Spring Festival Gala directly last year, and choir with the traffic idols.

If someone else’s success was in a car, then she flew in the sky by private jet from birth. She had a lot of resources, endorsements received full files, fans called her Princess Jin.

This princess, even in “Please Open The Door”, could not descend to the mortal world. How could the princess be like a mortal?

Yu Yuanxing was already in place when it was time to start shooting. He lost another 5 kg for the teleplay. He looked a little thin, with special makeup on the exposed parts of the body, and he was standing in the studio waiting.

Cheng Aiming couldn’t help but gossip: “President Lin. Will Xiao Yu sign a contract with our company? He really worked hard in acting, and there has been a lot of improvement during this time. ”

Yu Yuanxing and the original company’s dismissal lawsuit have been launched. After the news broke out, everyone knew that he had indeed wasted time in the company these years.

“He didn’t mention it to me.”

The company had one more person or one less person, it didn’t matter to her. Yu Yuanxing seemed to think that he caused too much trouble to Lin Meng. So he never mentioned with Lin Meng that he wanted to sign a contract with True Dream Entertainment. It made Lin Meng feel better about him.

“He used to be a bad performer because his company didn’t train him at all. There are not so many geniuses in the world, aren’t everyone gradually improving? “Cheng Aiming raised the idea of ​​cherishing talent.

“This Xiao Yu, it’s not a loss to sign him.”

Lin Meng nodded: “When their termination lawsuit is almost over, I will let Ning Qi talk to him.” She glanced at the time on her watch. “Why doesn’t Jin Youzhu come out yet?”

She has been dealing with fans for a few days, and has heard about the destructive power of this little princess. She heard that Jin Youzhu was different from other actors.

She has been retake a scene and almost vomited blood at Cheng Aiming.

That’s really a wicked person will be afflicted by a similar personality. Cheng Aiming met good actors, the requirements kept improving, and he couldn’t help shooting one by one.

When he met a bad actor, he had to retake and retake, and the standard plummeted straight down.

Coincidentally, Cheng Aiming had not spoken yet, and Jin Youzhu came with a group of people from afar.

The assistant was holding a big black umbrella that could cover both people, but this umbrella only covered Jin Youzhu alone. The road from the dressing room to the shooting site, where the sun was exposed was only ten meters away.

She was followed by two strong security guards, which was already considered a low profile for Jin Youzhu.

“Sorry, I just felt a little uncomfortable. I was a little delayed.” Jin Youzhu’s mouth was quite sweet, and she apologized as soon as she arrived.

Cheng Aiming had so angry that he lost his temper to her yesterday: “Go in, ready to start.”

The camera team was already ready, and when the two person were in place, the lens was just zoomed in–

“Is there something wrong?” Cheng Aiming hesitated.

Lin Meng’s brows were frowned. She took out the character setting card prepared when she determined the character from the chair, then she confirmed it: “Director Chen, please stop.”

Cheng Aiming trusted Lin Meng very much. He knew that Lin Meng would not interfere too much in his creation. He shouted stop, then looked over in confusion, trying to confirm what happened.

Chapter 30 Part 1

“Please Open The Door” treated the actors very well.

From the daily supply of fruits and beverages, to renting the best whole hotel around the city for them, even the few extra actors of the crew couldn’t help but boast a few times in the private chat group .

If someone wanted to be nitpicking, they could always pick out bones from the egg.

“Sister Youzhu, I think we’ll forget …” The little assistant next to her was afraid. “Mr. Feng just came here yesterday. Don’t you think it’s not a good idea if we make a trouble today?”

“Why? I’m too demanding? If this poor crew can’t do it, can’t I use my own money?”

The make-up artist next to her walked over and worked hard, helping her to deliver juice and sorting her clothes: “How can this be demanding? This is a normal demand. You sit down first. I will help you adjust your makeup. Otherwise, you will not look good in front of the camera. ”

Speaking of this, Jin Youzhu was even more upset: “What happened to the makeup artist of the crew. She didn’t know how to avoid weaknesses. I said to her, my eyes must draw eyeliner to be enchanted. She didn’t even let me wear contact lenses. I have never seen a crew like this. ”

Jin Youzhu’s own makeup artist had already started to help her adjust her makeup. The assistant was still entangled: “We really don’t need to talk to Sister He?”

“No, Sister He will pay you or me? Even if Sister He come, you have to listen to me!”

She talked decisively, and her pretty-looking face now seemed a bit mean.

Lin Meng was sitting on the director’s chair next to Cheng Aiming and was performing her daily supervision tasks.

“President Lin, you have too many things to manage, so don’t spend time every day in the crew.” Cheng Aiming glanced over and tried to persuade the “contractor”.

Lin Meng gave him a slanted look and suddenly smiled: “I can go, but I’m afraid that when I leave, our Director Chen scolded the actors and made them cry again. ”

“How could this be?” Cheng Aiming coughed, quite righteously, “I’m just urging them to move forward!”

“That’s the kind, it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right, the last one, another one … well, the first one is the best. That’s let them moving forward?”

As soon as Lin Meng spoke out, Cheng Aiming, who was just about to drink water, almost sprayed.

He wanted to deny it, but this passage … really familiar.

He seemed to have said a few times today and yesterday.

“Director Chen, you can rest assured, I am definitely on your side. I will not set limits on your costs, but we also have to take into account the psychological state of the actors. Perfection and carp are really different. ” Lin Meng was helpless, “I’m not busy these days, I’ll be here with you.”

Cheng Aiming wanted to say again that he had nodded when he saw Lin Meng’s eyes.

He suddenly felt that it was not a good thing for the producer to be too responsible or too irresponsible.

Didn’t he just extend the individuality because there was no cost limit and enough time?

But the producers he met before were tighter! They wished to take away the little money he finally saved.

he did not realize that the members of the props group behind him had quietly taken the cell phone and sent the latest news in the chat group named “Please Open The Door” survival 101 (89)”.

【Alert lifted! Thank you President Lin for saving our life! Today she intends to be a supervisor for another day! 】

[Thank goodness! Yesterday we took a shot 28 times! God knows how much I collapsed at that time. 】

[Are you happy too early? Today there is a little princess’s part … Yesterday’s lesson, are you afraid? 】

As soon as the news came out, everyone in the group was silent. Thinking of drama of the harsh director PK the ‘little princess’, everyone would wish to take a sick leave and disappear at the scene.

[This is the second unit. In the last unit, no matter the film queen or film king, there was no such person, and even the idols from the draft were humble than her. 】

Chapter 29 Part 6

Looking forward with that hand, they saw a car parked at the front of the shooting site. A man in a suit just got off the car and he was talking to Lin Meng. Even at such a long distance, they could vaguely see that the other party should be looking good.

Someone picked up the camera in a hurry and took a picture at a distance.

“Don’t shoot, I recognize him!” The talking fans were very serious. “This is the president of Feng’s Entertainment, is it estimated that he is here to work? I heard that Feng’s Entertainment also participated in a part of the investment this time. This kind of great guy doesn’t like people taking photos randomly. You should delete it as soon as possible. ”

The fan who took the picture put down the camera and she looked at the photo reluctantly.

When the figures of Lin Meng and Feng Yan were about to disappear, a fan suddenly clenched her fists in the direction of Lin Meng’s back. Her eyes closed, and there were words in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

That fan’s face was serious: “Don’t you know? President Lin is the reincarnation of Koi. Last time I went to the gossip forum to make a wish in her exclusive wish post, the next day I passed the make-up exam. Unfortunately, I just didn’t touch her Hand. ”

“Online forward is enough. Why are you still making a wish in reality?”

“The thing always happens that you really believe in. You don’t understand. It’s the same as passing the wishing pool and knowing that it’s useless and you have to throw a coin.”

After returning home after a long journey, most of them could not go directly to bed and rest. They shouldered the responsibility of sharing the latest photos of idols with fans.

A fan who connected the camera to the computer with a data cable was preparing to pick out a photo with a relatively good angle and started to retouch, and suddenly stopped the mouse.

It was a pity to delete this photo, but it was even more pity not to let people see it.

She thought about it and couldn’t help secretly posting it with an account that she doesn’t normally use.

@Daily prayers for winning the lottery: President X President, tit-for-tat, evenly matched. [Image] [image]

There were not many people following this account. This photo seemed to have a magical power. Although it was blurred, even the face could not be seen, but it still attracted many people forward.

Watching the rising forward count, she was a little surprised that so many people had the same preferences as her. But she refreshed the webpage again, her post actually disappeared.

In her private mailbox, there were two notices, one was a deletion notice, and the other was a letter from a lawyer from Lin Shen company, asking her to forbid the dissemination of this photo.

She looked at this lawyer letter somewhat confused. She obviously didn’t shoot people of Lin Shen company?

“President Zhu, the photo has been deleted, and the original image has been sent to your WeChat.”

“Huh.” Zhu Yushen hung up the phone. He was still in the office, hesitated for a long time, and finally opened WeChat.

When he saw the photo, his hand moved to the right half unconsciously, which happened to completely block Feng Yan with his face exposed.

The long hair of Lin Meng’s shawl in the photo was casually tied, and the shirt sleeves on her body rolled up to the joints, revealing white arms, and she was looking up to talk to people.

After thinking about it, Zhu Yushen began to use the editing functions he rarely used. He enlarged the photos a little bit and treated them carefully. He cut out half of the photos that should not exist, leaving only the half with Lin Meng.

He saved the photo and sighed.

It seemed that even his breath was sour.

Very sour.

Chapter 29 Part 5

The problem was yesterday, and a smart fan discovered a loophole in security work. As long as they climbed to the rockery of the costume scene in the northeast corner, and then put the camera on the equipment, they could shoot the studio that was not completely closed.

The rockery was nearly three meters high with the base attached. There were no safety measures around it, and the inside was not necessarily solid. If someone really fell, it was estimated that they would have to lose half their lives.

The security guard was so scared that Lin Meng was notified. Lin Meng immediately asked people to fill in the gaps and called fans to do a safety education.

She even said it directly–If it was found out, which of the actors’ fans had something wrong, they would delete all scenes of their idols.

Only then was the matter suppressed.

Unexpectedly, the fans who went home yesterday and came back again today.

“We will go back in two days!” The courageous girl has been talking to Lin Meng, “President Lin, you are so beautiful. Have you received the support gift from our support club?”

This was another problem.

Domestic Fan Support Association had a habit. When the idol was filming or participating in a show somewhere, Fan Support Association would make a support project based on the amount of funds raised. The problem was that there were too many actors in the crew this time, and the food sent by the fans had piled up.

Not only that, there was a comparison between fans and fans. If you gave five thousand yuan gifts, then I would have to give six thousand yuan; even if we bought the same five thousand yuan, then we had to compare who gave the gift more thoughtful and meaningful.

“Don’t we have issued an announcement saying you should stop giving gifts?”

“But … but we are afraid that the staff will be hungry! Think of them as a regard.”

Lin Meng looked at her with a smile: “Do you think the food, desserts and drinks I prepared for them will be worse than those prepared by Fan club? Rest assured, don’t let our security captain get tired.”

She found the captain of the security force to let him carry two boxes of water out later, and then set up a parasol and hung a curtain to prevent the wind.

This was also the first time her producer’s career met a test from fans, and it was quite novel.

Lin Meng told them a few more words, asking them to go home early. She was ready to go back and continue the supervision.

Director Cheng Aiming had so many “powerful actors”. Recently, he walked with wind and pursued more and more details. She estimated that if she would stay outside for a while, and there would be tears in the actors.

As Lin Meng turned around, the fans behind could not help but discuss her.

“I have admired it. President Lin is not only richer than me, looks better than me, but also gentler than me.”

“Look at the long legs, do you know that President Lin has career fans? Two days ago, I also saw someone on Weibo opening a station for President Lin! But I don’t know why, it was banned within two days. ”

“Maybe President Lin doesn’t like people taking pictures of her every day? It’s normal for her to be so low-key.”

“Thank goodness, thank President Lin for disliking on my idol.”

Fans first wanted to immediately find the traitor in the crowd and choked her, but they were immediately knocked down by reality.

“Yeah! Fortunately, President Lin is a workaholic. Every day, when everyone is gone, she still work.”

“The crew’s work is much more attractive to President Lin than my idol. I don’t know if I want to be happy or lament that my idol’s appeal is not enough.”

“If President Lin pursues me, I will agree, hee hee.”

Fans were planning to ask who was so daring, and someone suddenly pointed away, and the voice was quite loud——

“A handsome man…uncle got off that car. Is he here for President Lin? “

Chapter 29 Part 4

During this time, a short paragraph has become popular in the circle of fans-

Fan A: “My brother is acting.”
Fan B: “My sister is also acting!”
Fan C: “What a coincidence? My son has gone too!”
(Brother, sister, son, fans’ nicknames for idols based on gender and age.)

As for which teleplay? Of course. “Please Open The Door”.

This was not a fan exaggeration, but it was indeed a real conversation that happened to them. Since the start of “Please Open The Door”, the publicity photos released every once in a while could make them shout “GOD”!

Who would have thought that this drama really became the biggest cake of the year in the entertainment industry? From the film queen who has not acted for a long time because of marriage, to the singing and dancing group from the draft, all publicly announced that they would participate in the filming of this teleplay.

The only protagonist of this teleplay, Yu Yuanxing, suddenly changed from a pitiful before to a highly anticipated male protagonist.

This was simply a sparrow-to-phoenix live-action version.

Some people even secretly posted a microblog on the Internet: “If I can be the main role, even if I was really hidden rules by President Lin, I would enjoy it. President Lin looks so pretty. Even if lost my shirt, I am willing. ”

The efficiency of deleting comments on Weibo was well known.

Yu Yuanxing fans were planning to report together, but they didn’t have time to copy the link, and this post suddenly disappeared. This degree became an inexplicable mystery in the station.

The existence of this teleplay has become a large team building activity in the entertainment industry. Lin Meng inevitably encountered unprecedented challenges in this activity.

“President Lin …” The head of the security team responsible for security work came again. He was sweaty, and the big man, 1.8 meters tall, was filled with pity and helplessness. “They are here again.”

They didn’t need to match the lines, they knew what the other was going to say.

“OK, let’s go.” Lin Meng was helpless to go out with the security guard.

The shooting location of “Please Open The Door” was set in the film and television city. The team formed by Lin Meng took several roles and also had its own decoration function.

Before changing scenes every time, this place could be arranged completely differently from last time.

This was not to save costs. It was just that there were too many scenes involved in this script. If they changed a place during a shooting session, the equipment alone would be troublesome.

It was due to being settled in the film and television city, and this time with so many celebrities joining, it also brought sweet troubles to the crew.

Just outside the surrounded scene, Lin Meng saw a group of young girls. They were standing there chatting, and there were several boys standing near the corner, obviously not getting into the topic.

“President Lin. You came to see us.” There was a little girl holding a camera bigger than her head. When she saw Lin Meng appearing, she waved excitedly.

Lin Meng walked in front of them and said with some helplessness: “Did we not reach an agreement yesterday? Let you go back, you can rest assured that the crew will put sidelights out for you to watch.”

The group of people who appeared at the door were all fans of actors who are now filming in the studio. Some were ordinary fans, they just came to see their idol when they were free. And some people in the industry squatted at the door every day just to take a picture of the idol getting out of the car.

It was fortunate that this teleplay had more indoor scenes. When Lin Meng found that the situation was wrong on the first day, she immediately made people install the best sound insulation materials. Even if the fans outside shouted, they would not affect the shooting inside.

As for going in and out, there was a dedicated RV and security personnel escorting to ensure the safety of the actors.